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PTSD Is For Everyone

PTSD ... Post Traumatic Stress Disorder doesn't just affect soldiers during wars or the skilled sniper in movies, it can affect the idiot civilian too. Any event that is difficult for people to accept, be it a rape, accident or even a difficult life devoid of affection and full of uncertainty may mean that you can suffer from PTSD.

It doesn't mean you are soft or weak, it just means it has touched you on a deep level that interferes with your current everyday thinking.

Some people have used PTSD as an excuse to do things but PTSD doesn't make you cheat on your exams, nor does it makes you go on a shooting rampage. If you have a psychotic break that may make you do crazy shit.

It's like depression, it can be handled on some days and not so much on others, it can cause moods swings, anxiety, poor memory, hyper alertness, difficulty in sleeping, avoidance and intrusive thoughts.
Those symptoms, if not managed can lead to other mental and physical health problems.

PTSD has been around for ever, the Greek historian Herodotus said about the warrior Epizelus, during the battle of Marathon in 490BC, "He suddenly lost sight of both eyes, though nothing had touched him" that would be called hysterical blindness.
There have also been accounts from the Assyrian Dynasty in Mesopotamia between 1300BC and 609BC in which reports of soldiers being faced by ghosts they faced in battle was mentioned. 

So vets have been saying throughout recorded history, "you don't know what it was like, you weren't there" every time they have an argue to win over a civvie.

Old Knudsen has served his King,Queen, cuntry and highest bidder and has suffered from the intrusive thoughts of PTSD. It can be difficult to stay in the moment when you have the overwhelming feeling that the building you are about to enter is going to explode. It can make you nuts and not want to go out anywhere or you can accept your faith if that actually happened and become as if you are dead already.   Both are no way to live.

Civvies living in Northern Ireland have lived during the Troubles with the possibility of death, or have witnessed it and there were no mental health services available .... hence the excessive drinking.

Living everyday life with bomb threats and evacuations and no go areas etc can be stressful, it's a small place and a small lottery for the chance of getting on the bus that explodes.
Many became desensitized to death in order to cope. That is what you do. Not thinking about things comes at a price as later in life all that shite you avoided dealing with will come to the surface.

Old Knudsen compares depression to waves, well these thoughts are like dead bodies in the sea, the sea eventually gives up its dead and they come to the surface or get washed up on the beach.

You can deal with them, examine them and examine yer behaviour ... grieve and let go and if you don't then you'll find yerself being a total cunt as you take yer issues out on others without even knowing it.
Those people who are cunts and treat you like shit, they have issues they are taking out on others. It's easier and less painful than having to deal. 

It's a double standard. No one is going to criticize a soldier for PTSD, that hasn't happened since General Patton slapped a soldier and called him a coward before sending him to the front. It's mostly men and so they get called courageous for stepping up and asking for help.

Old Knudsen got fast tracked for help because he was ex-military, the NHS and a charity wanted to help him.

Civilian PTSD still has a bit of a stigma to it. It is more difficult to get diagnosed and treated because you've never been to war. 69,000 female rapes and 9,000 male rapes a year in the UK .... a rape that happened 20 years ago can still affect you today but it gets mixed in with yer other issues and becomes less clear though it is certainly PTSD.

A fear of males or not comfortable being alone with one .... yeah PTSD. 

A car accident may cause you to have intrusive thoughts that you may end up causing another by being too cautious.

If all through yer childhood you were told that you weren't good enough or you were weak or stupid, things that happen during adult life may validate in yer head what those people always said and that will knock yer confidence and make you less likely to try, that is even PTSD.
Having flashbacks to someone telling you, "stop being stupid, you always overreact" when you express an opinion is as much of a problem for the person as is having flashbacks to losing a buddy in Nam.

Sure it may not have been a matter of life and death but to the person it is just as serious and thinking it isn't is why civvies and their feelings will get belittled more readily than a vet.

Every time I hear Mumford and sons I cringe and think of Dawson's creek .... and I've never even watched the fucking show.  

Melody Hensley says (the article says, "claims") her PTSD caused by online harassment and Twitter trolls is equal to that of military veterans.
A feminist and an atheist her opinions tend to anger some people, you can have free speech but so do the arseholes.
Her psychiatrist diagnosed her with PTSD, she didn't just make it up but people online who obviously know better have attacked her for having PTSD ..... sounds fairly fucking stupid to me but some people shouldn't be online .... have free speech .... own pets .... be President .... have children .... own guns etc etc.

One person replied: @MelodyHensley go get blown up and see your friends die, then you'll understand true PTSD 

Sorry, did you just say, you don't know you weren't there? Wise the fuck up and quit watching violent movies.

@MelodyHensley Yes, there are groups that have a higher rate of PTSD tgan combat vets. Twitter users are not among them. (sic) 

Like I said, a double standard, how come a clerk in the military who was never in combat can have PTSD but a woman under constant harassment can't? .... the magic word would be woman

It's easy to belittle weemen, quit bitching and make me a sandwich for fucks sake, everyone does it, only recently has anyone ever been called on it.
Only recently have weemen been treated like people who deserve respect and there is still a long way to go. You can go on about ghey marriage and equality but many weemen don't get equality either.

Hensley said: "I don't discount military vets' PTSD. I care about everyone with PTSD. I want people to realize that it is not a military-only condition." 

At the end of the article: 

MailOnline contacted Ms Hensley for comment, but she replied that she is 'not well enough to answer questions.'

The Daily Mail is a bigoted, sexiest biased piece of shit and it's readers aren't the smartest but Ms Hensley doesn't deserve this at all. 

Anyone can have PTSD, you can't let cunts tell you otherwise nor can you let them belittle you or mock how you feel. It's how YOU feel, in the vein of you weren't there, you don't know ... They aren't you, they don't know. 

The same applies to depression and anxiety, you can't always suck it up and sometimes you need help. You would go to the Doctor if you were bleeding out of yer eye balls, you wouldn't make excuses not to go or think yer making things up and being a pussy .... mental illness is just as real, the only problem is that you can't see it.  

Don't let cunts get you down, it takes guts to go and get help, I bet those cunts never face their issues, they are the cowards. 

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