Thursday, 8 January 2015

Prince Edward: Stolen Valor

Edward you need to man up and grow a pair you little pussy .... But Nana I'm only 8 years old.

The Royals are in the news again, mostly Prince Andrew. Not doing shady deals for money guaranteeing his support for something or fees for meeting him but for having sex with underage gurls ....  Doh! ... OMG I swear I thought she was younger, I mean older.

In the bigger picture of how the world works she was 17 .... legal in many places and a female so this story won't cause Andrew any sleepless nights. John Peel's first wife was 15 and many trendy fuckers see him as a hero. It's Andrew's choice of friends that will get him, standing by his millionaire friends who supplied these gurls for his Royal orgies. Just thinking about these inbreed twats having sex gives me the huzz.
Not really a scandal unless you read the media who say the words sex slave and underage all the time. 
Prince Edward during Royal Marine Commando training 1987.

Prince Edward has always been a bit of a useless spare Royal, his place in life is as a substitute in case the others all died. Always seen as the sensitive one of the family in the olden days he'd have been made to join the clergy. The Royal Marines are a tough elite unit in the British military, like the Parachute regiment but attached to the navy ... by land, air and sea. 

Sir Jimmy Savile was made an honourary Marine after completing their physical training course. Wearing the green beret is a great honour .... to them.

The Marines paid  £12,000 towards his tuition at Cambridge as a condition of future service with them. He completed barely one third of his training before dropping out. Not everyone is able to be a Marine and there can be no faking it. The story goes that Prince Philip berated him so badly that liddle Edward was reduced to tears. 

Edward then went on to shame the Royals even more by going into acting. That wasn't successful either. 

So Prince Edward was to stand out as he stood beside his siblings and father. Luckily Edward has connections. 

Prince Andrew maybe a dirtbag but he is also a veteran. He served during the Falklands conflict as a helicopter pilot and what did he get for it? a few medals more than his useless brother. 

Edward can now wear military uniforms even though he has NEVER completed any military training. 
He has been made the Earl of Wessex and given loads of medals that would even make Jimmy Savile and Rolf Harris envious, he is the Royal Honorary Colonel of 3 British regiments (I'm sure they are proud) and Honourary Commodore in the Air force and Navy. He is also Colonel-in-Chief of 3 Canadian military regiments and of the Mounted Police. 

The army is such an easy life but getting up at noon is grueling.

Luckily his Da is old and is a reanimated corpse so then he can swipe some of his duties and honours. 
So Edward who has NEVER served in the military, especially during a time of war can represent regiments that have served and have lost people. He gets to swan about in top military gear with a chest full of medals and honours. 

Call that a salute? Royals are shite at saluting. 

Maybe civvies don't have a problem cos he's a Royal but certain things have to be earned. Yes his siblings are sailors or pilots when it suits them and NCO's yell at them politely and call them sir but he has done even less than that. 

At least prince Harry has fired a few rounds off at the fuzzies in Afghanistan, what has Edward done? 

The Americans get touchy about people doing this and call it Stolen Valor, just because his mum says it's ok doesn't mean that it is.  

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