Friday, 9 January 2015

Obey And Survive

The funeral of NYPD officer Wenjian Liu

On the whole, Old Knudsen supports the police, he even considered joining at one time but feared that seeing the bad side of people on a regular basis would change him. You do not want an angry Old Knudsen on the streets with a gun and a badge.

I can still support something and yet still criticize it, that is the beauty of having an enlightened mind full of logic and reason. I don't let feelings or an unrealistic point of view cloud my judgement. I can entertain all sides.

During the funeral of murdered NYPD officer Rafael Ramos the majority of cops turned their backs on York City Mayor Bill de Blasio when he came to speak as is the tradition for Mayors. The officers were angry and hurting at losing two of their own and threw blame at the Mayor.

The Mayor did not kill the officers, he mentioned how he had a talk with his son on how to react and behave if he was ever pulled over by the NYPD .... While every parent should have this talk with their children (keys on dash, hands on wheel and stay in the car) he did it because his son is black and may be in more danger than a white guy.

The Mayor's comments were poorly timed, said when tensions between the public and police were high. The NYPD don't like De Blasio as he has campaigned for stricter laws that hold the police more accountable, his campaign for office suggested that some police tactics were prejudiced against black and Latinos. so this was a good excuse to attack him.

Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg didn't mind too much about a tough zero tolerance towards crime as it cleaned up the streets.

There is an element of them and us with the police but it's not always a racist thing, it's cops and everyone else.... Like the US Marines and elite units in the military. There is such a thing as driving while black in which a black person will get pulled over more than a white person, that is fact, not something made up by liberals feeling guilty for being white.

Of course if it's a ghetto in which the majority of people are black or brown then duh! that is who'll get pulled over or stopped cos they are more likely to have carried out the crime. Racial profiling when not abused is just common sense.  

There are social and economic factors that will have those from poor neighbourhoods causing the crimes too, blah blah blah whitey had slaves 200 years ago, I just can't get over it.

One officer didn't follow the crowd. 

To me it's very obvious that turning their backs on him at the funeral was using that event to make a statement, they had already turned their backs previously during a press event. Many saw using the funeral as being in poor taste and politically motivated. During the funeral of officer Wenjian Liu there were some who didn't turn their backs.

New York police commissioner Bill Bratton (AKA super cop) had urged officers to refrain from any further "act of disrespect", saying in a memo, "A hero's funeral is about grieving, not grievance."

If the NYPD want to be seen as selfish brats who will do as they please then they are giving out the right image for that. You can say that they are angry .... well dry yer eyes it isn't all about you.

A go slow on crime was implemented in NY where they only tackle the serious crime in an attempt to hurt the cities revenue from parking tickets etc has been called turning their backs on crime. Yes lets hurt those who pay our wages then we can complain when pensions get cut. Crime is down in NY by 4.6% because of the lack of arrests.
Of course no one has admitted to a slow down but zero tickets from some precincts is a little obvious, like a surly teenager dragging their feet when they don't want to do something. 

I'm sure they wouldn't put public safety at risk .... well no, I'm not really sure about that they seem like pouting divas. 

All US police are under the spotlight right now. When cops shoot an unarmed guy in Idaho or Missouri that stains the profession, of course the NYPD themselves have plenty of stains themselves.

The 'smiling creep' who threw an MTA worker to the ground in a bear hug, choking her until a colleague dragged him off was an off duty NYPD officer. The cop Mirjan Lolja claimed she swore at him when he asked when the next train was and tried to grab his phone when he tried to take a picture of her. Obviously he felt justified in throwing her to the ground and fleeing the scene with a smile on his face.
When his picture was put out on the news he gave himself up. I bet he was told to by colleagues.

Alexander Bok, a goofy looking black guy likes the Ellen Degeneres show and took up the challenge to dance behind people without them knowing. On Christmas eve he went out, danced and had fun amusing many bystanders.
He then had a brain fart and danced behind some NYPD officers. It was less than a week since the murder of two cops and being targeted for execution might make some people jumpy.

So Bok did his Gangnam style dance, only to be surrounded by several angry cops demanding to know what he is doing. Bok tried to explain himself but the cops shoved him against the car shouting at him that he is a fucking asshole. Once they realised that this dorky bloke wasn't a threat they flung him to the ground ripping the knee of his white jeans.

The white jeans were enough in itself to get roughed up for but seriously? When do I get to shout, 'what the fuck are you doing you fucking asshole?' to cops? .... oh that's right, never. Abusive behaviour towards State and Federal employees will not be tolerated.

That attitude towards Bok was very unprofessional and should not be tolerated. NCO's are no longer allowed to swear at recruits in the army for fucks sake so a police officer swearing at a member of the public who has broken no laws needs a reprimand .... maybe it's the Mayor's fault.

'I was in a bad mood cos I'm a tough NY cop and the Mayor made some guy gangnam style behind me.'

Old Knudsen has been in a job in which he was targeted for death by a terrorist organisation. He had to keep all signs that he was in the military a secret for his safety and the safety of his family. He has known some of the people who have died doing the job, no big military funerals or parades there.

Even now he still cringes when a car is started and avoids trash cans and stays out of arms reach when passing by parked cars. He is always on alert.
These things are ingrained as it was a way of life. I can understand the anger and sense of helplessness that the NYPD officers may feel and I've seen others who have turned to the dark side and let their hate and anger take them over.

I support the British military but will readily admit that some have not served with honour and have compromised their position of power but I also am proud of those who have served with honour.  
Four cops just seconds before being attacked by a nutjob with a hatchet.

It is up to every individual person to serve with integrity, it's a difficult job with more chance of getting insulted than praised. Being ready but not giving into fear can be very stressful. Police should have a high level of training they can fall back on if in doubt, I think that many are just not getting that level of training and support .... support to get away with shit doesn't count.  

I have never felt the need to put a choke hold on someone, the officer that put a choke hold on on Eric Garner while 3 .... that's 3 other officers cuffed him needs to go. Officer Pantaleo says he didn't use a choke hold but rather used a take down technique .... even though he is still on the guy's neck on the ground.

You can say that maybe Garner had bad health and that anything they had done would have killed him .... Garner had been arrested 33 times since 1980, I guess they never used a choke hold before. A much smaller guy jumping at the neck of a giant doesn't rank as being a technique, there is no control there.

The police needs to be better and they can be. Body cams are a step towards that. Staying out of politics is another way. Investment in the many police departments is yet another way to make things better.
There has to be a balance though, you don't want the US police to become like the Northern Ireland police who are too worried about getting a reprimand if they drew their firearm. Soon the police in England will be too afraid to use their tasers.

Criminals are scumbags but they are scumbags with rights so quit the elitist 'we do shit that you don't understand' crap, dry yer eyes and start being more professional, it's yer job to uphold the law, not to pout and sulk.

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