Monday, 5 January 2015

Maurice Mills Prophet Of God

They hate us cos they anus. 

Everyone knows that Hurricane Katrina, the 2004 Tsunami and 9/11 were all caused by gheys. Yes they were God's divine retribution for taking it up the ass ... When I say everyone I mean religious whack jobs like Pat Robertson who think that free and critical thinking is the work of the devil. 

Maurice Mills, a member of the DUP in ..... Ballymena, the city of enlightenment. He said that Hurricane Katrina happened as a result of the “filthy practice of sodomy” he has been awarded an MBE in the Queen’s New Year honours list.

The councillor for Ballymena is a committed born-again Christian ... aye he should be committed. 

It was said that he had been recognised for services to local government certainly not for services to humanity such as equality. Why is it that people with the name Gaylord or Maurice bang on about how wrong sodomy is? .... maybe you should have used more lube Maurice. 
I'm sure he has tasted cock in his time, he lives in Ballymena for fucks sake, the place where horse play actually involves horses. 

 He said, "The media failed to report that the hurricane occurred just two days prior to the annual homosexual event called the Southern Decadence festival which the previous year had attracted an estimated 125,000 people."

How can this be so filthy and so wrong yet feels so good? I just can't stop myself.

He's certainly well informed on ghey pride stuff, I didn't even know about that. I bet he thinks about sodomy long and hard.

"Surely this is a warning to nations where such wickedness is increasingly promoted and practised."

There was me thinking it was because New Orleans has an average elevation of about six feet below sea level and the storm that had started 6 days previously over the Bahamas and became a Category 3 hurricane caused the levees and seawalls that held back the lakes and the swamp lands to break.

All along it was a vague punishment from an invisible being in the clouds who will put up with bigotry, beheadings and child abuse but doesn't like consensual sex between queers ... Now I feel stupid for not seeing that.

The Southern Decadence festival was actually cancelled in 2005, maybe a few hold outs who didn't evacuate celebrated but no, it didn't happen. There was probably more buggering going on in the Bible belt Ballymena than in New Orleans on that day.

“If I were to apologise for my comments then God would have to apologise.”  

Old Knudsen actually thinks that God has a lot of apologizing to do. Nice that Mills equates himself with the almighty though .... very DUP minded. Such a humble Christian, like Jesus himself. 

Mills won't be buying the latest band aid single anytime soon either, "This abominable and filthy practice of sodomy has resulted in the great continent of Africa being riddled with Aids."   

Always about the sodomy. A negative first experience might do that to you but you notice how he never mentions anything negative about sucking cock or rimming .... I'm just just laying out the facts. 

Knighted by the Queen and by the Pope. 

This year's list of honours include various actors and numerous well off and entitled people who deserve awards more than you do, even the Queen's head gardener at Windsor got an award ... it's who ya know. 
Mills is certainly not the first arsehole to receive honours from the Queen, shit floats it seems. Sir Jimmy Savile got an OBE and KSCG, Ian Paisley was made a baron, Rolf Harris got an OBE, MBE and CBE .... being a favourite of the royals used to save you from prosecution but more and more we're making even those self-entitled twats pay for their crimes.    

Maurice Mills is a bitter, full of hate homophobe who serves a political party based on sectarian division and governed by Bibical laws the way that they have interpreted them. 1,300 died during Hurricane Katrina but Mills probably thinks they deserved it. Empathy is for poofs.

Northern Ireland is the only part of the UK that does not allow same sex marriage and with the DUP as the ruling party I don't see that changing anytime soon. We just don't do equality here. 

For years it was the Catholics, should they really be allowed proper education and the chance to be considered for jobs the same as a Protestant? For years Protestant property owners had a vote for each property they owned, power was assured to them. Homosexuality was illegal up until 1982 and weemen certainly knew their place and did not have a voice or a choice. 

Gheys should be allowed to marry each other so they can experience the misery called marriage, then they can divorce like all the "normal" people do. 

As like the gheys, weemen in Northern Ireland are also second class citizens, if they get pregnant by accident they have to ruin both their life and the life of the unwanted child by giving birth. If they can afford it then they can travel to England for an abortion but they have to pay for it all.    

That is why you have housing estates full of angry resentment filled couples who scream at their kids ... they couldn't afford an abortion. 

Even in cases of rape or a health risk you'd be lucky to get a termination. Doctors would rather do nothing than risk getting into trouble. 

Thank you Queen Elizabeth for rewarding piss poor attitudes and hate filled cunts such as Maurice Mills, he now feels validated not just by God but by his monarch just like Savile and Harris. 

There is a reason that Liam Neeson got the fuck out of Ballymena as soon as he could, you don't see him buying a cottage there do you?  

Feel free to discuss what you have read with Mr Mills: Tel (028) 2564 3924  .... Mobile: 07740 758551 and e-mail 

I'm sure he would love to hear from you. Committed Christians like nothing more than to spread the werd of the Lard.  

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