Saturday, 10 January 2015

Girls Sabotage Males At Every Level In Life

Look at those gurls keeping our young men back in schools.

Alun Jones the first male president of the Girls’ Schools Association (and probably the last male if this is anything to go by) has said that boys aged 11 - 16 should be taught in single-sex classes to protect them from being intimidated by ‘bright and articulate’ girls.

Those fucking bitches, now I'm angry! ... no wait, what?

Statistics have shown that boys often lag behind and are less likely to apply to university .... And the first male president is blaming the gurls, nice one mate, no issues there. 

"If you have a very bright, very driven, very focused, very articulate lady, which a lot of girls are, that intimidates a boy in the classroom, especially boys of average ability."

Old Knudsen remembers his school days, a Wednesday and half a Friday I believe. I'd sit there seething with rage at those articulate hoors as they sat there quietly writing in their school books holding me back from the learnin. I was so intimidated I had to avoid school completely.

"The result is that boys don’t put their hands up to answer questions or they indulge in immature behaviour to avoid being shown up. Boys are falling behind as girls are doing better."

Well it can't be that gurls have the more smarters than boys as what do they need all that learnin for? Raising babies and making sandwiches isn't that hard.  

I could never think of witty one liners but I showed those hoors, now I'm in charge.

"Boys will put their hand up if they feel safe; they won’t if they are in fear of being ridiculed or humiliated."
Who are these wee timid pussy boys? OH it's English, now I understand. Nah mate, boys won't put their hand up cos it's not cool and who gives a fuck anyways? At that age I was mostly thinking about wanking and how school was like a prison for children and who I was going to Shiv for a smoke.

 I like freshly cut grass, mummy might I have a knob of soft butter please? 

So they want to separate the boys from ages 11 - 16 then return them to a mixed class ... hold on, if ya stay in school after the age of 16 yer obviously a pussy boy swot. No this doesn't sound like it would fuck them up at all. What you'll get is a load of gurl awkward sociopaths mixing with a load of bitchy females ready to exploit their weaknesses for laughs ..... I pity those boys. 

Old Knudsen is a bit of an educator and there is one thing he knows Mr Jones ... You need to shave that mold off yer idiot smiling face, this isn't a hippy love in, it's edu fucking cation.    

Lieutenant-General Sir Adrian de Wiart ... You wouldn't catch him being intimidated by a smart gurl, he'd probably appreciate someone with half a brain to talk to and oh can you make my sandwich as I only have one good hand and I'll be using that to politely and with the utmost respect hold the door for you my dear ..... only one sugar in my tea as I am sweet enough. 

Before long she'll be turning her brain to mush on reality shows and cock orgies ... you know what weemen are like.  

He served in the Boer war, WWI and WWII. He was shot in the face, head, stomach, ankle, leg, hip, and ear, survived two plane crashes, tunneled out of a POW camp when he was 61 and even  pulled off his own fingers when a doctor refused to amputate them.
He joined the Boer war as a trooper after lying about his age. A Belgian subject (with an Irish mother) he was eventually naturalised as a British subject. He said that if the British hadn't have taken him he'd try for the Boers.

Getting shot in the skull and ankle at the battle of the Somme and in other battles he kept coming back. Pulling grenade pins with his teeth he led from the front and even won the Victoria cross for gallantry. 

You know what he said about WWI?  ....  "Frankly I had enjoyed the war."

It was his habit of joining his troops on the front line that got him passed up for promotion as the Division Commander.   

In 1947 he retired and settled in County Cork ... Ireland, where he fished salmon and shagged his second wife who was 23 years his junior. He died in 1963 aged 83 with a big shit eating grin on his face.

Now if those school boys could stop their vagina's weeping for one moment and suck it up ... maybe get better teachers, not yon hippies, you'd see that males don't need to be the sharpest wit in the room, all they need is a cool as fuck eye patch and the willing to get crippled for a laugh. 

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