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Ghosts In The Real World

 Photographic evidence that not only are ghosts real but that some can reverse aging from beyond.

“I do not believe in God. I see no need of such idea. It is incredible to me that there should be an after-life. I find the notion of future punishment outrageous and of future reward extravagant. I am convinced that when I die, I shall cease entirely to live; I shall return to the earth I came from.” 
W. Somerset Maugham ... author.

Old Knudsen is an open minded skeptic, he adheres to the golden rule from Socrates that 'true knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing' Anyone who thinks they know and have all the answers are therefore fools.
Atheists who say, 'God doesn't exist' or 'there is nothing after death' say it with absolute certainty though they never offer any proof for their assertion. You may say that the burden of proof is on those who say God does exist and that there is an afterlife but that's too convenient for Atheists, that's sloppy reasoning from people who tend to be as smug as the God botherers. 

I don't know if ghosts are real but and can only say that from my experiences that there is more out there and mental illness aside I'd say it's highly probable that spirits or beings that we have difficulty in seeing and hearing are real. 
 My door slammed during a Youtube, I'd better check some cupboards.

Since the worldwide use of camera phones you'd think there would be 10 times more UFO and ghost sightings but no, with photoshop it is becoming that if there is a picture of an alien or a spook you automatically cry "Photoshop!" 

This lass 'Miss sunshine' has had a million views on her Youtubes about her ghost. Here she was sitting about to show you how to braid yer hair like Hunger games then her bedroom door closed. Fed up that a ghost was scaring her she grabs the camera and walks into the bathroom and checks under her sink for the ghost that closed her bedroom door .... like you do.

Aye, young people are stupid but she wears short shorts so who cares if it's fake? Young people are into the Paranormal movies and will believe anything, and that is a danger to critical thinking. Fake documentary type movies are as bad as Bible stories on the History channel, stoopid people will believe it. 

Every good lie has a grain of truth which makes it more believable. Many believe Jesus was born in Bethlehem because it's a real place, Spiderman lives in New York, does that make him real? .... No but it makes him more believable.      

This picture was allegedly taken in 1919 of the men from the RAF stationed at the navel air base  HMS Daedalus. The ghostly face behind the fella is Freddy, a mechanic who died 2 days previously. It was taken the day of his funeral and no one knew he was dead .... I don't know how they didn't know but that is the urban myth with it's kernel of truth as HMS Daedalus was real.
It's funny how Freddy is clearer and not so contrasted as the other faces .... This was before photoshop and so must be real .... right? The photo was said to have been first seen in the 70's, you know what i didn't see in the 70's, yep, that photo. You could still fake it in the 70's so don't give me that. 
It's more likely a recent photoshop with a back story that got spread around. 

Captain Bogart Rogers in 1919, the American WWI flying ace was haunted by a young pilot who had died hours previously. While taking this picture a disembodied voice could be heard saying, "touch the cheese down my shorts."

Like I said I'm a skeptic. All the spirits, shapes and heads that pop around corners and door ways happen too fast and are usually things that catch my eye. I don't know how I could ever photograph one as they are gone the moment that I notice them. It's hard enough getting people to pose.  

As I've said before, door ways seem to be a favourite place for them and one time in broad daylight I was walking from the outside into the garage, the door was open, I was looking down and as I turned into the doorway I stopped as I saw a figure in front of me, it was a total stop before you bump into someone moment and as I looked up I could see it was a black fuzzy image of a person that fizzled out before my eyes.

Of all the times I've walked through that doorway it has never happened. Eyes adjusting to the darken room? ... then why a person shape when I was watching my step and why has this happened only once and the garage interior wasn't very dark? Eye strain, new medication? .... My eyes were fine and there was nothing different with medication that causing one single hallucination.

I go through this list of possibilities when things like this occur to rule out obvious problems like how the Ghosthunters on TV check the plumbing to explain strange noises. I lived in a house in which when the pipes were hot they would rattle and knock, did I think it was ghosts? Like fuck I did, wise up.

While Old Knudsen has suffered depression and has been on and off numerous medications, he has never experienced hallucinations, he isn't nuts ..... ok? .... I've killed people and kept their heads in my fridge for suggesting less.

 I have a white coat and so you can believe what I say. 

Is it only god botherers, whacky hippies and superstitious people who believe in ghosts? Scientists and eggheads do too.  

Dr Henry Stapp an American physicist believed that consciousness could live on as a mental entity once the brain died. He even suggested that if these entities could make their way back to the physical world and possession and channeling could be possible.

Dr Stuart Hameroff and physicist Sir Roger Penrose have said that a soul was simply the quantum processing in our brains that produced consciousness. So when we die, all that quantum information is simply released into the world.

Peter Fenwick a neuropsychiatrist has said the brain and the mind are two separate entities, and upon death they become separated.

During his career he studied over 300 examples of near death experiences with people who were very ill or dying. Many of these experiences were similar though the people were from all sorts of backgrounds, cultures and belief systems.

He studied Cardiac arrests and as some atheists have told me, once the heart stops and you die there is nothing ...... Except that people still have experiences during these times which to Fenwick proves that consciousness and the brain can exist independent of each other.

These men who think for a living believe that hauntings backed up by their Quantum Mechanics (real mechanics fix cars)  means that a person’s soul is not necessarily trapped on Earth, but a consciousness without a shell is free to slam doors and appear in old photos, not to mention turn up on the John Edwards show to tell people they are there and they love them, though not anything useful. 

Believe things or not it's best to stay open to the possibility because humans really do not know it all.

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