Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Dr Dick Says Cancer Is Fab!

Dr Richard Smith .... reality expert.

Dr Richard Smith, a former of the British Medical Journal and now the chairman of a health technology company said that cancer is 'the best way to die' and that we should 'stop wasting billions' trying to find a cure.

Did Smith just forget to take his meds that day? If only there was a cure for stupidity.

His logic ... if you could call it that, "So death from cancer is the best... You can say goodbye, reflect on your life, leave last messages, perhaps visit special places for a last time, listen to favourite pieces of music, read loved poems, and prepare, according to your beliefs, to meet your maker or enjoy eternal oblivion."

"This is, I recognise, a romantic view of dying, but it is achievable with love, morphine, and whisky. But stay away from overambitious oncologists, and let’s stop wasting billions trying to cure cancer, potentially leaving us to die a much more horrible death."

His comments were made in relation to filmmaker Luis Bunuel’s fear of over treatment in his dying days.

Cancer specialists and charities have come out to say a collective 'wise the fuck up' as many patients with cancer suffer horrible and would not say it is the best way to die ... 'we're not dead yet ya cunt!'

There are many different types of cancer with varied amounts suffering. Actress Lynda Bellingham who died last year,  gave up treatment for bowel cancer because the agony it caused was so great and the results non-existent. Should we give up on trying to cure cancer then? 

Deaths from breast cancer have gone down from 17,500 just 25 years ago to 11,700 .... if we had the dark ages reasoning of Dr Smith (PhD in geography doesn't make you a doctor) then so many more women would have and would be dying unnecessarily.

Deaths from Childhood leukaemia have also gone down, no thanks to Dr Death and his 'cures, do we really need them?' 

Stephen Sutton died of colon cancer just last year aged 19, he was first diagnosed aged 15. He raised £4.96 million for cancer units in 7 hospitals and for education and awareness. Before he died he met numerous famous people including Prime minister David Cameron and he got into the Guinness Book of World Records for The most number of people making heart-shaped hand gestures, he had 554 people doing it ..... you'd be a right cunt if you tried to break that one.  Yeah 555, in yer face!

After his death he was awarded an MBE, his mother collected it for him and said that he didn't do his charity work for recognition.

Dr Smith might say that those 4 years when he wasn't in hospital or too weak to even give a thumbs up that he was experiencing life more vividly than any of us. He might even look upon Stephen's short life and say, "he got colon cancer and died .... the lucky jammy bastard, I bet he enjoyed his death. "

I don't think anyone will say congratulations for getting cancer. Hallmark don't even do a Happy Cancer Diagnosis Day card so no, not great news.

 Lord Byron, best death EVER!

If this had been the 1800's he'd have gone on about how TB was the best way to die closely followed by dying in battle for yer cuntry.  It was just so romantic how he coughed up that blood.

Lets hope David Cameron doesn't hear about this, he'll get a think tank together of "experts" to find out if cancer patients are really bluffing with all that pain they "claim" to be experiencing. Maybe all those dementia sufferers and disabled people are just trying to use up resources and get out of working .... the government already thinks this way, don't encourage them.

People who suffer from pancreatic cancer can have up to 2 years of severe pain which cannot be eased by anything they are given. Very difficult to enjoy a fucking poem when yer in pain and haven't slept properly for days, usually you just want to die .... but unfortunately that's illegal.

Seeing the slow decline of a person is very difficult for the family, especially the children, then you yerself feel the guilt cos you almost wish that the person would die to end their suffering.
Doctors see death and suffering very differently than the patients and maybe Smith is just ignoring all the bad bits and the fact that children and young people die prematurely in favour of the last few days in which the patient is flooded with a cocktail of drugs and made to drift off to death .... any death like that is the best but getting there is not worth it.

Smith's callous professional detachment has distressed many people with cancer and families of those who have lived with it. His article on his blog was probably designed to show that doctors are trying too hard to cure patients that they can do more harm than good so don't bother treating them. Yeah I've had that attitude myself where they say, "you'll be fine" when I've tried to get better treatment and it doesn't work.

"Rather than trying yo treat you we'll just ride it out and see what happens, hey you were going to die of something someday anyway ... lol!"   Not their life, not their problem.

Doctors do not always know best and in this case Dr Richard Smith has shown he's a total Dr Dick.


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