Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Cameron Defends Saudi Visit

We're here to kiss Saudi ass for oil.

David Cameron defended his and Prince Charles' visit to pay their respects to the late King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. While the king was being referred to as a liberal reformer who stood up for weemen's rights the Union flag flew at half mast over Buckingham palace. The Queen is said to be quite envious of the power that the Saudi royal family have over their subjects.

"We only went over so Prince Charles could see some Kings, it's the closest he's ever going to get to a king since he'll never be one himself .... lol!" 

 Death to the bloody infidel Yanks!

The Prince converted to Islam 5 years ago which makes him invalid to become king as he has to be Church of England which is the state religion, also having had his first wife killed and becoming a rich toff hippy who would like public healthcare replaced with aromatherapy doesn't help his case either. Besides, the public have decided that they want Prince William to be the next king, Charles isn't really an option.

Cameron went on to say, "I know many think that we shouldn't have gone as we are then tacitly endorsing Saudi's horrendous human rights record but I fully understand this and did ask the Saudi government to wait for us to leave before beheading any women in the street or flogging any bloggers." 


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