Friday, 2 January 2015

Blonde Jokes

Cuntroversial mouthpiece Katie Hopkins courts conflict with her constant not very PC comments designed to get her media attention.  It's scary that she attended Sandhurst to become an officer in the military, she would have been in Military intelligence which is an oxymoron, there is no intelligence in the military. Imagine her making life and death decisions based on how she correlates information, we suspect this guy is an Islamic militant should we go ahead with our drone strike? .... he's brown, probably called Tyler or Mohammed or something, yeah why not.  luckily she couldn't accept her commission due to suffering from epilepsy.

The former reality show star and now a columnist for right wing tabloid newspaper made a comment about the nurse in Scotland who was diagnosed with Ebola and sent to London for treatment.

Accused of being racist the police are investigating ... what race would that be? Sorry lass yer too dumb to be offended. She is being a bigot in this case not racist you silly bint .... yes, I was being sexist.  

Is it wrong for the Scottish to not want someone infected with Ebola in their city? Sending him doon to London sounds like a sensible idea. Not just because the English are expendable in the eyes of many Scots but that because they hog all the good NHS shit. I bet there isn't an 8-10 month wait for urgent referrals in London .... yes I may have issues.   

As for it not being cricket, not much gets past her, it's not baseball either.

Having lost some weight the 39 year-old was just gagging to show her well toned body off and so went to her local rugby team for an appraisal .... like you do.

She was told that she was too thin, too muscular and looked unhealthy even anorexic. The fact she had no boobs or arse was mentioned too.  They didn't say, 'yer a total minger, why bother to stay in shape?' Only TV cameras stop rugby players from being fully honest.  
I've seen young boys with better hips that her.   Why did they fail to mention the obvious? 

Go back and look at the top picture before reading on, if you mixed Julian Clary .....

With Fabio and put her on Madonna's exercise program you'd get ....

Katie Hopkins. This is the reason that many British weemen feel the need to wear too much makeup, bleach their hair blonde and wear overly feminine clothing .... lacy, high hem line, lots of cleavage. It is also the reason that pink is a very popular colour and why so many choose to wear high heels in jobs where they are on their feet all day.

I suppose she would be the British version of Anne Coulter who is also a man. If you compare Hopkins to Coulter you may decide that Coulter is amazingly stunning ... only in comparison though.

Both are ugly inside and out with just enough intelligence to be offensive but since they are both attention hoors and have books or TV shows to sell they are doing their jobs very well.

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