Saturday, 31 January 2015

How Soon Is Dinner?

Hang the pheasant hang the pheasant hang the pheasant, cos fresh meat is so totally ghey!

Morrissey the former pop star has requested that during his gig at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast there are to be no tasty meat products sold.

This is a rather silly idea since it doesn't apply to the restaurants elsewhere in the complex and they would tell him to fuck off anyways. He is just making sure the smaller vendors who he can shove about do as they are told or lose out in order for him to have his victory for animals.

Vegetarians, Vegans, Jews and Muslims are not all there .... there is air getting in. Just try a bacon sandwich and you won't care how Babe was killed. You just can't reason with some people and that is why the world is in such a shit state .... because of Morrissey!

"If you believe in the abattoir then you would support Auschwitz. There’s no difference. People who would disagree with this statement have probably never been inside an abattoir. "

So the killing of animals is the same as the Holocaust? Do you know what other famous vegetarian thought that way? .... Adolf fucking Hitler that's who.

It's like when Tom Cruise gives his opinion on depression or Liam Neeson rants on about gun control, just shut the fuck up, if we wanted to know what you thought we'd go to bargain books and pick up yer autobiography for a quid.

What else has the uber intelligent Morrissey said?

"If this doesn’t affect you in a moral sense then you’re probably granite. I see no difference between eating animals and pedophilia. They are both rape, violence, murder."

My cooking has been called many things but never equated to sticking yer dick into a child. "Fuck sake Old Knudsen, this burger is like rimming a toddler"  ..... does that mean you like it ?   

"If I’m introduced to anyone who eats beings, I walk away. Imagine, for example, if you were in a nightclub and someone said to you, ‘Hello, I enjoy bloodshed, throat-slitting and the destruction of life.’ Well, I doubt if you’d want to exchange phone numbers."

Don't you dare speak for me, if a lass said that to Old Knudsen she'd be the 8th, 9th? .... I don't know how far I got but she'd be the next Mrs Old Knudsen. The one in Thailand doesn't count cos it says 'he' on her passport and the lass in Florida will never get parole so that doesn't even count as a marriage.

This whiny pop singer reminds me of those pro life nuts who don't even like kids. Their issues do the thinking and talking for them.
He will cry over a chicken getting necked and will compare it to the genocide in Rwanda because he doesn't like people. Does he still have a career singing his 30 year-old songs because of cows? Show some fucking gratitude to yer human fans, it's not as if you did any great work after The Smiths ya plonker.  

People are hunters hence the eyes on the front of their heads, yes we have strayed away from nature because really we should be hunting and killing our own food like the bear or the tiger. Does he hate tigers when they kill a gazelle? What about when they kill a person? 

We get our food killed by proxy cos that's the evolution of society, should we be all eating nuts and tofu? If Morrissey can get fat on it then it can't be that bad .... except for the taste and it's probably the drink that makes him fat. 
Just think of the self-loathing he has as he cries and cuts himself when thinking about the roast beef sandwich he had when he was 10. 

Old Knudsen can tell the difference between the Moy park abattoir and Auschwitz and while humans are just another animal everything Morrissey says is kinda offensive not to mention stupid and shows you the swift deterioration of brain cells when you don't get enough protein.

Another reason to hang Morrissey (that escalated quickly) before he starts to invade Europe is BACON!

I rest my case.   


Thursday, 29 January 2015

PTSD Is For Everyone

PTSD ... Post Traumatic Stress Disorder doesn't just affect soldiers during wars or the skilled sniper in movies, it can affect the idiot civilian too. Any event that is difficult for people to accept, be it a rape, accident or even a difficult life devoid of affection and full of uncertainty may mean that you can suffer from PTSD.

It doesn't mean you are soft or weak, it just means it has touched you on a deep level that interferes with your current everyday thinking.

Some people have used PTSD as an excuse to do things but PTSD doesn't make you cheat on your exams, nor does it makes you go on a shooting rampage. If you have a psychotic break that may make you do crazy shit.

It's like depression, it can be handled on some days and not so much on others, it can cause moods swings, anxiety, poor memory, hyper alertness, difficulty in sleeping, avoidance and intrusive thoughts.
Those symptoms, if not managed can lead to other mental and physical health problems.

PTSD has been around for ever, the Greek historian Herodotus said about the warrior Epizelus, during the battle of Marathon in 490BC, "He suddenly lost sight of both eyes, though nothing had touched him" that would be called hysterical blindness.
There have also been accounts from the Assyrian Dynasty in Mesopotamia between 1300BC and 609BC in which reports of soldiers being faced by ghosts they faced in battle was mentioned. 

So vets have been saying throughout recorded history, "you don't know what it was like, you weren't there" every time they have an argue to win over a civvie.

Old Knudsen has served his King,Queen, cuntry and highest bidder and has suffered from the intrusive thoughts of PTSD. It can be difficult to stay in the moment when you have the overwhelming feeling that the building you are about to enter is going to explode. It can make you nuts and not want to go out anywhere or you can accept your faith if that actually happened and become as if you are dead already.   Both are no way to live.

Civvies living in Northern Ireland have lived during the Troubles with the possibility of death, or have witnessed it and there were no mental health services available .... hence the excessive drinking.

Living everyday life with bomb threats and evacuations and no go areas etc can be stressful, it's a small place and a small lottery for the chance of getting on the bus that explodes.
Many became desensitized to death in order to cope. That is what you do. Not thinking about things comes at a price as later in life all that shite you avoided dealing with will come to the surface.

Old Knudsen compares depression to waves, well these thoughts are like dead bodies in the sea, the sea eventually gives up its dead and they come to the surface or get washed up on the beach.

You can deal with them, examine them and examine yer behaviour ... grieve and let go and if you don't then you'll find yerself being a total cunt as you take yer issues out on others without even knowing it.
Those people who are cunts and treat you like shit, they have issues they are taking out on others. It's easier and less painful than having to deal. 

It's a double standard. No one is going to criticize a soldier for PTSD, that hasn't happened since General Patton slapped a soldier and called him a coward before sending him to the front. It's mostly men and so they get called courageous for stepping up and asking for help.

Old Knudsen got fast tracked for help because he was ex-military, the NHS and a charity wanted to help him.

Civilian PTSD still has a bit of a stigma to it. It is more difficult to get diagnosed and treated because you've never been to war. 69,000 female rapes and 9,000 male rapes a year in the UK .... a rape that happened 20 years ago can still affect you today but it gets mixed in with yer other issues and becomes less clear though it is certainly PTSD.

A fear of males or not comfortable being alone with one .... yeah PTSD. 

A car accident may cause you to have intrusive thoughts that you may end up causing another by being too cautious.

If all through yer childhood you were told that you weren't good enough or you were weak or stupid, things that happen during adult life may validate in yer head what those people always said and that will knock yer confidence and make you less likely to try, that is even PTSD.
Having flashbacks to someone telling you, "stop being stupid, you always overreact" when you express an opinion is as much of a problem for the person as is having flashbacks to losing a buddy in Nam.

Sure it may not have been a matter of life and death but to the person it is just as serious and thinking it isn't is why civvies and their feelings will get belittled more readily than a vet.

Every time I hear Mumford and sons I cringe and think of Dawson's creek .... and I've never even watched the fucking show.  

Melody Hensley says (the article says, "claims") her PTSD caused by online harassment and Twitter trolls is equal to that of military veterans.
A feminist and an atheist her opinions tend to anger some people, you can have free speech but so do the arseholes.
Her psychiatrist diagnosed her with PTSD, she didn't just make it up but people online who obviously know better have attacked her for having PTSD ..... sounds fairly fucking stupid to me but some people shouldn't be online .... have free speech .... own pets .... be President .... have children .... own guns etc etc.

One person replied: @MelodyHensley go get blown up and see your friends die, then you'll understand true PTSD 

Sorry, did you just say, you don't know you weren't there? Wise the fuck up and quit watching violent movies.

@MelodyHensley Yes, there are groups that have a higher rate of PTSD tgan combat vets. Twitter users are not among them. (sic) 

Like I said, a double standard, how come a clerk in the military who was never in combat can have PTSD but a woman under constant harassment can't? .... the magic word would be woman

It's easy to belittle weemen, quit bitching and make me a sandwich for fucks sake, everyone does it, only recently has anyone ever been called on it.
Only recently have weemen been treated like people who deserve respect and there is still a long way to go. You can go on about ghey marriage and equality but many weemen don't get equality either.

Hensley said: "I don't discount military vets' PTSD. I care about everyone with PTSD. I want people to realize that it is not a military-only condition." 

At the end of the article: 

MailOnline contacted Ms Hensley for comment, but she replied that she is 'not well enough to answer questions.'

The Daily Mail is a bigoted, sexiest biased piece of shit and it's readers aren't the smartest but Ms Hensley doesn't deserve this at all. 

Anyone can have PTSD, you can't let cunts tell you otherwise nor can you let them belittle you or mock how you feel. It's how YOU feel, in the vein of you weren't there, you don't know ... They aren't you, they don't know. 

The same applies to depression and anxiety, you can't always suck it up and sometimes you need help. You would go to the Doctor if you were bleeding out of yer eye balls, you wouldn't make excuses not to go or think yer making things up and being a pussy .... mental illness is just as real, the only problem is that you can't see it.  

Don't let cunts get you down, it takes guts to go and get help, I bet those cunts never face their issues, they are the cowards. 

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Ghosts In The Real World

 Photographic evidence that not only are ghosts real but that some can reverse aging from beyond.

“I do not believe in God. I see no need of such idea. It is incredible to me that there should be an after-life. I find the notion of future punishment outrageous and of future reward extravagant. I am convinced that when I die, I shall cease entirely to live; I shall return to the earth I came from.” 
W. Somerset Maugham ... author.

Old Knudsen is an open minded skeptic, he adheres to the golden rule from Socrates that 'true knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing' Anyone who thinks they know and have all the answers are therefore fools.
Atheists who say, 'God doesn't exist' or 'there is nothing after death' say it with absolute certainty though they never offer any proof for their assertion. You may say that the burden of proof is on those who say God does exist and that there is an afterlife but that's too convenient for Atheists, that's sloppy reasoning from people who tend to be as smug as the God botherers. 

I don't know if ghosts are real but and can only say that from my experiences that there is more out there and mental illness aside I'd say it's highly probable that spirits or beings that we have difficulty in seeing and hearing are real. 
 My door slammed during a Youtube, I'd better check some cupboards.

Since the worldwide use of camera phones you'd think there would be 10 times more UFO and ghost sightings but no, with photoshop it is becoming that if there is a picture of an alien or a spook you automatically cry "Photoshop!" 

This lass 'Miss sunshine' has had a million views on her Youtubes about her ghost. Here she was sitting about to show you how to braid yer hair like Hunger games then her bedroom door closed. Fed up that a ghost was scaring her she grabs the camera and walks into the bathroom and checks under her sink for the ghost that closed her bedroom door .... like you do.

Aye, young people are stupid but she wears short shorts so who cares if it's fake? Young people are into the Paranormal movies and will believe anything, and that is a danger to critical thinking. Fake documentary type movies are as bad as Bible stories on the History channel, stoopid people will believe it. 

Every good lie has a grain of truth which makes it more believable. Many believe Jesus was born in Bethlehem because it's a real place, Spiderman lives in New York, does that make him real? .... No but it makes him more believable.      

This picture was allegedly taken in 1919 of the men from the RAF stationed at the navel air base  HMS Daedalus. The ghostly face behind the fella is Freddy, a mechanic who died 2 days previously. It was taken the day of his funeral and no one knew he was dead .... I don't know how they didn't know but that is the urban myth with it's kernel of truth as HMS Daedalus was real.
It's funny how Freddy is clearer and not so contrasted as the other faces .... This was before photoshop and so must be real .... right? The photo was said to have been first seen in the 70's, you know what i didn't see in the 70's, yep, that photo. You could still fake it in the 70's so don't give me that. 
It's more likely a recent photoshop with a back story that got spread around. 

Captain Bogart Rogers in 1919, the American WWI flying ace was haunted by a young pilot who had died hours previously. While taking this picture a disembodied voice could be heard saying, "touch the cheese down my shorts."

Like I said I'm a skeptic. All the spirits, shapes and heads that pop around corners and door ways happen too fast and are usually things that catch my eye. I don't know how I could ever photograph one as they are gone the moment that I notice them. It's hard enough getting people to pose.  

As I've said before, door ways seem to be a favourite place for them and one time in broad daylight I was walking from the outside into the garage, the door was open, I was looking down and as I turned into the doorway I stopped as I saw a figure in front of me, it was a total stop before you bump into someone moment and as I looked up I could see it was a black fuzzy image of a person that fizzled out before my eyes.

Of all the times I've walked through that doorway it has never happened. Eyes adjusting to the darken room? ... then why a person shape when I was watching my step and why has this happened only once and the garage interior wasn't very dark? Eye strain, new medication? .... My eyes were fine and there was nothing different with medication that causing one single hallucination.

I go through this list of possibilities when things like this occur to rule out obvious problems like how the Ghosthunters on TV check the plumbing to explain strange noises. I lived in a house in which when the pipes were hot they would rattle and knock, did I think it was ghosts? Like fuck I did, wise up.

While Old Knudsen has suffered depression and has been on and off numerous medications, he has never experienced hallucinations, he isn't nuts ..... ok? .... I've killed people and kept their heads in my fridge for suggesting less.

 I have a white coat and so you can believe what I say. 

Is it only god botherers, whacky hippies and superstitious people who believe in ghosts? Scientists and eggheads do too.  

Dr Henry Stapp an American physicist believed that consciousness could live on as a mental entity once the brain died. He even suggested that if these entities could make their way back to the physical world and possession and channeling could be possible.

Dr Stuart Hameroff and physicist Sir Roger Penrose have said that a soul was simply the quantum processing in our brains that produced consciousness. So when we die, all that quantum information is simply released into the world.

Peter Fenwick a neuropsychiatrist has said the brain and the mind are two separate entities, and upon death they become separated.

During his career he studied over 300 examples of near death experiences with people who were very ill or dying. Many of these experiences were similar though the people were from all sorts of backgrounds, cultures and belief systems.

He studied Cardiac arrests and as some atheists have told me, once the heart stops and you die there is nothing ...... Except that people still have experiences during these times which to Fenwick proves that consciousness and the brain can exist independent of each other.

These men who think for a living believe that hauntings backed up by their Quantum Mechanics (real mechanics fix cars)  means that a person’s soul is not necessarily trapped on Earth, but a consciousness without a shell is free to slam doors and appear in old photos, not to mention turn up on the John Edwards show to tell people they are there and they love them, though not anything useful. 

Believe things or not it's best to stay open to the possibility because humans really do not know it all.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Cameron Defends Saudi Visit

We're here to kiss Saudi ass for oil.

David Cameron defended his and Prince Charles' visit to pay their respects to the late King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. While the king was being referred to as a liberal reformer who stood up for weemen's rights the Union flag flew at half mast over Buckingham palace. The Queen is said to be quite envious of the power that the Saudi royal family have over their subjects.

"We only went over so Prince Charles could see some Kings, it's the closest he's ever going to get to a king since he'll never be one himself .... lol!" 

 Death to the bloody infidel Yanks!

The Prince converted to Islam 5 years ago which makes him invalid to become king as he has to be Church of England which is the state religion, also having had his first wife killed and becoming a rich toff hippy who would like public healthcare replaced with aromatherapy doesn't help his case either. Besides, the public have decided that they want Prince William to be the next king, Charles isn't really an option.

Cameron went on to say, "I know many think that we shouldn't have gone as we are then tacitly endorsing Saudi's horrendous human rights record but I fully understand this and did ask the Saudi government to wait for us to leave before beheading any women in the street or flogging any bloggers." 


Monday, 26 January 2015

I Sea God

 God ignores yer prayers cos he hates you. 

What does Northern Ireland have? .... a poor reputation and fuck all nice things and why? Cos cunts break our nice things. 
We don't have religious tolerance or gender equality that's for sure and one of the ruling parties likes to remind the people that they live in a Theocracy but want it to be their brand. 

When arseholes aren't trying to blow people up or have riots over flags, we are trying to cash in on our Game of Thrones, Dracula untold and The Fall links to get tourists ... Jamie Dornan's beard had lunch here. 

We only get tourists when they come here by accident when they really meant to go to the Republic of Ireland not Northern Ireland, the former not being a part of the UK and a totally different cuntry .... no matter what the shiners say.

We need more shit for tourists to go and see so we can separate them from their money.

A statue of the Celtic sea god Manannán was cut from it's base with an angle grinder from a mountain top above Limavady.  Manannán is a good mate of mine and has been a very important deity throughout history to Celtic island settlers long before Christianity took over. He is featured in Irish, Scots, Manx and Welsh legend, the Isle of Man was named after him for fucks sake.

The local people are not very happy about this theft and Limavady mayor Gerry Mullan said, "The theft was premeditated and was not a random act of vandalism" how does he know this?

The Christian fundamentalists responsible kinda left behind a 5 foot tall cross with 'Thou Shalt  Have No Other Gods Before Me' in its place.

News outlets have reported it said  'no false gods' but it's Northern Ireland, high standards and accountability do not apply here, lucky Old Knudsen returned to this tagnut on the arse of Great Britain to point out what fucking amateurs the lot of them are.  

If I was getting paid I'd type your or you're instead of yer but I don't, these people do get paid but don't care cos their uncle got them the job and they think their ..... oh sorry there readers are idiots. 

The statue was a part of the Roe Valley Sculpture Trail aimed at boosting tourism in 2013... It must have taken them a while to come up with the plan.
The kind of people who did this are the same kind who try to get a lifetime ban on all ghey blood donors, are against ghey marriage, say no to abortion .... even in cases of rape and incest and take the scriptures literally, just like those radical Islamists but allegedly Christian though their actions say otherwise.

They are also hypocrites as number 8 in the commandments has Thou shalt not steal,  Do you think they follow Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour? .... nah, I bet they are lying shites and try to blame someone else when the police come knocking and knocking they will. Ya just had to go and covet, didn't you.

Yes the number one commandment proves that there are more than one god and that the Christian god is a bit insecure. When you date someone do you have to spell it out to them, 'hey since we're dating I'd appreciate it if you didn't fuck anyone else, and that includes oral sex too since yer a bit of a slut' .... aye that talk should wait until at least the second date huh.

This vandalism shows you the degradation of morals in today's society, these people may think they are God's soldiers (like ISIS) but in reality they are a big part of the problem. How many sleepless nights did a sculpture on a cliff top cause them? You stupid fucks, get a life.

The people of Northern Ireland really will go out of their way to be offended, worse than white US liberals when a black guy gets shot.
The ruling party of Norn Iron would love to teach creationism in schools and in museums and places of science and so I wouldn't be surprised if it was a DUP loving creationist did this.

There is just too much stupid in Northern Ireland, you could certainly compare it to the red states of the US, if only Jesus would fly doon and smite them with his big hammer.


Saturday, 24 January 2015

Page 3 Troll

 Samantha Fox started on page 3 aged 16 in 1983.

The Sun newspaper did the ultimate troll this week in order to get publicity and make tit puns. Sources told other papers that the Sun's 44 year tradition of putting topless weemen on page 3 would come to an end.
Sun owner  Rupert Murdoch said, "Brit feminists bang on forever about page 3. I bet never buy paper." 

It's out there infecting the population with stupidity, why buy it we know what it's like?  

Thousands have fought against page 3 for years and must have felt like they had won .... however the Sun itself didn't say they'd stop it and posted tit pics in their paper again.

Samantha Fox started posing aged 16 in 1983, the headline was 'Sam, 16, Quits A-Levels for Ooh-Levels' she became famous for getting her huge baps out and then later as a one hit wonder pop star.
Having a topless 16 year-old girl in a daily newspaper that anyone could buy does seem kinda creepy looking back on it but it was the 80's, being sexist and racist was the norm. Now the age limit for topless pics is 18 ... it only got changed in 2003, well done UK.

 Linsey Dawn McKenzie and the twins. 

There were other 16 year-old gurls and males all across the nation followed the paper as it counted down to a young girl's birthday so she could legally get her tits out. Linsey Dawn McKenzie was one such gurl who ended up on page 3, The Sunday Sport and The Daily Star ... she went on to do porn, bless her heart.

Other Page 3 gurls did some soft porn stuff but minge was usually kept hidden in the daily papers ... for decency sake ya know.

Linda Lusardi was one of the most famous and popular of the page 3 models. It is odd that a chick with her jebs hanging out in a newspaper could be a hoosehold name in the UK. To some they were prized on the kind of level that Princess Di was .
Old Knudsen's parents got the Sun paper and watching them sit and read the articles down the side of a mostly naked woman was just ... surreal.

Quite often they included some information about the model. 'Sizzling Suzy, 19 likes to get some fresh air around her handle bars with a healthy bicycle ride, she also wants to bring back hanging and put unemployed people into work camps.' 

Kathy Lloyd

Kathy Lloyd , Maria Whittaker, Corinne Russell and Keeley Hazell all became famous for having tits. Ginger spice was on page 3 before she got pop fame and other models went on to appear in soaps and reality shows, the most popular ones marrying footballers of course. 

Suzanne Mizzi

If weemen want to get paid for showing their tits then why not, it's to do with choice is it not? Maybe not on a daily newspaper though .
The Sun also had page 7 fellas which didn't feature as much so I guess they were being sexist yet being a driving force for equality .... or not.  

One gurl 'Tula' had been a Bond gurl and then the News of the World (another tabloid rag) outed her as having been born a male.  

Not too many black chicks on page 3 and in the 90's they seemed to become all blondes with small fake boobs or grotesquely altered and tanned hags with too much make up, hoosehold names for being train wreaks. 

To Old Knudsen they stopped being even mildly attractive decades ago. It went from attractive and natural to blah and fake as the media dictated the standards of beauty.

This feature should be done away with as it is only popular with the lower class twats who complain about those Moosalims. At a time when the Interwebs didn't exist for everyone it may have been a novelty but now you can have wall to wall tits and better than what they have.

It's a tired tabloid with right wing conservative views that is still holding on to a part of its golden age of sexism by claiming this is freedom of expression. Get rid of this feature in fact get rid of the paper, it adds nothing to the world but conflict and low standards and is obviously biased gutter journalism. 

Friday, 23 January 2015

Neeson Opens Fire On Gun Violence

When actors go off script you suddenly remember that they are people just like you and me ... well more like you than me cos yer a cunt while I'm fucking gleaming.

Liam Neeson, or Lame to his friends was asked a question in relation to the Charlie Hebdo shootings in Paris. He replied by saying, "There's just too many... guns out there"  yes Lame there are, also too many Pokemon, how is anyone ever expected to catch them all?

"I think the population is like, 320 million? There's over 300 million guns. Privately owned, in America. I think it's a disgrace. Every week now we're picking up a newspaper and seeing, 'Yet another few kids have been killed in schools' then talking about his Taken 3 character "A character like Bryan Mills going out with guns and taking revenge: it's fantasy." 

Well except when people actually do go out with guns to take revenge.

I have no idea why he started ranting on about the US when asked about Charlie Hebdo, from Ballymena ya know so not too bright, maybe high on the drugs. He isn't the first actor to make their millions blowing away bad guys on screen and then complain about gun violence.
Taken 1, 2 and 3, The A-Team, Non-Stop, A walk among the tombstones all have him totting a gun while others like Krull, Excalibur, Gangs of New York, Kingdom of Heaven, Rob Roy, Star Wars and Batman mostly contained hacking, slashing and stabbing violence which is more acceptable to liberal audiences.   

Yes it is a shame when you read about a school shooting, it makes you angry enough to kill the shooter if they are still alive .... of course I'd kill them with a hammer, knife or car as gun violence is wrong.

PARA USA who worked with Neeson on Taken 3 say they regret having worked with him and urge companies to cut ties with the Taken franchise .... I guess their cheque has cleared so they can say whatever they want as I doubt there will be another Taken movie.

Well you just never know. In Die Hard 5 John McClane was reunited with his son who was all grown up, maybe Neeson's character will have a son from a previous marriage who likes to shoot and beat people up like John McClane's son did ..... the family business.    

Never mind how many guns are in the US, just say yer fucking lines and shoot the bad guy, yer 62 it's a bit late to get a real job.
Blame the English, if they hadn't have been such cunts then the Americans wouldn't have written the right to bear arms into a part of their law.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

A Sniper's Lot

 A typical sniper.

The movie American Sniper is out and causing controversy, that's because while it's acceptable to support our troops, we don't like to think of them actually killing anyone. When I say 'we' I obviously mean civvie liberals who have never even been in a fight in their lives or have little practical life experience but will give their opinion based on rainbows and how things should be.

Old Knudsen is unlike those libbies as he likes to think about people dying all the time, sometimes it's the only way to get a happy ending when the strangle porn becomes boring.

Periscopes attached to rifles to shoot over the trenches.  

Sniping comes from the hunting of a small bird called a Snipe by British soldiers in India. The art of concealed, distance shooting against people had a stigma because it just wasn't a gentlemanly thing to do in war. There still is a stigma attached to it by many.

Mostly from fat, hairy faced civvies who think that getting shot in the front is better than the back. There is a reason why the enemy is killed at whatever opportunity and that is because if you leave them to live they will kill you or yer friends.
In war you make sure the enemy was dead or they'd shoot you in the back themselves after you have stepped over them.  

When the musket first came out, war was still 2 armies facing each other, blowing bits off each other, the polite way. Very brave huh? .... very dumb if you ask me.

During the American war of independence that changed, also Muskets then became rifles which added to their accuracy.
The Americans (well technically still British then) were faced with a well trained army that had been fighting all over Europe and they were huntsmen rather than soldiers fighting a guerrilla war. Their tactic was to hide and shoot the ranks, officers first then NCO's etc to cause the most panic.  

At the Battle of Saratoga  sniper Timothy Murphy shot and killed General Simon Fraser of the British army in 1777.
Murphy was a rifleman in Morgan's Kentucky Riflemen, and hit the General at 500 yards using one of the long-barreled Kentucky rifles.

The face of war changed even more during WWI and the Brits were still reluctant to embrace sniping but they needed them. 

Sniping is now a science with complicated math to allow for wind speed, alleviation and movement, you can't just point, pray and shot anymore... Or is that just me?  Even temperature is an issue, a bullet can zip through the air on a hot day but when it's cold the denser colder air adds drag to the round. It can be done with one or two people, a spotter and a shooter. You don't sit at a window with yer muzzle sticking out like in the movies .... unless yer suicidal or have no choice. You never want to give away yer position. 

The spotter identifies targets and confirms the shot, the high caliber rounds can leave a vapour trail and spotters are able to follow the tragedy of the bullet from that. Two pairs of eyes are better than one and the spotter usually has an assault rifle in case things go south as a sniper rifle isn't designed for full on combat.  

Unlike the movies a sniper will take a chest shot, if a 30 cal hits you it will create a big hole and a 50 cal .... well that can stop a truck.

Soviet sniper Roza Shanina.

Snipers are not always just out for a specific target, they are mostly used in support roles, they go into an over watch position which means they have a clear view of the battlefield, from there they take out any enemy that is a danger to their advancing platoon.
Or in a blocking action that helps defend their platoon once they have taken an area.

It's not just people that snipers shoot at, they can also target generators, radios, vehicles, water and fuel supplies .... anything that helps their side.

Targets of opportunity mostly and still just like the revolutionaries they target officers, also lower ranks, drivers, pilots and guards. Reading body language is pretty important, you can tell a grunt from and officer if you pay attention to how they move and if an officer gets saluted by a newbie it's goodnight sir.  

Snipers are usually a small team that can do great damage to a larger force, they can demolish the enemies morale and keep them pinned down and slowed up.

The thing is that soldiers are trained to kill, that is the purpose of their primary training, even cooks are trained to kill, sure not as much as an infantry soldier. You don't join the military to make the world a better place, most join because it's a job.

It's so hot up here but if you fuck it up you'll be feeling even more heat ..... Why are you here? It certainly isn't to keep my morale up.

I watched the movie American sniper just after I wrote this post. The director Clint Eastwood is not the most imaginative of people and is a practical no frills director. Already people are tweeting 'I wanna kill ragheads after watching that' well what can you expect? After watching 300 who didn't want to get naked, oil up and work out with like minded buddies ? .... oh, just me then.

To me it was cliched and dull which is a shame as I bet Kyle was a lot more interesting.

It was a protect god and country  affair that claimed the embassy bombings in Tanzania and Kenya were his motivation to join up but they weren't, and he was 24 not 30 as stated in the movie, even the bounty put on his head by Al Qaeda was exaggerated.

I really doubt that Kyle's spotter lay there without a scope just rolling his eyes and making up shit about how if Kyle shoots the wrong person he'll be arrested and fried .... that doesn't happen. Snipers even take turns using the spotting scope to avoid eye strain but he didn't have a spotting scope.
That spotter would have gotten his ass kicked for not keeping a look out and keeping the Marines on the street safe, why was he even there then?

I would have preferred that the story was kept more realistic but that's Hollywood.     

There is more to snipers than the assassins shown in movies, they are like yer guardian angel on the battlefield and are just as brave as anyone. They just happen to be very good at the job they chose to be in, no shame in that. 


Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The Obama/Disney Agenda

For fear of being called racist WE NEED BREATHING ROOM!! Only kidding, fuck all people of colour be it pink, black, blue or whatever else you've got. Not everyone is as enlightened as Old Knudsen and have fucked up the world because of this. I'll address the issues that others fear to.

Nick Fury, the Director of Shield is white! Turning him black is racist! See how that works? People go on about 'they should use real native Americans to play the part' or 'Those Japanese actors are really Chinese.'
The WWII generation is called the greatest generation, white people fighting white people ... it was awesome!

I don't ever remember any Norse Gods being black either .... why would the white Vikings have a black god? .... it doesn't make sense. 

I'll tell you why white roles are being taken by black actors ....besides the 'token' effect it's Obama's fault! Aye I'm being totally racist just talking about this but in the era of Je Suis Charlie it's ok to be racist. 

Obama and Disney have joined together to push their evil agendas. We all know that Obama is a reptilian from the planet Zarok and well Disney has been evil for years, they own Marvel and can now do as they please. They also own Star Wars, I bet Darth Vader gets a white paint job and Han Solo becomes a brother.

 The cold never bothered me anyway.

Walt Disney has been frozen in a cryogenic chamber while he waits to be restored back to health ... only evil fuckers do that kind of shit. Maybe Obama promised him power from his lizard tech. 

So in Disney Infinity 2.0 you'll see the Obama/Disney conditioning used on our youth. U.N. soldiers wandering the streets of New York like some kind of vision of the future. Yes take all the guns so the Reptilians can take over. 
That isn't the worse of the brain washing that Obama/Disney are doing to our children and older male virgins. 

NYPD officers running around the city with fake guns with orange tips ... how are they supposed to shoot black people, maybe that's the point. 

While GTA teaches yer kids that cops are out to get them and only touch the strippers when the doorman isn't looking ... you know, good ol American values, this Disney game is getting yer kids ready for a future of oppression. You can pick them up and drop kick them into the ocean, but they always come back.

Nick Fury, a well armed black man has a special ability in which he turns invisible to  attack the enemy. Is that what we want, well armed black men who can cloak?  Sure his guns have an orange cap on them but I feel intimidated, where are the police when you need someone gunned doon .... oh that's right, the U.N. have disarmed them, I hope you 'don't militarize the police' Liberals are happy.

Charlie Hebdo is just the excuse we need to spy on our own people and arm everyone as 9/11 was wearing a little thin.
If France arms its people then the UK may also arm them. Sure nations of functioning alcoholics shouldn't really be given firearms but the Muslims are forcing us towards it. When we get rid of Obama in 2016 we need true Americans like Jeb Bush or Ted Nugent to take the helm. 

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

His Only Crime Was Blogging

If you are going to post cartoons of Muhammad, you may get killed by fanatics. If you live in Saudi Arabia and criticize senior religious figures and suggest that the Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic University has become a 'den for terrorists' then you might very well get sentenced to 1,000 lashes, 50 given every Friday for 20 weeks.

Raif Badawi is a Saudi blogger and is in prison receiving a flogging along with 10 years and a heavy fine. Some people (no world leaders) have expressed outrage that he is being punished for merely speaking but it's Saudi fucking Arabia, it isn't civilised so what did he expect?

"As soon as a thinker starts to reveal his ideas, you will find hundreds of fatwas that accused him of being an infidel just because he had the courage to discuss some sacred topics. I’m really worried that Arab thinkers will migrate in search of fresh air and to escape the sword of the religious authorities."

Terad Badawi, holding a picture of his father. 

The bloke wrote about freedom away from brutal (religious) regimes and how secularism respects everyone while religion keeps cuntries (including Saudi Arabia) in the third world. While he doesn't support Israel occupying any Arab cuntries he doesn't want it replaced with a crazy religious state... I thought it was already one.  "States which are based on religion confine their people in the circle of faith and fear." 

He condemned 9/11 and is ashamed that it was his nation which supplied those terrorists and that Saudi wasn't attacked by anyone yet it disrespects the beliefs of others.  

A cleric on the TV  called for astronomers to be punished on the grounds that they encouraged skepticism about sharia law, Badawi had a field day with that. 

"Actually, this venerable preacher has drawn my attention to a truth that had been hidden from me and my dear readers – namely, the existence of the so-called “Sharia astronomer”. What a wonderful appellation! In my humble experience and in the course of my not inconsiderable research into the universe, its origins and the stars, I have never once come across this term. I advise NASA to abandon its telescopes and, instead, turn to our Sharia astronomers, whose keen vision and insight surpass the agency’s obsolete telescopes. Indeed, I advise all other scholars the world over, of whatever discipline, to abandon their studies, laboratories, research centres, places of experimentation, universities, institutes etc. and head at once to the study groups of our magnificent preachers to learn from them all about modern medicine, engineering, chemistry, microbiology, geology, nuclear physics, the science of the atom, marine sciences, the science of explosives, pharmacology, anthropology etc. – alongside astronomy, of course. God bless them! They have shown themselves to be the final authority with the decisive word in everything, which all mankind must accept, submit to and obey without hesitation or discussion."

This is a normal, decent bloke who lives in a fucked up cuntry and he isn't allowed to be heard. All the while the west ignores what Saudi are doing because we're one of their top customers for oil and they are our ally.
Saudi Arabia, inflates oil to $100 a barrel for 10 years and when it drops to $40 a barrel they restrict production, it's well past time to shake these losers off our ass. 

Badawi's second lot of lashings were postponed as his wounds from last week were still raw and open .... ya think? So hungry for blood Saudi beheaded a woman on the streets of Mecca .... their holy city.

Laila Bint Abdul Muttalib Basim, a Burmese woman who lived in Saudi Arabia, was dragged through the streets then held down by four police officers.

She was convicted of the sexual abuse and murder of her seven-year-old step-daughter. It is alleged that she stuck a brush shaft into the child's genitals and beat her to death. A very odd crime for a woman to commit and it's not as if the Saudi judicial system is just, especially where women are concerned.

The woman screamed, “I did not kill!” and “this is unjust!” before the guy in the white dress hacked off her head, taking 3 strikes to do so. Sometimes the person being beheaded gets doped up but it didn't look like they did that here. 

But it's ok cos  at the Charlie Hebdo rally where world leaders linked their arms in solidarity and a photo op, people like the Saudi Ambassador to France turned up to show his nation's stand for freedom of speech.

Pope Francis didn't go because he believes in violence, he was quoted as saying, "If you insult my mother you can expect a punch."  

What he means is that the freedom of expression is a fundamental right but it does not mean that we should insult the beliefs of others .... bollocks sir! Ideas don't need rights, people do. I and anyone else should be allowed to criticize the beliefs of others if they are unjust (Catholicism) and oppress others (Catholicism) and if you choose to take offense because I call you a homophobes misogynist then maybe .... just maybe you are one.

Your mother is not a man created set of crazy ass beliefs, try to keep fact separate from fiction. That right there says a lot. I suppose you support honour killings too and raping women for being in the presence of a man who is not her husband.

Yer mother was a hoor who was so drunk all the time she kept dropping you on yer head and gave you lead paint to lick .... I shall await a time and place for my punch fanny boy. I will have to defend myself with as much force as I deem necessary and I sir, can quote Die Hard movies so watch it. 

Religions and beliefs do not need protection, people who suffer because of them need protection.

Raif Badawi needs protection. Charlie Hebdo and Raif Badawi are the same except the former mostly caused a stir for increased sales but the idea is the same. It may be that it's a man's mouth that often gets his nose broken but that doesn't mean it was fair to do it.

You should only resort to violence to defend yerself and others .... not the sainted memory of their mother or yer hurt feelings but defend their person from harm. Yes Pope, Charlie Hebdo were asking for it but they didn't deserve it and nor does Raif Badawi.