Tuesday, 30 September 2014

ISIS Almost Defeated

ISIS during their 12th July parade in Raqqa.

On Facebook I've see the chicken hawks comment, 'they killed our citizens, we must wipe the IS scum from the face of the earth, bomb the bastards' .... if this was a movie I'd step in and open handedly slap them in the face, calm yerself doon the Arabs are watching!

ISIS or ISIL, as well as Al-Nursa, Al-Qaeda ,Tallyban, Boko Harem, Al-Shabaab and the more local minded Hamas, Fatah and Hezbollah have been on Old Knudsen's shit list for a while, as are all the other flavours of cunt like the Khazali Network, the al-Abbas brigade and all the ones whose have shifted and merged into ISIS or whatever.

However, unless they dress in black as seen above they all kinda look the same.  

 There is usually ISIS cock in this glory hole but not today.

So what about the bombings? The first target was the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa. About 2 weeks previously the ISIS forces moved out or vanished into the population .... I guess they were told about the bombings. Empty buildings and communication towers were destroyed.

Now if ISIS came back to Raqqa they couldn't mock the US on Twitter .... yeeeooohhh!!! fuck yous!

Blowing up random buildings and hoping to hit muzzies isn't very good if they know yer coming. Having Saudi Arabia and Qatar on yer team means there will be leaks since they fund many of the groups, the US CENTCOM where all the decisions are made is located in Doha, Qatar for fucks sake.

Now we are shown reports of a small oil refinery getting destroyed. The Pentagon said the refinery is said to be able to generate up to $2m per day in revenue for ISIS but that doesn't add going by previous information, $2m a day in total for the whole operation as the 9,000 odd barrels they produce makes about one quarter of a million. 

The group is said to be worth $2bn getting money from ransoms, extortion, donations, t-shirt and mug sales and oil. They own around 13 oil fields in Iraq and Syria.

Al-Qaeda at their height only had $30 million. Attacking oil refineries is very important, to cut off their supply of money of course, even though ISIS never started out with oil money.

It seems to me that those nations who charge $101 a barrel of oil wouldn't like any competition so lets destroy these refineries and hey the oil fields too. ISIS selling oil at $25 a barrel is bad for business.

News just in we've killed 1,000 ISIS fighters and two top Al-Qaeda leaders and it's all going well, don't believe the reporters at the scene.  

We've given ISIS what it wants and so their recruitment will soar, this attack isn't intelligent nor is it competent.
We need drone and on the ground intel and only to use the Arabs for less important targets and attacks mounted from air craft carriers and  bases in Turkey and Germany rather than Doha.

The public are not being given the correct information so why should the Arabs? ... oh that's right cos they are in control. 
Reactivate Old Knudsen's military service and put him in charge, I'll blow up the refineries after they make the oil and I'll sell it. I'll put out disinformation that is actually believable and I'd have the war over by Christmas. 

We are at war with ISIS because we need to protect our overseas interests, not because they are evil. Last year Citigroup and the Chase bank opened up branches in Iraq. At a time when both banks have been downsizing, like I said it's all about protecting our interests since there is no real strategy on defeating ISIS.   


Con Air, The Wind Turbine Lie

The biggest con of the century has just been uncovered. For years we've had so-called climate experts scaring us about global warming and how sharks will evolve legs and come after us on land but all of that was a lie .... as is wind power.
How much government money has been given to these wind turbines? What is their secret agenda?

There is no such thing as wind power all the wind turbines in the world are run by electricity. The companies who own the turbines are paid subsidies to not invest in natural power sources but they have to look good for the public and to fool future investors.

The only wind turbines not powered by the grid are the ones in Callyfornia, they are powered by solar power .... except at night for then they are powered by a furnace fueled by the bodies of Hobos.

Obama switching on the wind turbines.

A secret group known as the Spoil the view and kill all birds and bats league are major investors in wind turbines though their reason for doing so isn't known as yet.

Old Knudsen is busy uncovering other plots to fool us such as why does solar power only work during the day since the sun is still up there powering the stars .

Monday, 29 September 2014

Ebola Zombies Walk Amongst Us

 Dead man walking.

Two Ebola victims in Liberia who were taken out for burial had other plans when they rose from the dead. 
Both females in their 40s and 60s from separate communities they are now walking with the living causing fear and panic. 

Ma Kebeh the older woman  had been indoors for two nights without food and medication before her  death, she had expired, she was an ex Ma Kebeh, or so they thought.

You can look to the obvious reasons for this, most Africans are poverty stricken and poorly educated, much like the average GOP voter in the American deep south, they are superstitious inbreeders who believe magical beings ..... and so do the Africans ... HA! see what I did there?  

Like Victorian times the dead were probably still a little bit alive but medical care wasn't that good, like in Greece last week where a woman was thought to be dead but was buried alive, by the time they dug her up she was dead, talk about having a bad day.     

Africans can be kinda dumb when it comes to healthcare, they don't want Ebola patients in their communities so they attack them, a facility in Monrovia was attacked and some patients ran away.
So what did the attackers do? why they stole their bedding and healthcare equipment, a real slick move. 

Red Cross workers in southeastern Guinea were attacked while trying to bury some bodies. C'mon people! and these are the ones who Bono wants to save ... why?  

People are just looking for excuses to attack someone. While there is no cure for Ebola the patients can be cured with just basic healthcare involving rest and fluids. 

Now with zombies in the mix I reckon we're all doomed. 

Khorasan Are So Scary

Osama is back, and this time it's personal ... more personal.

When Old Knudsen was fighting the Nazis during WWII he came in contact with Nazi sub groups such as Hydra, The Eternals, Dragon Tooth and Black Sun. These groups were always said to be even worse than the SS .... oh scary scary. If the SS has no value on human life and will treat others they see as a threat with torture and violence then how can you up that in the cuntish stakes? 

Nazis like everyone else bleed when punched by a fist of righteousness and their gonads will be crushed when struck by the knee of justice and their blood will flow like a river when I stab them with my knife of karmic retribution or shoot them with my bullets of ouchy. 

The thing is that you have to keep the people at home and the soldiers in the field motivated so you can justify invading places, killing civilians and keeping economies going. 

Old Knudsen laughs in the face of danger and smirks behind the back of fear. If it bleeds you can kill it, don't go giving yer enemy power based out of fear. Fear is used like a weapon just as a knife or a gun is. Fear makes you hesitate. 

Lets not go back too far as some of my readers are not as old as I but do you remember when the Russians were the big bad? Aye Churchill was right about them but no one listened. (I get that a lot meself) The Berlin wall was still up and Soviets were the bad guys in all the movies, portrayed as hard, emotionless killing machines made out of steel. In reality they are hard, emotionless killing machines with alcoholism issues and a beer belly. 

Reagan was as good an actor as he was a President.

Back then the Soviets were the ones invading Afghanistan and the West met with the Tallyban to fund and train them to fight the Ruskies. A young Bin Laden was one of the many trained by the "military advisers" that America are famous for sending in when they want to wage war in an unofficial capacity.

  I'm gonna drop some motherfucking beats!

The Tallyban and Al Qaeda were not good guys back then, they just shared a common enemy with the west. Boy did that one come back and bite us.   

Ayman al-Zawahiri as shown above is said to have radicalized Bin Laden in Afghanistan in the late 70's. Interesting fact about al-Zawahiri (Can I call you Al?) he was born with a penis and a set of balls on his forehead, even though this was his only genitalia it was later surgically removed as it was against the will of Allah or something, if you look closely you can still see the scar though don't stare as he is still very self conscious of it.

9/11 was carried out as a protest against US troops being in Saudi Arabia since the Gulf war as infidels close to Mecca isn't acceptable and also for the US support for Israel. Israel as you know is one of the largest recipients of welfare from the US and gets $3 billion each year .... and food stamps which they buy junk food and missiles with.

 Donald Rumsfeld meeting Saddam Hussein in 1983.

The Iranians were also the bad guys and the Iraqis were our best buds. In fact Saddam donated money to the Chaldean Sacred Heart church in Detroit and was  made an honourary citizen of Detroit. Iraqi soldiers even trained at Fort Bragg in North Carolina . America sold many weapons to Iraq including the chemicals used on the Kurds.      

The Iranians are still bad guys but seem a lot less relevant as other more entertaining bad guys have been found.
Hezbollah and their buddies Islamic Jihad killed hundreds of Americans for the Iranians in the 80's in their various bombings that made the IRA look like amateurs.

No not a still from a parody video this is ISIS executioner Shakir Wahiyib otherwise known as the Desert Hamster.

ISIS are soooo scary, they kill people by the roadside, execute prisoners, cut off heads and yammer on about the world being one big Islamic state. ::::yawn::::: Don't all towel heads get on like that? In Syria they are ISIS, in Iraq they are ISIL and when a drone spots them they are a big splodge on the ground. 
 Allan is great .... word.

Puff P diddy widdy daddy (the husband of Kim Kardashian) has more names than ISIS and is far more scary. Al Qaeda used to be scary, you just didn't know where Bin Laden was going to jump out of next, tourists in Belfast refused to hike up to Cave hill in case he was living in one of the caves. When Bin Laden was killed as he sat having a shite and al-Zawahiri took over it just wasn't as good, they lost a load of Twitter followers to Boko Harem at the time.

ISIL was bleh .... fighting in Iraq oh whatever but when they opened a branch in Syria that got brand recognition. Westerners were joining up and posting severed heads on social media, "G'day mate, my 7 year-old son just beheaded an infidel gonna celebrate with a tinny and some shrimps on the barbie." 

Al Qaeda were not feeling the love nor the terror so they threatened to open up a branch in India. The first mission was to hi-jack a Pakistan naval ship and they failed ... awkward.

In Syria Al-Qaeda work with Al-Nursa but now a new group is emerging that is said to be even worse than ISIS ... except they haven't actually done anything but still, be afraid just in time for Halloween.

Khorasan is the name of the group which means land of sunshine ... aw how nice, it's a pity there is nothing else there. It is run by Muhsin al-Fadhli who is a VERY SERIOUS looking person, or maybe he's distracted by a personal itch that he doesn't want to scratch in public.
He was the bum chum to Bin Laden back in the day and even knew about the 9/11 attack before it happened.

Why is everyone shitting themselves about Khorasan? well they work at recruiting westerners to train them to go and attack in their own cuntries and are only in Syria for some bomb making practice and for a laugh.
You can thank Khorasan for the ban on uncharged cell phones and laptops not being allowed onto planes, they are quite good at making bombs it seems.

Al-Fadhli has been nicknamed the facilitator or financier for al Qaeda and works with groups in Iran and Turkey to fund, equip and recruit fighters for Al-Qaeda and has an extensive network of Kuwaiti jihadist donors ... ya know Kuwait, the ally we went to war for during the Gulf war.    

I won't be shitting myself anytime soon, there is always some arsehole to fill the void of the previous one so why worry? In this very shrinking world it's getting harder and harder to hide and eventually they get brought to justice by a US Navy SEAL team and if some nutter tries something in the street there is usually a line of people happy enough to kick their fuck in.

Khorasan or Clearasil or whatever the next big bad is are just as scary as all the other goons, do the people of New York live in fear and never leave the hoose? have the people of London stopped getting buses? have the Spanish stopped traveling by train? ..... away an fuck yer camel ya silly sand savage, until you have a fleet of submarines and wear big boy shoes with laces and yer just little league.  

Funny how these groups suddenly appear isn't it? It's as if someone needs to justify something. Khorasan are probably watching the news and saying, "fuck we're real bad asses, I didn't know we were about to attack the US at any moment." 

Stay tuned as the Department of Homeland Security miraculously stop an attack.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Selfie Sunday

A selfie is when you've just had a shite and noticed that the light in the bathroom makes you look fantastic and thin and so you take a photo of yer self - ie to show the world via an ex who hates you.
Some show a little more than others and many many selfies are taken because you want to capture that certain something.
That certain something like yer newly shaved soul patch.

Don't forget to look pensive or deep in thought as that adds a new dimension to you ... oh look, he comes with a handle.
With friends is good even if they are towel heads. 
Or sad, and alone ... these are my tits, my tits are sullen and lonely, they may cry. 
Or be lonely but sexy ... in yer own mind as nothing says sexy like a toilet. 
Take one while breaking into a house as you never know when some cop might shoot you. I don't judge, those people have their culture so we must respect it.
I like selfies as there is a story to them that we'll never know.
Sometimes it's best just not knowing. 
Some are definitely better than others.
His muscles has to be photoshopped .... the cunt!
 But clean the mirror first.
You just never know who has sat on yer sink.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Sam Pepper Sexual Predator

He can't be a rapist, he likes doggies.

I had not heard of Sam Pepper until a week ago. He had made this YouTube video in which he has an arm of his hoodie in it's pocket and when he asks pretty young weemen for directions on an L.A. street he reaches out fom under his top and feels their arse. 
What did I hear about Pepper a week ago?  Well the guy who made it with him was frantically trying to distance himself from Pepper and the video, it seems that some people do not think it's appropriate to sexually abuse women in the street. 

 Not a pinch but an opened handed fondle.

In the YouTube the women are outraged as they look around to see who grabbed their butt and Pepper says, 'oh I think he just pinched your ass' to fool them and then when he asks for directions to the Apple store again he grabs them once they turn their back on him. 

 Even hot weemen dressed like strippers have boundaries.

One woman repeated how she didn't like it but the thing is they all say it with giggles ... uncomfortable giggles which no doubt encourages him. People are taught to never make a fuss and to not be rude and so when they say, "I don't like that" it's said without anger, not that the perpetrator cares anyway, it usually takes violence or unwanted attention to put most abusers off from harming their victims.   

This woman smiles and giggles but in a 'what the fuck just happened' way rather than oh this is so funny way. Would if be funny if he grabbed their boobs? For some reason weemen are more protective of their boobs and it is less acceptable than a butt grab, the thing is that a butt pinch is still barely acceptable and often gets laughed off.  

Laughing is a nervous coping mechanism, it doesn't mean consent, it means uncertainty. The weemen nervously smile and back away from him but he laughs and smiles and hey it's in public so it must be safe right?   
Not wanting to appear rude can be used very effectively by an abuser that they will do things in public so you don't speak out. People seem to have the damaging fear of what others will think and what if they don't believe me? Maybe because there is a long history of blaming the victim. 

Reaching out for a boob no doubt. 

English DJ Dave Lee Travis got a 3 month suspended prison sentence for groping a woman's breasts in 1995, she says "I was too paralysed with fear to confront my assailant" she has stated that she will not seek any compensation as she was only interested in telling the truth. Travis was cleared of two other sexual assaults that happened in 1990 and 2008. 

An older man was fired from his job when he hugged a customer. Many came to his defense and said it was what he did and he was just being friendly ..... Dave Lee Travis said that he was just a cuddly touchy feely person. Abusers try to trivialize their actions so YOU are just being silly and are over acting. Just because the abuser and many others defend and enable the behaviour that doesn't make it right. 

So polite that you automatically shake hands when one is extended.

Pepper relies on women being caught unawares and not knowing how to react . He says it's consensual but he never asks them beforehand, he may get them to sign a release afterwards but that's like raping someone in the ass then saying, 'text me when you get home to make sure you get there safely' .... which is what one 19 year-old waitress is claiming happened to her with Pepper. 

Victims go through a whole range of emotions which usually end in them feeling guilty about what happened, it's the abuser who should be feeling guilty but they don't care, you aren't even a real person in their eyes, yer a means to an end. 

This is how the likes of Jimmy Savile got away with his hundreds of sexual assaults or how all those pedophile priests got away with stuff. Being famous or being in authority so that you and yer misguided supporters can discredit the victim. 

Even a twat like Pepper has fans, 2,397, 026 subscribe to his YouTube channel. I don't know why as that southern English accent is just sooo grating, he's one of those queer or just English people. As you can see he wears his mammy's jewelry and Harold Lloyd's 1920's hipster glasses. Well I'd like to smack him just for those glasses.  

After the fallout of his grab ass video he posted one that had women grabbing men's butts then he claimed it was a social experiment to highlight abuse against men because when women get abused they have all sorts of outlets but men don't..... well unless you count RAINN in the US or Mankind in the UK or Survivors UK who have been around for over 20 years, apart from those and all the ones I didn't mention there is no help for male victims of abuse, those fucking bitches who were asking for it anyway get everything! 

Trying to appear the victim? ..... classic abuser tactic!

Do I believe Sam Pepper and his videos that talk about how his male friend was abused in a relationship and how one time some women grabbed Pepper's little skinny white boy ass and he didn't like it, he felt violated? .... cue meaningful guitar music, no seriously he had guitar music start as soon as he started with the sob story part of his videos. 

No, I don't believe him. 

Old Knudsen is a good judge of character and very often will dislike a person right away without any logical reason to do so and later they give him plenty of reasons to have that initial reaction ... like how a dog detects the bad uns. When I ignore my gut instinct that's when I usually end up having an argument on Facebook and unfriending the fuckers. 

Thank you for validating my ability you dickheads. 

Pepper envokes my dislike response, I would not be surprised if he pinned a lass doon and wanked over her without her consent as I have heard or that more and more gurls are coming forward with tales of sexual abuse. 
One YouTuber named Laci Green  did a Sam Pepper exposed video. She is a sensible lass, not always right but more right than most. Since many sexual assaults are he said/she said I'd believe what Laci and the gurls who trust her enough to come forward have to say. 

Pepper's friends and many fans have deserted him because it just isn't cool to sexually assault women in the street under the guise of a prank and then to pretend it was a social experiment. You can say 'oh it was just a grope' then you can move on to say 'oh it was just rape' and before you know it you sound like an Indian politician saying 'boys will be boys' as raped gurls commit suicide out of the shame they are forced to endure.

Pepper is 25 year-old, he should know the rules. You don't trivialize sexual assault with a YouTube video. I saw how those woman reacted and they may have signed a release under peer pressure but what you don't see is the many women who refused to sign one and who nearly called the cops. Pepper later claimed it was all staged and scripted, the only thing staged and scripted was his insincere cover story.    

Friday, 26 September 2014

Impeach Obama For The Latte Salute!

President Obama stepped doon from his helicopter only to be met by what looks like two lads from some Loyalist flute band and he returned their salute while still holding his coffee HAVE THAT BASTARD SHOT AT DAWN STAT!

That move has been branded the Latte salute and has outraged at least a small group of Obama haters.

Lt Col Oliver North whose catchphrase in the 80's was 'I have no recollection of that' when asked about how the Reagan administration were funding rebels and drug dealers in Nicaragua from weapons they sold to Iran, he went onto his main employer Fox news to tell them what he thought about Obama's salute.

"HERE'S THE REAL PROBLEM" .... sorry about that it's just that North tends to type in caps on Facebook all the time like a crazy person does. I tell him but he has no recollection of where the caps lock button is. "He doesn’t give a damn. The reality of it is any president, any commander-in-chief, even Lyndon Johnson would find out from his military aides what the proper pronunciation of things is. This is a president who can go out on a golf course and high-five people minutes after he has been on the phone with a correspondent’s parents who is dead. I mean this is the kind of person who truly does not get it."

What the proper pronunciation of things is ... well said that man.

 He sold illegal arms to Iran then paid off terrorists to release hostages then hid behind the 5th amendment all under orders from Ronald Reagan. 

The Colonel who it has been said can take a grain of truth and build a story up around it then said,"It’s not just a matter of optics, it’s a matter of caring – and he doesn’t."

 Unlike G W who did care. 

"THE BLOOD SACRIFICE" .... The caps lock for fucks sake! "That’s been made by the American people, and soldiers, sailors, airmen, guardsmen and marines all over Iraq is never gonna be complete because of what this president did."

Um he played golf during his vacation and saluted while holding a coffee cup ... North, yer a fucking drama queen. At least he didn't sell illegal weapons to Iran. 

Yer loyalty to the Bush family is without question, especially the way you conveniently forget that Iraq and Afghanistan are GW's and his Da's fault. Bush jnr fucked up big time by attacking and invading cuntries that didn't attack the US nor were a threat to it. How many died in his un-winnable wars of terror that are still going on today? 

  What? .... needs more sugar.

Obama is the commander in chief which means he can do whatever he fucking well wants to, besides which he's a full blooded civvie and so has that excuse, unlike Bush who served somewhat.

Saluting only started because of Reagan and that was probably cos he didn't know where the fuck he was most of the time and probably thought he was still in a war movie .... Reagan served during WWII alright, I suppose making training movies safe and sound States side is a form of service. 

Oliver North is the last person to be talking about disrespect, yer on Fox, respect isn't a thing they are known for. If this is the best ammo against the president they hate then they are worse losers than I took them to be, it's just a storm in a coffee cup. 
Thank you to the men and weemen for serving that the president has the freedom of saluting while holding a cup and that mouthpieces can criticize him without getting imprisoned.

Even if he is the preez, do you think any military personnel value a salute from a civvie? The answer is fuck no.   

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Ancient Black Ops

The Yesterday channel which is the UK version of the History channel pisses me off, maybe it's the slogan "Entertainment inspired by history" that does it, not sure. I've seen them advertising Ancient black ops which they say is a look as forces of old who were the equivalent of modern special forces.

Having served with special farces and being old I think I should have been at least a consultant for this show as I'm broke but ohhhh no.

Sure Persian assassins, even Japanese Ninjas could have been special forces but not the Vikings.

  Special forces do not have rape in their eyes. 

Being crazy, brutal and unpredictable does in no way make you black ops. They show clips of these black ops warriors and ya know what they are doing? Killing unarmed monks, that's what. 

The Vikings were more like US Marines who are good but not that special. Black ops are mostly done in secret, the monks and unarmed villagers being clueless does not make Viking attacks a secret. 
Look, a big fucking boat full of screaming bikers with axes ..... how fucking covert.  

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Fat Soldiers

The US Army is too fat .... just look at this lard ass.

The US military is too fat to fight, the main offenders being in the army. It used to be that you could go into the military being a soft civilian and they would whip you into shape but now it's different. They might not even accept you if yer too unfit or if you can't reed or rite proper .... WTF? 19% of US troops have been found to be obese.

 A smug Marine mocking an army fatty.

When Old Knudsen joined his majesties military he was a skinny thing who was told to put on some weight ... make up yer fucking minds! Being the perfect soldier Old Knudsen continues to follow that order even today until otherwise directed by a superior .... Old Knudsen finding someone superior, just my wee joke. 

It isn't just the Americans who are fat, the South Africans too and even the British army have had 22,000 troops over the last 3 years that are over weight. The British have booted out 50 soldiers in the past decade the main offenders who fail the BTA or Battle fitness test have been the Royal Regiment of Scotland next worse is the Royal Highland Fusiliers and then the Black Watch... too many deep fried Mars bars and drinking sessions. 

 Getting a medal for losing 20 LBS.

Hold on a minute, you can't say this sort of shite. Fat people or to use the medical term lard arses get picked on by the media and the public more than say alcoholics, smokers and famous people who are sex offenders.  
Fatties are seen to be lazy or greedy with no self control. It's rich reading an article by a woman condemning fat people and that woman has always been skinny ... oh I had a slight belly roll after Christmas so who am I to talk? of course she had a shite and got rid of it. 

She said that protecting the feelings of fat people by calling them obese doesn't help them lose weight and so we shouldn't thread lightly with their feelings.  

A study was done showing that fat people also get worse customer service (especially in restaurants) than less fat people. 

Pointing out that people are fat doesn't help, hey was yer passport picture taken by a satellite ? Fat people can get rather touchy about their weight and why do you think that is? .... well because they are not happy with it either. So sorry you have to look at me like this as yer opinion really matters ... NOT! ach just fuck aff.

I read comments where people see a pic like this and complain she's fat ????? Some people are just too ghey and dumb for words.

I've been compiling a list of people you can't mock so I can be a nicer person, not just the obvious sick children or dead loved ones but you have low income black people who riot, Palestinians, disabled people in wheelchairs, Jews, retards, famous dead icons, those with depression and fat folk, sure gheys are on it too but how can you be so camp and not expect a harsh mocking?

Ok the list is really for soft targets (pardon the pun fat folk) my Ma has Alzheimer's and I'm pretty sure I've made fun of that or did I? who are you people anyway? Me Da is dead cos his heart was 3 sizes too small and me granddad got the throat cancer from smoking the cock too much .... or maybe it was cigarettes so shove yer misery upmanship  as I don't play that. Old Knudsen laughs in the face of misery and if you don't find humour in misery then yer um miserable I suppose.  

Drunks and junkies get a free pass by twats who say 'it's an illness' in that case then so is obesity. 
No it isn't an illness, it's a choice. It is however an indication that there is some other problem though and of course some of it is genetics. Some people will never be a smug skinny person who complains about not being able to put on weight or those who say, "I didn't know I was pregnant until I had the baby." 

No one forces to to drink, do drugs or eat 20 big fat tacos, you do that yerself but why do you need to? 
Low self esteem, you've been told yer worthless so many times that you believe it so what does it matter?
Unhappy with yer present life and see no way to change it ..... sure there are ways but you think you'll fail and it's easier to wallow in self pity and fuck all those around you, why should they be happy?

You just can feel motivated enough to start or to stick with dieting or exercise or even just changing some of yer negative habits it so why bother?

One harsh reality is that 'If you really want to change yerself then you will do it' Old Knudsen wants to be buff like a male ghey porn star and as well read as Jean Luc Picard .... but not enough to actually do it I suppose.

Most of these quick but harmful fixes like drugs, drink and food are instant gratification habits but because you keep doing them they will turn on you and fuck you up even more. It's as if God has a thing about people being happy.

Excessive drink, drugs and food will bring on physically health problems that someone yer age wouldn't normally have but it's the depression and fear that will own you, that is usually the motivation that drives these addictive habits, you also become addicted to thinking in these ways.

If you eat you'll feel better but that puts on weight so you hate what you see and so eat to feel better but that puts on weight so you etc etc etc. Feeding the loop while feeding yer face and then of course there are excuses, too fat to go to the gym cos yer too self conscious and have nothing that fits you anyways.

Some people with jobs that take up a lot of their time or that aren't at regular hours have to also battle the fast and easy junk food demon that give you the extra sugar you need so you can survive and poor sleep will also get you to eat more shit food but seriously folks, getting fat in the military?

 A not so smug US Marine.

Soldiers are still usually fitter than most civilians but they have to be fit enough to be able to die for their cuntry. The military is changing so why are they still hung up on getting out of breath every time you do a 10 mile forced march and shoot with full packs on? Why do they have to make everything so difficult?

Packs are too heavy anyways and climbing up into the back of army trucks is silly, just add on some ramps or steps for fucks sake. It's the 21st century so why run or march anywhere? Where are our flying cars and jetpacks?

Old Knudsen is only overweight because muscle weighs more than fat but if he has to go into battle he'd want a load of fatsos in front of him to catch all the bullets.