Thursday, 11 December 2014

Poor People Can't Cook Won't Cook

Nice wine glass collection.

Baroness Anne Jenkin who is on the House of Lords' Refreshment Committee that spends thousands of pounds on Champagne has come out and said that poor people in Britain are going hungry because they "don't know how to cook."

"We have lost a lot of our cooking skills, and poor people don’t know how to cook,"  she said at the launch of the feeding Britain report.

"I had a large bowl of porridge today. It cost 4p. A large bowl of sugary cereal will cost 25p." When Old Knudsen was fighting the English at Culloden, all we had were a few handfuls of oats to keep up of strength and we were grateful .... of course we did lose. 

There is always some wealthy or entitled cunt ready to tell the poor people what their problem is. The Baroness who claims £300 every day she attends the House of Lords and clocks in (even for a few minutes) is married to MP Bernard Jenkin, who, in 2009, was claiming £50,000 on his expenses to rent his sister-in-law's farmhouse so she knows all about being poor. 
Jesus will open up a can of nutrition on you.

Justin Welby the Archbishop of Canterbury is calling for government run food banks because he is shocked that people from the 1st world have to rely on food handouts in order to survive. 

This is while cunts like Jenkin has her oats and other MP's say that food banks are used by people who have made poor decisions in life or are addicted to free shit. 

Old Knudsen has been poor enough to have to use food banks in the past, he didn't use it for the great food or because he couldn't be arsed buying it, he used it because like all the others that use them they don't have a choice though the out of date muffins were nice. 

In the US, military families often have to go to food banks thanks to a lack of a living wage. Food banks exist because people need them not because people want them. People who work are also collecting foodstamps, the world is a shit hole in which working hard or serving yer cuntry does not guarantee a good standard of living. 

You get cans, rice and pasta from food banks so cooking is involved but many people don't have the tools or the place to cook in and storing cooked food is also an issue considering the tiny fridges they sell in the UK.

We don't need out of touch rich cunts telling us how to survive. Getting  £300 (which is 2 weeks wages for some) for 40 minutes of standing around excludes you from commenting on the poor .... now back to the kitchen woman and make me a 4p sandwich!    

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