Monday, 22 December 2014

Person Of Interest 2014

Again with the top 10 people who made it onto the shortlist for Old Bitter Balls Person of Interest 2014. 
At number 10. Dr John Kincaid a former Navy SEAL who won the Medal of Honor for single handedly fighting off 100 Tallyban fighters who attacked an orphanage in Afghanistan. He paused his research looking for a cure for cancer to go save the people dying of Ebola in west Africa .... not good enough Doc, maybe next year.  

9. Bill Cosby sneaked in while you were passed out for the number 9 spot. This great entertainer and American icon who does not take no or being awake for an answer has to juggle a career and accusations of rape .... Don't worry, he'll never do any jail time as that would be racist.

8. U.S. police, you get the odd one that uses an illegal choke hold or shoots an unarmed person but no matter what the media would have you believe they do deliver us from evil.... Those stories just don't make the news. The police are the most obese workers in the US, I bet you heard that one but did you hear about the 16th annual “Shop With a Cop” event in Bolingbrook, Chicago or the annual Cop and Kids holiday shopping spree by the Virginia Beach Sheriff's department or the many others?


7. Vladimir Putin for invading Ukraine after Russia had promised to protect it if they gave up their nukes, nicely played sir. It's a pity yer economy is going doon the shiter .... karma baby. 

6. Pope Francis for making the world think he was different to all the other papal cunts. One minute he says who am I to judge? then condemns gheys the next he says we should tolerate them though they are damned and it takes a man and a woman to raise a child properly. The Pope certainly did not say that animals go to Heaven, the media want to believe he said it but no, he didn't. He did say that there should be a better redistribution of wealth in order to help the poor ..... then the Vatican found out they had even more money than they had thought they did and went quiet on the whole redistribution thing.  

5. ISIS, ISIL for being the number one brand for terrorists, you are the people that Al-Qaeda fears and that Boko Harem want to be. Who would have thought that cutting off heads would go viral ... genius. You are the Boogeyman for millions of westerners. If Old Knudsen ever meets you on the field of battle you shall be destroyed.

4.  Bill Nye the science guy gets to number 4 for defending the theory of evolution during a debate with the evil Ken Ham. "If we raise a generation of students who don't believe in the process of science, who think everything that we've come to know about nature and the universe can be dismissed by a few sentences translated into English from some ancient text, you're not going to continue to innovate." Look at Flu shots, evolution is a fact bitches.


3. The CIA for taking the Gestapo handbook on torture and bringing it to the 21st century. This year the world read just how useless the spooks are at getting information under duress.

2. Kim Jong un a former OBB Person of Interest is at number 2 for bringing Sony to it's knees by knowing some North Korea friendly hackers. He has shown the world that no one laughs at him and gets away with it.  

 But there can be only one Kim.

Kim Kardashian has beaten Kim Jong un by an arse hair and is the OBB person of the year 2014 and here is why.

Her tireless charity work in Ebola, Africa with all those poor dying children.

You can't save the world Kim. She worked for minutes over a hot dish serving slop to the children of Ebola until the photographers got enough pictures.... She puts the cum in cumpassion. 

As the US Middle East envoy for peace she touched the world by announcing, "Today in my heart I am a Philistine, we must rebuild their west bank or these people can't go to the ATM , I can only imagine the horror." 

Her loving husband the talented and most humble Kayne West by her side as well as their sprog North by North West is there nothing this gurl can't or won't do in front of the camera? No more music videos please, that was just terrible.

She can even get pictures taken of her while she takes a selfie, her talent knows no bounds. 

There maybe many fat arsed, shallow, narcissistic bints in the world but only one Kim .... until the next one of course.  

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