Thursday, 18 December 2014

Kim Breaks Sony

Sony (a Japanese cuntry within range of North Korea's limp ass rockets) has cancelled the release of the movie The Interview. It stars James Franco and Seth Rogen who plot to kill Kim Jong-un in their comedy movie.
Kim Jong-un is famous for not having a sense of humour and taking himself too seriously, I mean just look at that hair cut, that is one serious hair do.  

Some hackers called The Guardians of peace have threatened to carry out an attack bigger than 9/11 if the movie comes out. Doesn't that seem like some stupid North Korean thing to do? Hitler was also a man of peace and would kill anyone that said otherwise.

The hackers have already released various damaging e-mails from Sony including employee social security numbers and salary details. I wonder what else they have or what Sony thinks they have that has put the frighteners on them.

 I keep in shape so I can eat what I like .... not sure what shape it is that I am though.

Kim Jong-un probably didn't like the Team America movie which featured his father as a Bond type villain and has suggested some form of reprisal if this new movie was made. You mean North Korea actually did something that worked even if it was just hacking?  No, not really .... North Korea have denied involvement in the attack, but has described it as a "righteous deed" that may have been carried out by its "supporters and sympathisers".

 He was also on the brink of invading the UK because of this poster in a hair salon.  

I understand how nervous Japan gets every time North Korea test their rockets, also with a successful hack into Sony they may very well fear being the reason for a terrorist attack. 

Sony's profits are down 5% which isn't much to them but it isn't over yet, there has been a lot of information taken from them . Many people have come out to say that Sony not showing the movie is giving in to terrorists which is not cool. What's next, giving into Internet Trolls? 

This story has definitely moved the spotlight away from CIA torture and the many deaths caused by the Tallyban and ginger ex-husbands and has the power to unite people for once against the bullies of the world which is what these hackers are. These hackers are attacking the freedom of speech as well as attacking art, if you can believe that. Why couldn't they have prevented the terrible After Earth or Monuments Men from being released? .... Because these hackers are the bad guys.

It's just a comedy movie, it's not a god bothering one that insults Muhammad or anything .... I bet Muhammad had a really serious hair cut too, he sounds like a douche-bag too. 

We can't let the terrorists or the hackers win and besides if anyone needs a harsh mocking it's Kim Jong-un the only fat person in North Korea. 

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