Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Briton Of The Year

Nigel Farage, the so-called man of the people was out on Boxing day to support The Old Surrey, Burstow and West Kent Hunt. 

No it's not an elitist thing full of landowners and gentry folk on horses tooting horns and saying,"tally ho" with a pack of dogs intent on ripping a fox to pieces.  

Oh no I'm wrong, seems it is elitist. Here is Nigel shaking hands with Mark Bycroft who assaulted a hunt protester in an unprovoked attack in 2013 .... Man of the people indeed, those people would be white, British and male.  
Now hunting is fine if yer no where near a Tesco and have to eat, other than that yer just a cunt who enjoys killing things while pretending to be all macho .... even though the prey doesn't have a 50 cal rifle or 20 hounds.  

The Times newspaper made Nigel the Briton of the year. I think it was his defense of a colleague using the term chinky that clenched it. Very noble rushing to his defense just like how he defends all the others in his party that cum out with offensive remarks or songs.

Not to be confused with Time magazine's person of the year who gave the accolade to people going over to fight the Ebola epidemic. Oh no, we get Nigel Farage. Is this chinless wonder our best and brightest? 
Alex Salmond the former first minister of Scotland maybe a rabid nationalist but he is a far better politician than Farage and has probably given David Cameron an ulcer over the Scottish vote ... he would however tell you to fuck off if you named him Briton of the year.  

Russel Brand spouts off half cocked and has a YouTube channel. He may be a bit naive for the real world and bloody annoying with that accent but he's helping out with good of the people causes and issues. Yeah he's rich now but do you see Geldof or Bono helping out causes on their own doorstep? He could be trendy and only help the starving Africans but no, he's helping the poor Brits so good for him .... though he is still a wanker.  

19-year-old Stephen Sutton had terminal cancer but managed to raise £5 million for charity before he died. When he had the strength he'd smile for the camera and give the thumbs up to those helping him achieve his dream of raising £ 1 million.

Or 5 year-old Oscar Knox who lost his battle to neuroblastoma, a rare and aggressive childhood cancer. He brought people in Northern Ireland that little bit closer through an amazing wave of compassion for Wee Oscar. 

Or the British aid workers who were executed by ISIS, the doctor who survived Ebola only to go back and use his "maybe" immune from it status to cure the sick, there are plenty of more worthy Brits than Nigel Farage to be called Briton of the year. 

What about One fucking Direction, they sang on the Band Aid rehashed charity single. Lame from One Direction should get it for cuteness alone ... oh sorry it's Liam. 
Dr. Matt Taylor the Rosetta space craft scientist or that guy with the hideous sexist shirt should get it cos all the angry man hating feminists gave him shit for it and it made him cry. He wore it as a favour for his 'female' friend who made it.
Who does Rory McIlroy have to beat at golf or just beat up to get recognition?  It seems that weemen did fuck all as usual otherwise they would be in my list, maybe Nigel had them in the kitchen where they belong. 
When asked by the taxi driver, 'where to mate?' he replied, '1957 and step on it'

Despite the Editor and writers of the Times claiming it's because Farage has been influential in British politics for bad, depressing reasons and that he is a xenophobe, Farage has taken it as an award and so will many others.
Are the Times just feeding a media monster that sells papers? They have to be aware of the power they have.  Farage is a big seller because he is a train wreck waiting to happen but may very well Forrest Gump his way to power like George W Bush did for 8 long years. Those years were very entertaining of course even though they destroyed the stability of a lot of the world and the reputation of the US but those pictures where he looks like a monkey .... fucking hilarious. Not so funny when North Korea calls Obama a monkey though, work on yer humour lil Kim as it's mildly racist ya slitty eyed fat cunt.   

Old Knudsen is not surprised that a racist, sexist, out of touch alcoholic xenophobe made it to being the Briton of the year, that does go to describe most of the Englishmen I've met, maybe that is what other Sassenachs aspire to be and look up to.

Well good luck with that.   

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