Friday, 7 November 2014

The Vatican Needs To Shut It

 Wanna go to my place and get stoned?

People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones .... Jesus being magical an shit foresaw the invention of safety glass so he did away with the whole hoose scenario and said let he who is without sin, cast the first stone. If Monsignor Ignacio Carrasco de Paula the head of the Pope's Academy for Life been there he'd be bending over to pick up a big rock.

Brittany Maynard was the 29 year-old lass with terminal brain cancer who choose to end her life on the 1st November with dignity and on her terms surrounded by her loved ones. May she be at peace.

The Monsignor thought his opinion was needed in this matter.

"This woman took her own life thinking she would die with dignity, but this is the error. Suicide is not a good thing, it is a bad thing because it is saying no to life and to everything it means with respect to our mission in the world and towards those around us."

I'm not judging here but I believe the Monsignor is a slap headed fucktard.

He called her suicide "an absurdity."

To back pedal a little he said that he was not judging individuals “but the gesture in and of itself should be condemned” .... no, I'm pretty sure yer judging the individuals here. 

I get it, his job is to think and think and think about procreation and things like that all day, bound to make you nuts especially if you shouldn't be doing it. When he gets rid of the one in the chamber so he can think straight he has to swallow it so it's not wasted. 

He also forms the church's teachings on euthanasia, abortion and IVF and is responsible for the church's response to all that sexual abuse that the Pope says that 2% of priests get up to .... oh the response of silence then victim blaming? Doing a great job there.

So interested in what people are doing with their private parts ... unless it's priests then they don't want to know. Does it make sense that so many people (some of them educated) think it's a good idea to have celibate men dictate what you can or cannot do with yer sex life? It isn't a matter of faith, this is a cult with more blood on their designer slippers than the Mafia have ever done.  

Different Pope, same old shit don't kid yerself.

Well Brittany Maynard wasn't Catholic so lets us all raise our flipping off finger and gesture towards Rome and say a big collective FUCK YOU!!!!

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