Friday, 28 November 2014

The Pope Is Just Like Jesus

The Pope didn't just pop up from out of nowhere and starting being humble, just like any big company the PR machine has it's reasons. I recently saw a meme on Facebook that compared Pope Francis to Jesus as the Pope loves everyone and is so understanding .... what? when did that happen?

When the Pope worked in Argentina during Argentina's brutal military dictatorship he was strangely quiet, in fact all the Catholic church was which led to a public apology in 2000. During  the time of El Silencio Francis was Provincial Superior, 30,000 people disappeared during the military dictatorship.

In 2010 he led the war of God against the government to try to prevent same sex marriage which he said was the destruction of the family unit and God's plan.

Francis while archbishop of Buenos Aires was also quiet about sexual abuse. No documents, no names of accused priests, no tallies of accused priests, no policy for handling abuse, not even an apology to victims, and there were plenty of victims.

Does this sound like a nice man? Does this sound like Jesus?

This is how people want to see the Pope, smiling and friendly looking. Sure John Paul II covered up world wide pedophilia and shamed the victims into silence but look at that smile ... holy as fuck.

When the reputation of the Catholic church became so tarnished that even the strict Catholics in Ireland said, 'hold on this isn't cool' the Vatican brought in a patsy.

Pope Benedict was made Pope for all those years of service but also because the church was going through some bad shit and needed a temporary fix. Evil looking ex-Nazi Pope, not overly popular during a time of unpopularity for the Vatican but that was ok .....  all part of the plan.

When things settled they brought in the real Pope, after Benedict the nun's gunties gushed with holy arousal. He smiles, he pretends to be humble and that is all most people need in order to believe, fuck facts and anything he did or didn't do in the past.

Archbishop Francis went from, "The identity and survival of the family is at risk: father, mother and children. At risk are so many children who will be discriminated against by taking away from them the process of growing up that God gave to us with a father and a mother."  

To becoming Pope and saying, "Who am I to judge Gay people."  

Back to what his real stance is,  "Children have the right to grow up in a family with a father and mother capable of creating a suitable environment for the child's development and emotional maturity. Today marriage and the family are in crisis."

  So fuck? No one is going to believe you.

This week he isn't going on about how maybe gheys have special gifts to give to society and so maybe should be tolerated a little, now it's back to "Complementarity between man and woman in marriage” men and women have different but complementary roles that they say are essential to building a strong family.
Fags (what he calls gheys in private) just aren't moral enough and aren't even real people so how can they raise children? .... Single mothers should also feel the shame, sure yer hubby may beat you now and again and shagged all round him but yer children need him to grow strong. 

Sure yer mother was a crack hoor but it could be worse, at least she was straight. 

In a church where murder and sex abuse can be forgiven but divorce can get you made into an outcast, I wonder how anyone could be stupid enough to believe in all this shit. 

If this is what God really thinks:  A priest's daughter who loses her honor by committing fornication and thereby dishonors her father also, shall be burned to death. Leviticus 21:9

Then God is a total dick.

Is Pope Francis like Jesus? Well Jesus supported what the Prophets got up to in the Old Testament and all the cruel laws, he himself said that entire cities will be violently destroyed and the inhabitants "thrust down to hell" for not "receiving" his disciples and that most people would burn in Hell.

Aye, they are all dicks. 

I suppose he is like him then. According to Ephesians we are all predestined by God so does it really matter what we say or do? ..... as long as the Pope looks the part then the masses will be happy and overlook what he is actually saying.

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