Sunday, 23 November 2014

The Plague Infested Lemurs Of Madagascar

You may have thought that with Old Knudsen changing his medication that he gave up his fight against the oncoming lemur invasion. He has merely been laying low but still contacting the relevant authorities on their evil lemur activities.

On the lemurian homeland of  Madagascar the furry wee fuckers have been busy working on biological agents to rid the planet of this human infestation .... their words, not mine.

In the secret labs in the city of Antananarivo, lemur/human hybrids work under the supervision of one of the Overlords to find new and exciting strains of disease in which to infect humans with.

Fruit bats infected with Ebola were released from here at the end of last year with orders to infect the local food chain known as bush meat .... we'd call them monkeys. Lemurs despise monkeys in much of the way an English person would hate an Irish person and so do not care about monkey deaths or using them as Ebola fodder.

Mouth watering, don't you just want to stick a pin in that?

The lemurs have broken out an oldie but goodie. Forty people have died so far from bubonic plague in Madagascar with at least 80 others infected. Plague maybe a classic but compared to Ebola it's just a sniffle. It is thought that many modern Europeans whose ancestors survived the plague back in ye olden times may have a natural immunity for it today.

Old Knudsen catches many a plague or crotch rot just so future generations may be rewarded. Nothing to do with me sex addiction, I'm being altruistic .... yer welcome. 

Look at how those bulging eyes burn into yer soul judging you with their scorn.

If diagnosed early, bubonic plague can be treated with antibiotics but how long will it be before they create an antibiotic resistant strain? The level of rats in Madagascar combined with the high population density of the cities make the perfect storm for a flea infested rat epidemic to occur. The pneumonic form of the disease is the most dangerous one with 2% of the cases having it, that means it can be spread via cough. 

The rat infested prisons are a major worry for the World Health Organisation, the prisoners don't like it much either.  

Lemurs have infiltrated all levels of society, even the lowest.

The lemurs do indeed have a rat breeding program going on along with their fruit bat and bird programs. Lemurs are the real danger not Al Qaeda,  Al-Shabab, Boko Harem or ISIS and are at the moment planning to carry out attacks on US soil and probably other surfaces such as asphalt and concrete. 
Are all yer US drones tied up in Afghanistan or can ya spare a few for Madagascar? 

US troops are hoping to be doon to 9,800 by the end of this year in Ganners and were to be only used to advise and train, now they'll be allowed to fight again so not really getting withdrawn from there, yes Obama is a lemur.   

Some may say that Old Knudsen is insane and he'll say WHO THE HELL GAVE YOU A FUCKING PH FUCKING D IN PSYCHOLOGY? Or he may just brand you an agent for disinformation. 

Willie Frazer has never responded to Old Knudsen's accusations of being a lemur hybrid.

Not to sound paranoid but lemurs are everywhere and are always watching us. Do you know someone of limited mental capacity who seems just a tad creepy? probably a lemur hybrid. Sometimes they  slip up and forget to use the membrane that makes their eyes look human and then there is the smell, like cat pee and pine. They cover it up with lots and lots of perfume or deodorant.

Those smelly old people in yer way in the grocery store .... lemur/hybrids, it makes their day if they piss off a human, it's what they were made to do.

They play a dangerous game of provoking, inciting and instigating events that can only be described as farcical. Their limited IQ means that they have no higher reasoning abilities and see things in black and white ..... it's their fault, I'm innocent, it's not fair!  

Ever just see someone and think, if there is a god then why the fuck would he waste the gift of life on a total wank stain like that?   

Lemurs are out there, lemurs are real and lemurs know where you sleep at night.

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