Sunday, 9 November 2014

Poppy Fascists

To be be fair it was your lot that started it so wear a fucking poppy!

Every year without fail we have the old, 'I refuse to wear a poppy' or 'my place of work told me to remove mine' .... you don't care about the war dead any other time so why now? Stop being an attention seeking cunt.

The poppy was used as a symbol of respect by an American woman who was moved by the poem In Flanders Fields written by a Canadian. The Royal British Legion sell poppies and other products to help soldiers who need emotional and financial support and for their dependents.  While the RBL are not political and have refused to become so their cause and campaign is often hi-jacked by Neo-Nazi organizations such as the BNP and Britain First and in Northern Ireland it is seen as a predominantly Protestant symbol because it's about soldiers.

I do get tired pointing out how both Protestants and Catholics have died in all the wars and if their religion bothers you then that is yer problem. They answered the call for service which is more than those who complain about poppies have ever done.  

James McClean who is some soccer player in an English team was the only one of the players to refuse to wear a poppy. He comes from Londonderry/Derry/DerryLondonDerry/Rape City and doesn't like the fact that it pays respect to all soldiers who died in conflict. 

He says he has respect the WWI and WWII war dead but after that he has a problem. I guess then after that he doesn't respect them. Another fuck you to the brave Irishmen of the Royal Ulster Rifles who fought in Korea. McClean blamed Bloody Sunday for how he felt even though he wasn't even born then and that hating British soldiers is a part of who we are, 'ingrained' was the word he used.
Ach like he has a clue, who cares what a football player thinks anyway? Just do yer job and kick the fucking ball, going by how much you get paid compared to a soldier it's socially acceptable to shit on soldiers anyway.  
So because we've always done it and have always felt this way then that is a good excuse, fuck off you dick! 
It's tradition for the Orange Order to walk certain routes which are now Catholic areas, does that mean they should keep doing it? What about slavery or weemen voting? If it was up to wankers like this then nothing would change for the better. 

It's sad that so many people actually think this way ... not too deep are ya?  

McClean had gotten quite a bit of support for deifying the poppy fascists but this cunt is just as bad since he wears the peace lily badge, you usually see that being worn by IRA assholes shooting over coffins. 

Different symbols, same mindset and same excuses. 

Yes organizations do try to hi-jack symbols, patriotism and pride to use as a weapon or a tool of intimidation. I can no longer look at my Union flag without thinking about the idiot fleggers, especially now as I see the rotting remnants of the flags they claim to love left up to rot on lamp posts, these people have no pride. 

On the TV politicians had better wear a poppy or the public will want to know why. TV presenter Jon Snow has coined the term Poppy Fascism to describe the backlash when you aren't wearing one. This is very real, 'what will people think?' says the old woman handing out poppies when you don't want one you just want to put in some money. 

Old Knudsen being more enlightened than some ball kicker will not be thinking of all the trendy atrocities carried out during times of war or conflict that only affected things locally, instead he'll be thinking about all of those who were brave enough to leave the trenches and go towards the enemy, he'll be thinking about those who served with bravery and honour, whether they survived it or not, he'll be thinking of the civilians caught up in the fighting when all they wanted was to live in peace and he'll be thinking of the family, spouses and children who were told that their loved one will never return. 

I would think more of Mr McClean's stand against peer pressure if he was not a supporter of the Republican cause but he is and that makes him as bad as any bigoted flegger. 

One of the people I'll be thinking about was a young man aged 21 who was killed in action on 31st January 1915 at around 10am when wounded in the thigh. A relative of mine mostly forgotten about since he didn't get the chance to live and start his own family, his mother got his medals in 1921 which is of no consolation. A wreath will no doubt be laid at the small monument that has his name on it as he lies buried in France, he never got to come home.        

Remembrance Sunday (today) is bigger than fleggers, poppy facists and spides from the bogside. It's up to each of us if we are to care because if we get distracted by all this stupidity then those people died for nothing. It was important to them and it should be to you, maybe such loss of life is difficult for some to grasp, maybe their own selfish issues stop them from caring. 

The Great war for Civilisation indeed ..... I've seen better.


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