Friday, 14 November 2014


The biggest story going round at the moment is obviously Pointergate. Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges was canvasing for votes with Navell Gordon an ex-con who works for Neighbourhoods Organizing for Change when they posed for a photograph. 

As you can see from the photo the pair decided to flash some gang signs. What may look like people pointing at each other is actually a sign used by an extremely vicious gang. The police who like to do nothing better than to look at the Facebook pages of criminals brought this picture to the attention of the local news channel. A retired police chief then went on the air to point out (without pointing) about how all the good work done by gang task forces is being undermined by the Mayor and this may cause gang retaliation.

You know what? I looked at her and thought to myself, aye she looks like a right gang banger.

Gordon was recently arrested by a police officer for trespassing while he stood outside a grocery store collecting signatures for a petition for ex-con voting rights. Witnesses protested at the rough handling by the officer to which he "allegedly" threatened to shoot them. This all led to a protest march on the grocery store.

Hodges has been quite vocal about crooked cops and says the Minneapolis PD aren't doing enough to root out the bad uns.

So I'm sure it's a real concern to the police about this gang sign and not at all payback.

Aye it seems that everyone is in a gang, here is me and my mate Dave Grohl from the Fuzz Fighters, which is his band, check it out I'm sure they are very good.   

It's no surprise that durty dick Bill Clinton is also a gang member, here he is with ex-IRA terrorist Nelson Mandela enjoying the thug life.  

Here you can see Twopack Shakur and Obama Bin Laden from a photo from last month, this pic is bound to hurt their careers.

  James McAvoy and Jessica Chastain flash the gang signs

The Minneapolis PD should cut the crap and just go and shoot the Mayor and Navell Gordon for fucks sake, maybe plant a gun on them .... like wot real police departments would do. I think this non-story has really made them a laughing stock, when someone calls it a name with gate at the end then you know you've made it big. 

 If yer gonna pose then please try to keep yer gang signs to yerself.

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