Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Over By Christmas ... Again

So our British troops are out of Ganners .... Yay! And David Cameron has said in August he would not be sending British troops to fight in Iraq, everyone home for Christmas then, lovely.

Did Cameron think that Iraq was his call to make? Our boss, Uncle Sam issued his orders and now we're sending troops back into Iraq again.

You know we can't win like this right? The same thing everyone has been saying since the wars of terror started. Kinetic action, moving the lawn and bug splats (bombing, more bombing and drone strikes) means nothing if yer not fully engaged ground and air.

The US bomb oil refineries in Syria, ISIS do not refine the oil they sell, they sell unrefined crude ..... Either yer fighting ISIS or pretending to in order to destroy Assad, but you can't do both.  

Wanna see them make out Dave? I can do that.

Cameron needs to find some balls and tell Obama, 'we'll sit this out until we see what the next preez is like' and go bomb something or someone without anyone's permission, where are our drone strikes? China is getting drones why can't we get drones? 

And you need to tell Angelia fucking Merkel that she isn't in charge of the EU and we'll screw over our immigrants and still be in the fucking EU so back off. 

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