Monday, 10 November 2014

Nigel Farage Is Not A Racist

 Not hi-jacking the British legion's poppy campaign ... they just ran out of small ones.

Nigel Farage the leader of the British Neo-Nazi right wight political group Ukip has had to constantly defend his party members against claims of racism usually due to the fact that they work with and defend racists, and that racists are drawn to Ukip and its members do tend to say racist things. Just because you are anti-immigrant and anti-European and think that cute names like wog, tar baby or ting tong are not offensive that doesn't mean yer a racist.

So when Farage showed off his tattoos on Twitter he yet again had to defend himself from the politically correct Nazis as he calls them. The 14 is not for the 14 words that the founder of the American Nazi Party said,  "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children" and the 88 do not mean the 8th letter in the alphabet and stands for Heil Hitler!

Farage is kinda dumb and drinks a lot, 1488 is his pin number for his bank card, this is just a fancy idea so he never forgets it .... totally not racist and it's shameful how you all jump on him like this about every little thing.
Halloween is fun at the Farage house, well not for his wife who is permanently chained to the kitchen sink ... no seriously she is. 

The liberal wusses have even denounced him for joining the KKK but who hasn't joined dodgy book clubs etc that keep sending you books and won't let you leave? ... Probably the same thing. Doesn't mean he's racist.

I once mistakenly bought a subscription to 'Men who like fisting' thinking that it was a magazine about bare knuckle fighting, aye sure there were plenty of bare knuckles but it was an honest mistake and they have automatically renewed me for the last 3 years so I'm trapped, it's a total disgrace.  I'm also stuck with Gender Benders bi-monthly and Grannies who self harm, you may say well why don't I just phone up and cancel them? .... you walk a mile in my shoes you judgmental bastards!  

Sure Farage may have been an agent of Hydra and worked closely with the Nazis collecting powerful relics to use as weapons for world domination but that doesn't mean that he shares the Nazi ideology.

Do you blame the friends of murderers who didn't commit that murder? They may have drove them to the murder, held their coat, lied to the police but that does not make them a murderer and so being a Hydra agent does not make him a Nazi racist.  

We were all surprised when he pulled off his face to reveal he was in fact the Red Skull, his neighbours all said what a nice quiet man, that did obviously explain all the missing cats in the area .... still doesn't make him a racist.  

Those who vote Ukip are not racist either, they just want rid of all the fucking immigrants. The UK has 13% of the population having been born out of the UK, these mostly come from India, Poland, Pakistan and Ireland then Germany in 5th place ... it's funny that you only seem to see the Romanian or African ones on the news.

Ethnic inbreed white people of the UK are doon to 80% and in London being white is a minority at 45%  which is no doubt why they have their panties in a wad, can't let Johnny black chappie get one over on us.
Don't worry if you use Islam as part of who you try to discriminate against because the UK is still a Christian cuntry at 59% while Islam is at 4.4% it's the 32% who have no religion or won't say what they are that you have to worry about. 

Old Knudsen has met immigrants who work harder, are more intelligent, better educated and speak better English than many of the locals so he welcomes immigrants since he has been one himself. Language does tend to get confusing about this issue, is it the immigrants who come over totally legally and live and work that you have a problem with cos we prefer to call them migrants, or is it the black and brown ones without any passports who rush the port of Calais to try and sneak into the UK that you have trouble with? 

Ever see a local working the outside car wash places? Locals are too busy claiming the dole and protesting against immigrants over here taking all the jobs. Sure there are problems with some immigrants just like there are problems with the locals. You don't have to be white to be British. People like Ukip seem to tar all immigrants with the same brush pardon my racist pun. If people travel the EU then fine it's legal, no one is forcing the UK to give them welfare, if they qualify for it then what is yer fucking problem?

Hitler blamed the Jews for all of Germany's woes .... not that I'm comparing what Ukip do to what the Nazis did, oh no.

Nigel also likes the odd sociable drink, hey who doesn't? Next you'll say that it makes him an alcoholic too.

He can't help it if he's popular with the ladies, if Old Knudsen was ghey he'd totally suck him off. Like Brad Pitt and George Clooney morphed into the same body ... if you don't want to suck that off then yer just a fag.

The Uk is famous for its pubs with warm flat beer and ugly people ... this is culture!

Fuck yer liver do you hate yer cuntry or something?

A real man drinks beer and lots of it. Winston Churchill led the cuntry half blootered, luckily TV wasn't big back then.

And another thing, I'll tell ya about those bloody immigrants coming over here from Ebola, molesting our children .... do you know how hard it is to get a virgin in the UK? Ya have to go to those Catholic priests for one of them and it'll cost ya.

Hitler had the right idea, putting all the odd ones into camps so you don't have to look at them on the street. Not the Jews of course as that would be wrong! nah we love our 0.7% of Jews it's the gay and disabled Muslims that make me sick.

You buy the next one and I'll tell you why it's only queers who like women.

Could Cameron do this? .... Next fucking Prime Minister needs a refill!

 If you want to interview me then get me a keg of stout and some class pornos that I haven't read.

Cheers ..... again.

 I don't mind being the meat in the sandwich as long as it's white bread.

I thought someone was joining me so I started early because I'm charming and funny with a few dozen drinks in me.

Whoa shit maybe I have had too many this time.

Ukip's scheme to make all potential terrorists wear hi-viz vests with the words 'Muslim Insurgent' on the back, they don't care if you are a Sikh, Sunny or Shite Muslim yer wearing one .

So Nigel Farage isn't a racist anymore than he is an alcoholic, he can stop at any time he wants just like he can with his smoking, glue huffing and tie collecting. There is something lurking beneath the surface though, something I can't put my finger on, he says he is the voice of the British people (in that case the British are all hateful retards) yet he pronounces his name the way Americans garage.

I will keep my eye on this daft drunken sod with no real policies on anything, it's like if Jamie Bryson was 50, English and popular. I don't know much about anything or how to fix it but I do know what I don't like and what I am against and that will be my political platform. Oh and Jamie Bryson isn't a hateful sectarian bigot, he just doesn't like Fenians.

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