Thursday, 27 November 2014

Leave Bill Cosby Alone!

Since when did having rapey eyes become a crime? 

Bill Cosby sets the standards, he has always been there as the American fatherly role model, he's white friendly and will roll his eyes and do a funny dance to amuse all. He never swears during his stage routines and always gave younger black people his advice like, "Pull your boots up, stop acting black and get a job!"

Nobody is perfect and Bill Cosby tends to drug and rape mostly white women ... aye the worse fear of the right wing conservatives who still believe in segregation. 

Should we forgive ol Bill? sure why not? We forgave Woody Allen who abused his own daughter, in fact many actors see working with that goofy looking little kid fucker as an honour. Many also recently supported Roman Polanski too because he's on the fringes of Hollywood and it's good for their resume. 
Many people still believe that Michael Jackson just slept in beds with young kids, nothing more. Jacko just seemed so normal so how could you even think he'd do anything inappropriate? 

NBC recently cancelled the show they were going to make with Cosby solely based on rape rumours. Well maybe they knew something else, maybe Frank Scotti a former NBC facilities manager told them of how he used to pay women off for Cosby and about the "arrangement" a modeling company had with Cosby to send his models, some as young as 16 to "interview" in his dressing room. 

One woman pretended to have an infection ... luckily he knew of another hole.

13 women have accused Cosby of rape, some cases going back to the 60's and 70's of course you have people saying, 'why did they wait so long?' and 'they must be after money' .... do you know how hard it is to go after someone as famous and as media savvy as Cosby? You'd have better chance of getting a cop arrested for shooting an unarmed perpetrator. 

Many of the people who accused Jimmy Savile of abuse could only do so after his death because Savile was wealthy, he did lots of charity work and was knighted by both the Queen and the Pope, talk about connections. 

Victims of Cosby have told how every time they heard his name he was getting awarded a medal or an honourary doctorate, how could you go up against that? 
His method of rape was to either give his victims a pill to help them relax or to slip it into their drink without their knowledge or he'd just whip his dick out at you. 

The women coming forward are long in the tooth and with nothing to gain except the exposure of a rapist. 
Hoping the allegations would go away Cosby had remained silent when asked about them and even told a reporter to "scuttle" the question and response in an interview he did.  "I think if you want to consider yourself to be serious that it will not appear anywhere."

Usually I'm all for lynching rapists and pedos but he's black so I don't want to be accused of being racist. I'm sure his victims would want him to be let off the hook cos he's so lovable, look look, he's doing one of those uncle Tom faces while wearing an 80's sweater ..... comedy fucking gold! 

On second thoughts I never liked the Cosby show and found him annoying, hang the fucker!

Terrence Howard has been arrested and accused on 6 occasions for beating women and thinks that Chris Brown is a good guy. Stay tuned for more fun from this role model over the years. 

Don Cheadle is a far better James “Rhodey” Rhodes anyway, just because you wear a military uniform you still have to make the audience believe that you could have actually been in the military, Howard is 100% civvie and not a great actor. 

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