Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Julien Blanc The Most Hated Loser

Blue steel and crazy eyes, now that's hawt!

You may have heard of a bloke named Julien Blank, er sorry Blanc who says he's a pick up artist. Well he has been denied a UK visa because he promotes violence on weemen. I didn't know it needed promoting I thought it was a pretty successful concept already. 

The Swiss born American was named the most hated man in the world by Time magazine which probably really annoyed a lot of ISIS fighters, I just beheaded 4 men and 2 children and he gets called the most hated? Assad uses chemical weapons on civilians but yet ..... Obama orders drone strikes on whoever he wants and yet ......

The people of Time really need to get out more as this guy is just a prick, nothing special, you can meet 10 guys like him every day, their mammies told them they were special and waited on them hand and foot.

He can't cook or use a washing machine because that's what weemen do. 

What the fuck is with his name? Julien .... might as well called him wussy boy, no wonder he has weemen issues he's got a gurl's name, just like yon rapist Assange. The 26 year-old boy tells men how to pick up chicks by manipulation because a 26 year-old knows everything. 

"Make Girls BEG To Sleep With You After SHORT-CIRCUITING Their Emotional And Logical Mind” and develop “panty-dropping masculinity with this rock-solid structure to self-generate the powerful emotions girls crave."   

What does he do to the gurls, take away their little pony toy as leverage? Does he posses panty dropping masculinity? He looks like every other little bloke with an over inflated ego. He is quietly spoken and not very believable, you know that when he speaks he's lying. He sounds like psychic medium John Edwards but with less accent and a lot more timid. He doesn't look particularly hunky or attractive, he just looks very very average.

If I put money on the chances of him being a coward and a bully I bet I'd win.


He took a chart about domestic abuse and changed it to teach his methods. Smash things to scare her, abuse pets, put her doon and make her think she's crazy, treat her like a servant.  I bet the weemen reading this are gushing away from their trenches of stenches. "OMG finally a man who knows what women want."

While in Japan he demonstrated his techniques such as pushing a woman's head into his crotch, putting his hand around their necks and kissing their necks and ears. The weemen in his videos appear uncomfortable and anxious much like the women from the Sam Pepper videos who reacted with nervous giggling when faced with outright sexual assaults when Pepper grabbed their arses when they weren't looking.  

 A photo Robin Thicke's now ex wife did not appreciate.

It's like a whole race of Blurred lines fellas and some women are stupid enough to encourage them.

When interviewed on CNN about his methods Blanc went on the defensive and tried to appear conciliatory saying that everything was taken out of context, the t-shirt in the first picture, the graph and putting his hand around weemen's necks were all just bad attempts of humour. 

In the graph you can see the bit that says, 'make light of  the abuse ' and 'do not take her concerns seriously' and 'say the abuse didn't happen.' that was the angle he took, the presenter wasn't buying it for one moment, Blanc is very insincere and a bad liar. His moves and methods are textbook abuser.
Blue steel look again. 

I'd imagine this is how his seminars go. 'I'm gonna teach you how to be confident with girls and teach you how to confuse and trick the bitches into letting you empty your spunk into them.'

'First you just ask, will you have sex with me? If you ask 500 girls you might get one who really hates themselves or wants to get back at their boyfriend and will say yes.'

'When they say no tell them how pretty their eyes are ... still no? Then make fun of them for being lesbian or stuck up ... still no? Then steal their phone and threaten to send rude texts to their parents ... still no? Then tell her you are going to kill yourself if she doesn't give you head ... still no? Then tell her that you love her and how special she is ... still no? Wow, what a tough one but I've had tougher. 
Grab her throat and tell her she has no choice for you are a wizard of great power and will destroy all of humanity ... still no? Hold onto her leg and cry very loudly and don't let go unless someone threatens to hurt you, use that threat to make her feel sorry for you.'

'If you don't get laid after that then you're actually gay but in denial so give up, and sorry, I don't do refunds.' 

Blanc isn't a man, he's a lowlife boy who has found out he can con desperate forever alone blokes out of their money.  $2,000 (£1,250) for his seminars, for that you'd expect a shoulder rub and a happy ending.  The reason he was banned from the UK is because he might encourage violence towards women. 

He can get banned because he is not a British or EU national so fuck yooouuu! I can't believe that anyone would believe a shit like this. 

Humour and confidence do help you pick up weemen, learning when and where the right time to try  might also help too, the main trick to pimp yer game is ...... wait for it, treat weemen as people, as equals, with respect and manners. 
Some damaged weemen may fall for his techniques and some women are dumb enough to chase after bad boys and wonder why they get treated like shit but in general just stop being so fucking desperate.

Julien Blanc, not in my name! 

No one can give you a handjob as good as yerself, if you can't be with the one you love then love yer loving fist. 

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