Saturday, 1 November 2014

Google Saw My Boobs

If I was sued every time I took a picture of some slapper with her baps hanging out I wouldn't be able to afford my crack and drink addictions and then where would I be?  Would I still be an addict? or just a dict? Weemen are famous for having low cuts tops then giving you dirty looks when you want to lick or motorboat them.

"My eyes are up here, anyway as I was saying, in the end, only three things matter, how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you."

Wha? I can totally see yer minge through those shorts. 

A woman sued Google for taking a picture of her sitting on her doorstep. The Canadian got $2,250 because her co-workers found the image and made fun of her. Her face was blurred but the truck's license plate wasn't, she says that it puts her and her family at rick from potential predators ... like the people she works with who recognized her.

She wanted Google to pay $45,000 for the depression that finally made her quit her job at a well known bank but Google said wise up. She was also suing for Mockeries, derisions, disrespectful and sexually related comments also dignity, integrity, image, right to anonymity, right to have a private life and nuisance and inconvenience .... dignity? go put some fucking clothes on and stop slouching then.  

Maybe she should have concentrated on suing the bank for it's hostile work environment rather than trying to take the piss with Google.
Booble, Ogle er Google said tough titties to the $45,000 so she amazingly reduced it to $7,000 with only a small portion ($2,250) being paid to her.

So let me get this straight, you don't mind walking around outside yer hoose with yer boobs hanging out because for some insane reason that doesn't count but when someone takes a picture of you in a round shouldered slouch sitting like some awkward teenager you get upset. I'd love to know if you'd pop doon to the shop wearing this and what do you wear for work?

I'm sure yer work colleagues were right cunts, it's an office environment of course they are cunts, the boredom turns you into one but it isn't anymore than a day's worth of lol cos it isn't THAT funny. If yer worried about predators then stop drawing attention to yerself for fucks sake. 
Take a tip from yer gran, she doesn't worry about Google street view cos she doesn't dress like a hooker.
You can dress in shorts and a low cut top that reveals what you had for dinner but if yer gonna get upset about being seen then maybe you should rethink yer wardrobe and go put on some clothes.

Now what you've done Maria Pia Grillo is draw more attention to yerself. What I think happened was that you saw Google and have read about other cases and yer eyes lit up with Canadian dollar signs, nice try though.  

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