Saturday, 22 November 2014

GM Genocide

Since he's Indian I wonder if he has any rape seeds.

270,000 Indian farmers have committed suicide since 1995. Most of these cases have been because they find themselves in debt that they cannot get out of. In 2009 alone,17,683 farmers killed themselves as their crops began to fail. Many are blaming the company Monsanto for these deaths as Monsanto has changed the way India has grown crops since 1988.

Most seeds used by farmers in India are GM seeds, in fact  95%  of India’s cotton seed is now controlled by Monsanto.
The genetically engineered cotton seeds have a gene and a protein that is toxic to the bollworm which is cotton's main pest, the plants grow faster, require less water and produce a greater yield than normal non GM seeds. The main problem is that they cost 4 times more and you can't re-seed them after each harvest, you have to keep buying more seeds.

Hauling water, pollinating and picking by hand still has to get done, it's a tough life and one lived in poverty no matter how hard or long you work. 

A nice little earner that Monsanto have going on there, capitalism at it's best. The bollworm can become resistant to the built in pesticides and so the farmers also have to buy pesticides, many of which are banned in Europe and the US. The farmers don't wear protective gear since most workers are usually paid well below a living wage and so they are bound to have health problems.

So you have to buy Monsanto seeds, sometimes you have to buy a Monsanto protein additive or fertilizer and can only use Monsanto pesticides on yer crops. Have you figured out who the big winner is in this set up yet?

Before you go thinking that the company who created the Agent Orange poison in Nam and has been killing off all the bees with their hidden pesticides are evil I must tell you this. Monsanto investigated the possibility that they were responsible for farmers in debt drinking Monsanto pesticides or hanging themselves from trees and found that they were not responsible .... so there.

Monsanto aims at owning the patent on every crop that is grown on Earth, when GM pollen gets blown over the US border into Mexico and pollinates their corn Monsanto sues them for unknowingly using their products. Is it any wonder that over 5 million farmers have a lawsuit against Monsanto?

Mexico has implemented a temporary ban on the Monsanto seed monopoly but India is already too deep. If you grow normal crops the chances are they'll get pollinated by yer Monsanto neighbour and Monsanto will come looking for their money.

Monsanto science is not feeding the world it's destroying nature with its terminator technology that prohibits reseeding by selling sterile plants and is making super pests and super weeds. It's only a matter of time before nature outdoes this evil science completely and nothing we grow will live. 

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