Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Ebola Quarantine Is For The Weak

When Kim Kardashian went to Africa to care about kids with Ebola she went into 21 days quarantine upon return without any trouble.

Here are days 1,2,3 and 4. It was as if she was still in the public eye. 

On day 12 when Kayne started bleeding from all orifices and went into a coma she was still there sharing it with all her fans it was great and very socially responsible.

Now we have Ebola nurse Kaci Hickox. A nickname such as "Ebola nurse" is a tough one to get rid of, I thought only the NHS gave nicknames like that, "Oh your father will sleep well on her shift, there is a reason we call her the Pillow Princess and it's not for what you think." Dr. Harold Shipman was known as Doctor Death and that was before he killed 400 odd of his patients. 

Ginger Ebola nurse Kaci Hickox.

After spending a weekend in quarantine Nurse Hickox returned to her home of Maine and found that they had implemented a state quarantine for people exposed to Ebola patients. Being an American she decided that her civil liberties were being trampled, how dare they oppress her like such. 

She has decided that she doesn't care that the cuntry is scared shitless about even the slight risk of Ebola because she doesn't have it. A disease which can appear up to 21 days after contact .... bollocks, she has decided that isn't true. 

Besides only black people die of Ebola ... sure there was yon Spanish priest who died but he was old and are Spaniards even classed as being white? .... filthy people.  

She reckons that if she watches herself then it's ok. Well I'm not inclined to trust someone who won't even go into quarantine but that's just me. When you catch a cold you don't notice it right away, especially if you are doing something else so is she likely to notice?  'yeah I do feel kinda crappy but I'm in the checkout line at the grocery store and I really need these Ho Hos so quarantine can wait, it might pass anyway probably just the heat in here.'       

She has already broken quarantine and plans legal action against the state, she also plans to work abroad again ... cos American patients are shite so fuck em eh Kaci?  

While many will stand with her when she says that "Self-monitoring is a humane, understandable, prudent solution," others will say what a self entitled cunt. Lets make her Surgeon General since she already knows it all.

The rest of the nurses all want the full gear and proper standards rather than self-monitoring. US soldiers working in West Africa all go into quarantine in Italy before then go back home.  Is it wrong for me to hope that she shows Ebola symptoms? Even if she doesn't it's just a matter of time before some other know it all Doctor or Nurse doesn't bother with quarantine either. 

Dr. Nancy Snyderman also thought she could do without quarantine. The chief medical editor for NBC news was seen getting takeaway food with some of the crew she was supposed to be in quarantine with. Snyderman, a former surgeon is known to be a snooty dismissive wanker according to her neighbours and they knew if anyone broke quarantine it would be her and so kept an eye out.  

New Jersey health officials then ruled that her quarantine should be mandatory since she couldn't be trusted and posted a cop at her door much to the delight of her neighbours. 1,100 people have written on her Facebook page expressing anger ..... Hope yer wall isn't open Kaci the Ebola nurse. 

I don't know what temperature you are but yer going 102mph.

Nigeria is Ebola free so c'mon America, you just have to be as good as Nigeria. Since the outbreak many wealthy CEO's have died naming me as their next of kin, according to various lawyers who wish to put millions into my bank account. 
Since I don't have a bank account I've asked for it in small denomination used notes sent to Paris inside the anal cavity of a young runaway. Being a pro I've gone all cold war on them as I've heard about scams and the sort, it's a lot of money so I don't mind sending them the air fare and for other expenses .... yes I'm keeping the receipts I'm not stoopid ya know. 

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