Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Ebola Is Trending In Africa This Christmas Time

Get off my fucking lawn!

Bob Geldof is a miserable looking git for someone who is worth 32 million. Some people just cannot be happy, is it any wonder that people around him kill themselves? Just looking at that face has Old Knudsen reaching for a rope. 

Going by what Peaches said of him he was strict and standoffish towards his kids when their mother Paula Yates killed herself by over dose, Bob seems to care more about the Africans than his own family and even that has limits.
He certainly isn't punk rock at all no matter what his personal grooming says, Mr honourary knighthood and several honourary doctorates, he's Mr establishment. 

Has he given up feeding the poor? While Ethiopia is booming with Chinese money and building there is famine in Somalia and Sudan. Is he donating money from his charity single to Ebola in west Africa because it's trendy right now?  

Geldof used Live 8 to help get Tony Blair elected and spoke for Scotland staying British. Of course he isn't British he just wants to be relevant, has no one told him he has a face for radio?

When talking about world population he has said "There can't be more people on the Earth than we can feed" and has put it onto women to be educated on having fewer children .... yes because in these butt fuck cuntries weemen really have so much control over their bodies. 

Even in Kenya which is semi civilised for an African cuntry a woman was stripped in the street and shamed for wearing a short skirt.      

Aye blame the weemen .... Geldof has had three children but I suppose that doesn't count, someone has issues. 

 He doesn't have a paper sticker badge on his coat, he never gave to charity!

I don't know where the money from Band aid's latest Do they know it's Christmas is going to, it's like that person in the street rattling a plastic jar and saying, "support cancer" ... wha? So many charities you've never heard of in the UK all trying to get yer loose change because the government funds fuck all.

At least they just give you a dirty look when you refuse to bend to street peer pressure unlike the religious ones that give you a passive aggressive 'Jesus loves you anyway.'    

Geldof is an adviser to the ONE campaign, when it was brought to the attention of the public that 1.2% of their funding went to charities they mentioned that they didn't really give to charities they just raise awareness .... well thanks for letting us know, most of their funding comes from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It seems that you can work in charity without actually working with charities. 

So who gets the Bandaid 30 money? Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) otherwise known as Doctors Without Borders or Oxfam? Where is the charity name recognition? You should think Bandaid 30 then have the charity connected in yer thoughts, is it UNICEF? that's who got it in the 80's but they mostly just do famine .... the good news for them is that west Africa might very well get a famine too. 

 Africa and the Middle East are beyond saving so I suggest other options.

Latest Ebola news is that Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Mali are the big outbreak cuntries at the moment with outbreaks also in Nigeria and Senegal.  

What about the song? People have complained that the first Band aid song was stupid and written by someone who thought that Africa was a cuntry. Of course there is snow in Africa and plenty of rain and rivers. I'm pretty sure that they know it's Christmas too, I'm sure they have calendars in Africa. 

Santa (or Black Peter) doesn't do cuntries of colour but he will give them a good ol mocking with some blackface cos he's a total cunt. How many Golliwogs did Santa give to children back in the 70's? 

Political correctness spoiled my Christmas.

So onto the lyrics, It’s Christmas time – and there’s no need to be afraid ... that starts up the same though there is always a need for fear. Some big fat fella who has been watching you all year breaks into yer house, fear is totally natural. 

There’s a world outside your window – and it’s a world of dread and fear .... aye but no need for fear huh.

Where a kiss of love can kill you – and there’s death in every tear .... fuck that's depressing.

And the Christmas bells that ring there – are the clanging chimes of doom, Well tonight we’re reaching out and touching you ... no you fucking well are not! Just because you have a knighthood doesn't mean you can touch whoever you want, who do you think you are Jimmy Savile?

No peace and joy this Christmas in West Africa ... no, not as catchy. 

The only hope they’ll have is being alive ... it's really not that bad, just don't eat anyone's feces or saliva, and since they are not poor at least they'll have food and Christmas presents so yay!

Where to comfort is to fear, Where to touch is to be scared .... so don't touch or comfort the sick, got it.

How can they know it’s Christmas time at all .... the Christmas decorations and the crappy songs might give it away.

So there you have it, with Christmas and the holidays being difficult for many people, especially those with depression Bob Geldof is trying to have more people kill themselves with this gawd awful song. 
The United Nations Mission for Ebola Emergency Response (UNMEER) has been set up in Ghana and Obama keeps telling the world how the US is leading the fight against Ebola .... uh no yer not, as usual yer well late for the fight. Let them work away at it, just how much money are we expected to give to charities? 

Ach give what you will, people very often pretend to be less cuntish around Christmas for some reason, give Bob, Bono and One Direction their Christmas tax breaks and feel like you've done some good in the world as you tuck into yer turkey.       


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