Monday, 17 November 2014

Ched Evans The Rapist

There is a strange moral dilemma regarding soccer player Ched Evans. In 2011 he and another playa were charged with rape after having sex with a 19-year-old woman, who was deemed too drunk to give consent.

The story is that at 4am McDonald (the other player) picked a drunk gurl up and brought her to his hotel where they had sex, he texted Evans:  "I’ve got a bird" Evans showed up and had sex with her too.
The hotel porter says there was no sounds of distress and Evans left via a fire door. The gurl woke up in the morning naked and with no memory of what had happened so she called the police. 

The court decided that McDonald wasn't guilty but that Evans was. He then served half of his 5 year sentence. How does a jury come up with that conclusion?

I don't mind because he's a football player. 

His gurlfriend  Natasha Massey stood by him so what is all the fuss about? He's done his time and has been rehabilitated ...... right?
Do we actually believe in rehabilitation? Evans continues to protest his innocence to clear his name but will that really happen?
Not all rapes are created equal, this would be on par with date rape rather than in an alley with a knife. Still that does not justify what he did, he and his mate took advantage of a drunken gurl.   

 How can you not hear with ears like that? 

Sheffield United let Evans back to train with them to get him into shape for his job as a footballer. If he had a job as a plumber or a builder he'd be allowed back to work.

Then again some sex offenders aren't allowed to work with women or children. Is he innocent because shagging some nameless cum bucket is what young sport stars do? Is this one of those cases in which he doesn't think he has done anything wrong except get caught? He's Ched fucking Evans, football star! 

Two of the club's patrons have resigned, they have lost one sponsor and another has said that they'd back out if he was signed back as a player and now Olympic gold medalist Jessica Ennis-Hill has asked for her name to be removed from the stands if he is allowed back to play.

British mouth piece Katie Hopkins said on Twitter, "Jessica Ennis is Supreme judge in the court of public opinion. Being able to run fast & jump high makes you super qualified. Who knew?"

It says a lot that Sheffield United didn't think there would be a problem with bringing him back cos he's such a good player and all. Some people just don't like rapists. McDonald who said his career was destroyed is still playing football though. Thanks to this backlash Sheffield are having second thoughts about Evan's future with them.

Rehabilitation is a joke and 2 and a half years isn't punishment enough, maybe if he had more moral fiber he wouldn't cheat on his gurlfriend with someone that was just a warm body. No he should not be allowed back as a soccer player, no he should not be hailed as a hero for kicking a ball into a net and does not deserve that lifestyle but do any of them?

He needs to lose the tude and work at respecting others, thinking that he'd just pick up as if nothing had happened shows you what wankers sport stars can be, his buddy McDonald should have done some time too but what can you do? .... Now Ched's actual punishment begins.

Learn from this Evans and be a better person .... and quit raping people it isn't cool. Be thankful that Old Knudsen wasn't the judge. 


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