Monday, 17 November 2014

Animal Husbandry Course Gone Baaaad

 You know you want it

Yer supposed to count sheep in order to help you sleep. At Fresno State University, police arrested a student for having sex with a sheep ..... Why the fuck do they have a sheep unit on campus if they are just going to arrest anyone that uses it? 

It's a fucking set up! Probably some kind of cruel social studies experiment like how Facebook turns seemingly normal people into raving right wing racists by sharing the nice memes from Britain First, LIKE and SHARE if you are against animal cruelty, support the veterans and like cheese.  First the puppies, patriotism, dairy products and before you know it yer sharing memes about how Muslims inject Ebola into baby formula that you buy in shops and they are laughing at you cos they are all rich on welfare and yer baby is sick.

So, anyway. 

The computer engineering student (bet he now goes into I.T.) was holding Fluffy doon and giving her the length when he was rudely interrupted by the peelers. When they critiqued his method he told them that it was his first time and that he had been drinking earlier in the evening.   

Were we short a news story this Halloween? Usually a bloke is found fucking some pumpkins, is this the bloke and he missed his chance? 

The student then asked officers "Am I going to be expelled for this?" ... that's anyone's guess mate, they expel people for all sorts of silly stuff these days. Book em Danno!  

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