Thursday, 23 October 2014

What's For Dinner Bob?

The zombie TV show The walking dead isn't very amusing and not really feel good unless you like the feel of walker skull under boot. So when Bob and Sasha start getting friendly you beg for something bad to happen, Glen and Maggie are the show's lovey dovey couple we don't need another one.
At the same time it isn't politically correct to hope something bad will happen cos they are black, remember T-dog? A black dude who ended up dying in the prison they were living in, not a very PC way to go .... he didn't even finish his water melon. 

The cannibals caught Bob by the short and curlies but a great guy like Bob, you don't eat all in one go. If you cut the other leg off and take him swimming he really will live up to his name. At least he didn't use the old 'I'm a veteran you can't eat me' line.

Fuck Bob, he does not get to be happy during the zombie apocalypse, he wasn't one of the very originals. Now a load of white people are eating him after cooking his leg on the springs of a mattress.

It turns out that he tasted pretty good, well it would be racist if they only liked white meat so well done to the cannibals for keeping their humanity throughout this trying time and wasn't it nice of them to tell Bob how well he tasted? 

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