Tuesday, 28 October 2014

We Are Not Free


The many ways in which you are not really free or don't have a choice. These may vary from country to country and I have not included the butt fuck sand nations or the Africans ... just the civilised world.
Weemen are even more less free than males in many ways from jobs, to equal pay to having to pay more for a haircut, it's as if we have to stay in our place in life and just exist in the state sanctioned pattern of life. Many of these examples are laws while some rely on how society thinks with media and social peer pressure to keep you in line. 
 Many pills tell you not to operate machines ... fuck em. 

Restrictions on how many cold pills you can buy containing pseudoephedrine because some amateur somewhere made speed out of them. It's cheaper to just buy speed for fucks sake, then manufacturers changed what they make them with they became shite for helping colds. 

If you have a cold you'll go through a lot of cold pills until you feel better, the last thing you want to do is keep having to go to the shop.

In the UK you can't buy a bottle of 500 aspirin like you could in the 1980's or like you can in the US. Someone somewhere probably tried to overdose on them thus spoiling it for everyone. Now you can buy small expensive packets from the pharmacy. NHS bosses complain at the cost of having to prescribe aspirin but slap up ya, bring back our cheap big bottles of them. Doctors in the NHS look at you like yer on the heroin if you tell them you take aspirin ..... OMG yer gambling with death.

The hospitals and Doctors offices in the UK don't smell clean and professional as they should, this is because you can't get rubbing alcohol here. Yer lucky if a nurse puts on gloves never mind wipe yer arm before she gives you an injection. Someone somewhere drank the stuff and so we cannot be trusted with it.

They took the trans fats from our food (along with the taste) Ritz crackers now have a lower salt content and don't taste as nice. KFC changed from nice chips to minging French fries and claimed that is what the people wanted, McDonald's did away with the supersize option for meals in case people abused the food and got fat (you don't eat McDonald's to lose weight) trying to tax soft drinks more (soda) to put people off from buying them.

If someone wants to be fat then let them, that is what freedom is, no taxing them or making them feel bad, if yer a Doctor and it's affecting their health then sure, tell them unless yer a crap Doctor who has decided that yon roll of fat is the answer to all their health woes.

Even the right to be a minger gets you flack but she is free to do it .... for now.    

Smokers have felt persecuted when all they want to do is share their smoking experience with you, whether you want it or not. You can no longer smoke in many buildings like hospitals and so have to huddle around the entrance to share yer fegs with the public. Buses and taxis also have no smoking signs up which is just outrageous .... what's next, schools? 

Fluoride in the water, evidence that it reduces cavities seems to depend on who did the report but excessive fluoride (which naturally occurs in water anyway) can have long term health affects. Many countries do it and many don't, while I'm all for putting chemicals into the drinking water (what could go wrong) some are against compulsory mass medication.

 Why do they have that bit then? ... I call that entrapment.
Ever buy a ladder and see 'do not stand on the top rung' sign stuck to it? Or on yer couch, 'do not remove label' even at roads a government run light tells you when you can cross.

No one has freedom of speech, the US yaps on about this but as soon as someone says something like, "Michael Brown was a common thug who attacked a police officer and had it coming" people go nuts and ostracize whoever said it. Ask Mel Gibson all about the freedom of speech why don't you. If you threaten the life of the President the Secret Service will be knocking at yer door.

In the UK freedom of speech is not a given right as many Americans think it is, we have strict libel and slander laws and cannot even suggest things about some people. These laws are getting even more strict.
Comment moderation on online news sites. I was recently slagging off the Belfast Telegraph as it just didn't put comment boxes at the bottom of many of it's stories for fear of trolls or libelous comments when in reality they are just fucking amateurs stuck in the 20th century and the Interweb is still new.

 I swear I can actually act, it's just that this movie is sooo shite!

The Internet is becoming less free and I don't mean having to pay for porn sites. Downloading movies or music can get you jail time yet if you borrow a book from a library people assume you got the smarts cos you read .... double fucking standards, maybe I don't want to pay for shite movies but want to see them in order to feel socially relevant, how stupid would you look if you actually bought a copy of Man of Steel  .... or worse, went to the cinema?   

In Northern Ireland you cannot openly express your political or religious beliefs for fear of getting yer windies smashed. The government sanctions this since they cater more to appeasing the criminal than arresting them.  If you arrest them then they might cause trouble.

You can't sell yer body for sex .... not even if you declare yer earnings and pay the tax ... what the fuck?

In many places you can't have an abortion and the religious fanatics keep trying to do away with abortion completely. What the world with a population of 7 billion needs is more babies.

You can't have a ghey marriage, a civil partnership is not the same to many people, especially to Catholic priests who maybe want a big church do with flowers an shit. Why should they be punished for being ghey as God made them or for being priests as God called them to be?

Don't get me started on female priests in the Catholic church, weemen can't be Pope because they are obviously inferior and know yer place you breeder! Weemen can make the sandwiches for many religions but taking to God is man's work.  

Can you do drugs? The government doesn't want you to do drugs or become a junkie because that implies you have the choice on how you live yer life. Presenting alcoholism or drug abuse as an illness is a way of making it a health concern and so a no no but they aren't illnesses, they are choices, don't piss on Old Knudsen's leg and tell him it's raining.

Can you kill yerself? suicide isn't illegal in the UK but you are not allowed to die on yer own terms or have help to do so. Suicide is illegal in the US and they will arrest yer rotting corpse. In Oregon you have the right to die which is where a young woman with cancer is going to in order to die on 1st November, good luck with that.

I like the cut of yer jib.

In the UK you can't own a gun unless yer a farmer (or know a farmer) or rich and have sworn statements from pillars of the community (including police officers) whom you've known for years that you are a swell bloke and have good reason to own one (self defense is not a good reason) and you can't have a handgun, just rifles and shotguns.

A taser is also illegal as is carrying a knife and that includes a small pocket knife. Even if you are very good at defending yerself it may be you who gets into trouble as muggers have rights.

You can't have sex with animals, well you can but they would tell on you .... the fuckers.

Wearing a seatbelt, what business is it if you want to go through the windscreen of yer car? Are we not being nannied enough with speed limits and the right of way shite? Motorcyclists are not strapped to their death machines though they do have to wear a helmet . 

So you see yer not at all free, try wanking in public and see where it gets you. 


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