Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Veteran Told To Remove Flag

 This is as close as we could get before they started shooting at us.

Kartobi ... Syria. Alyn Al-el Mosi a veteran fighter of ISIS has been told by the owners of the apartment building that he lives in to take his ISIS flag down. Mosi fought hard under his flag killing hundreds of unarmed men women and children only to face this kind of discrimination.

He said, "I kill infidel in the name of Allah ... bless his merciful name and now I feel like I want to kill more, is this not a free caliphate? The people downstairs have that yah yah yah music all the time when I'm online trying to recruit people and looking at tumblr and no one says anything to them."

The owner who refused to give his name said that while we thank Al-el Mosi for his service the flag goes against his rental agreement and apartment policy and so must be removed. 

Mohammed Khali al-wahwah is a former ISIS fighter now living in the UK, even though he has tested positive for aids and Ebola he was able to live rent free in a 7 bedroom council house in Essex with his wife and 8 children. He gets paid £3,750 a week in benefits and has just had a boob implant operation on the NHS because his body issues were making him depressed. 

I'm not trying to make a point, I just think he has very nice tits. 

David Cameron says, "Well I personally think that anymore than a handful is a waste but if it helps to bring peace to the world then I say YES, are you going to say no to world peace? Maybe if the British people stopped being cunts and smiled a little more then our young people wouldn't be going off to be a Jihadi in Syria, why have a miserable life there when you can do that at home?"  

Has anyone just stopped with the firing of the missiles and put their arm around an ISIS fighter and said, "are you all right my friend?" .... oh wait they have? .... they were beheaded and their cuntry mocked on Twitter? 

Why yes I do have a backup idea.  


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