Monday, 27 October 2014

UKIP Calypso Needs To Be Lynched

I'm not racist that ain't right though it's fucking awesome being white!

For the world outside of the UK .... is there one? Mike Read is one of those crappy BBC DJ and TV presenter types big in the 80's. No one has come forward yet and accused him of molesting them so well done him. 

Now 67 year-old Read is a member of the right wing political party UKIP and speaks at the odd Conference or rally as we called them in Nazi Germany.

UKIP is a lovely party full of caring deep thinking types who say, "A caring loving home is a heterosexual or single family. I don't believe (a gay couple) is healthy for a child." ..... and how some homosexuals prefer sex with animals and there are links between homosexuality and pedophilia ..... and what about compulsory abortion of all disabled babies and compulsory euthanasia for useless old people  .... “no employer with a brain in the right place would employ a young, single, free woman”.... 

Ukip is part of the group Europe of Freedom and Democracy (EFD) which contains numerous other right wing groups, one member said "Long live the Whites of Europe, long live our identity, our ethnicity, our race… our blue sky, like the eyes of our women. Blue, in a people who want to stay white."  but this all suits UKIP since their views on forced repatriation and assimilation is indistinguishable from the BNP’s.  In fact because UKIP's policies are so Nazi like they have had to ban BNP members from joining them since it doesn't look good.

Did you know that that Black Caribbean and not Black African have a higher instance of schizophrenia? One member mused:

“I wonder if this is due to inbreeding on these small islands in slave times or is it due to ­smoking grass.”

I love coloureds, every home should have one. 

Mike Read thought he'd further the UKIP cause by by recording a song. The old white dude wrote a calypso and sang in a fake Jamaican accent .... seriously I'm not making this up, they see this as being acceptable. 

Some of the lyrics are "The leaders committed a cardinal sin. Open the borders let them all come in. Illegal immigrants in every town. Stand up and be counted Blair and Brown."   

"The British people have been let down, that's why Ukip is making ground. From Crewe to Cleethorpes, from Hull to Hendon, they don't believe Cameron's referendum." 

Indeed the last bit is correct, Ukip isn't a smart vote their polices are weak, it's a protest vote much like how Hitler got into power. Poor economy, the current system not working so a newcomer who blames immigrants and promises to make the cuntry great again gets into power.    

There was no video for the calypso but I would not be surprised if blackface would have been used. Read insisted the song wasn't racist and if he had done an Australian song he'd put on an Australian accent ... not really the same thing ... or ting.

Read ended up pulling the song which got to number 21 in the charts, he said, "People are very, very, very quick to take offence now at something that years ago would have been deemed to be a bit of satire and a bit of fun."

That's exactly what his BBC DJ colleagues Jimmy Savile and Dave Lee Travis said . Yes a few years ago you could fondle someone's breast or diddle a kid and no one would have said boo if you were famous. The times have changed but not for the members of UKIP.

Back in 1983 Mike Read was a Radio one DJ, he played the record Relax by Frankie goes to Hollywood, he lifted up the needle halfway through the track and denounced the lyrics as "obscene" and refused to play it again. The BBC then banned it from all shows which got the song to number one and was the biggest seller of the year. The ban was lifted in 1984. 

Read needs to relax and have a laugh at the karma of it all, imagine Read, a boring white English dude being controversial now that is funny. Go on, blame the PC brigade, that same brigade you were in. 'The media has gone crazy with PC, you could insult niggers, sluts and the disabled mongs all day and no one would bat an eye.' 

 Where my money bitch? ... now that's racist.

Ukip's commonwealth spokesman Winston 'Token' McKenzie, who failed to get elected as a councilor in Croydon after calling his own constituency a dump defended the song on a political debate show. 
"From ever since the beginning of time, the Beatles, Elvis, the Rolling Stones - they've taken up the black man's music."

"Now when I heard this song for the first time, I thought to myself a white boy singing calypso - fantastic." 

The former boxer and motivational speaker must be on the pot, when did The Beatles, Elvis or the Rolling Stones ever do blackvoice? Sure The Beatles first released Sgt Pepper lonely hearts club band with a Pakistani accent and the Stones used to sing pretend American but I don't think his point is very relevant. 

The debate went on with Winston telling the others to be quiet and to not get shirty with him, both valid debating tactics when you can't think .... er tink on yer feet and would rather punch someone. 

Mike Read said that all proceeds from the calypso song would go to the Red Cross to help Ebola victims in West Africa. 

The Red Cross has refused the donation, "The Red Cross has a proud history of helping refugees and asylum seekers who are negatively referred to in the lyrics."  

Fuck yer racist money you sad out of touch haters. I am reminded of when the BNP tried to donate to the British legion and were told to stop trying to hi-jack veterans for their Nazi agenda ... well in a more polite way than that.

Now remember with UKIP being in the EFD don't mention the war, unless it's to say something positive about Hitler of course.   


Cathy said...

I didn't know about Ukip and can't believe - no yes I can - that people with these ugly thoughts are not extinct yet. Yeah I remember when blacks here demanded some kind of "monetary recognition" from the Stones, Beatles, certainly Elvis, for "stealing our cultural music" or some such crap. And they wonder why they're stereotyped. Very nice reading your words again, friend. You always hit the target.

Old Knudsen said...

Scottish people sing with American accents and no one cares, there is a fine line between ok and racist and groups like UKIP refuse to see it. The ultimate white man privilege party.