Tuesday, 7 October 2014

The Pit Of Fear And Loathing


It's opposite day! ... it's opposite day everyday, you are told to be afraid of things that should hold no fear and you are told to trust and believe that which lies with a kindly smile on it's face.

What is Old Knudsen talking about? Over an 8 day period last month commercial plane crashes killed 462 people, that was in Ukriane, Taiwan and off the coast of Mali. Pretty scary stuff huh? If Gog had meant us to fly he'd have made us intelligent enough to invent flying machines or some other daft notion.

Over that same 8 day stretch 28,493 people were killed across the world and thousands more injured in traffic accidents.

When 9/11 happened people said no, to flying. I'm not surprised as the media went to a lot of trouble to play and replay what happened thus giving those who weren't there an indirect form of PTSD and hey there are terrorists everywhere and they all want to kill you in the name of Islam.

It's thought that because of  9/11 that a further 2,170 people died on the roads in the US when they shied away from air travel. It's like Final destination except you weren't going to die in the first place, you yerself made it happen. Suicide by fear of fate.

If yer worried about air safety then make sure you pay the extra for a flight straight to the destination  rather than a connecting plane, not because the terrorists can get you then but because most trouble happens during landings and take offs.

You can die getting out of the bath, grow a pair ffs. 

 The deadly AR-15, touch it the wrong place and it could kill yer whole family.

Death by car has always been ahead of gun deaths in the US yet people go on about terrorists and what they might do and the media report everytime someone fires a gun but traffic deaths ... meh.

Thanks to teenage males who weren't getting the proper help for their mental issues and had easy access to firearms the AR-15 and what the media calls assault rifles are scary. Having been in the military I am not 100% sure what an assault rifle is and I don't think the media do either.

I'd say it would be a semi-automatic rifle with a magazine that could be used during military assaults against Germans or other nations of pure evil. I don't believe it has to be automatic, the ones that are full auto get called  machine guns as a rifle should be longer to be able to cover more distance.

People who are against guns are very likely those who just don't have an interest or no experience with them.
Like people who call their landlord to replace a light blub on an outside light because it involves using a screw driver to remove the cover, oh I can't use one of them things, what size what type? does the screw turn left or right. I don't even own a screw driver, what if one of the kids got their hands on it?

These twats think that by having a gun you are somehow compelled to then use it, that might be true of pro-Russian separatists with ground to air missiles but the average person understands the repercussions and can remain strong when Satan tells them to kill all the hoors. Cutting hoors is far more satisfying anyway, so I'd heard.

Having a gun doesn't mean you'll die by it, no you'll probably get knocked down while trying to shoot at somebody who is driving to the airport.

Why are Muslims so angry and oppressive? Funnily enough that is the only kind we hear about. People tend to use broad strokes especially against an enemy. While Old Knudsen says that English and Christian people are all pedos he knows deep doon that one or two may not be.

Cuntries like Indonesia, Bangladesh and Turkey are predominantly Muslim cuntries but unlike Saudi, women are seen as equals with men (as much as any western country sees them and the west is still quite sexist) Bangladesh has had 2 female Prime Ministers, Turkey has had one and Indonesia has had a female President .... well America, what's yer excuse there?
Those three Muslim cuntries show how Muslims are, unlike those obsessed with gender oppression and blowing things up. These cuntries are fighting against the tide of radical Islamists as the west is fighting against the tide of right wing facist thinking.  

People say Muslim this and Muslim that but they are just speaking out of ignorance and need to shut the fuck up, it isn't the same everywhere. Muslim cuntries like Saudi Arabia don't let women drive or have a vote ... And they are our ally! We sell them missiles and lend them our airforce and drones to them and they sell us oil and scheme behind our backs with terrorists. 

  Vatican City is a Christian cuntry in which only men are allowed to vote ... says it all. I vote to bugger young boys .... I second that. 

Saudi Arabia often punishes victims of rape with more lashes than what their rapists receive. Since August, 26 people have been beheaded by the courts, there is no set punishment, the judge makes the decision. You can be beheaded for Apostasy (leaving Islam) Blasphemy, Homosexuality, Sorcery, Witchcraft, Adultery and  Drug Use ....  If the judge doesn't like you then you can be killed and strung up on show as an example.

Saudi Arabia is the Muslim extremist cuntry you should be worried about. 

Remember when people thought that ISIL were going to use female circumcision on all the women of all the towns they had captured? Well female genital mutilation isn't a Muslim thing, it's an African thing that goes in in Christian countries such as Eritrea, Senegal and Nigeria to name a few.  

There is also a thing in which Muslims are allowed by their faith to lie to us infidels, why do you think they'd tell YOU the truth anyways? Religious leaders of every flavour lie everyday about an afterlife that there is no evidence of so what is so different about Muslims lying?

A Muslim told me something but since they are allowed to lie they obviously didn't tell me the truth ... I feel so violated, can I trust anyone ever again? 

Buddhists are all mystical and about peace right? Well some of them, just like any other religion.

Walpola Rahula, D. T. Suzuki and the 14th Dalai Lama (Matt Smith was better) have done a PR job on it over the last 50 years. All we see are smiling, peaceful, benevolent folk with a deeper understand than we have .... NOT! 

Religions are only as violent as the people in them, they don't teach you to be a cunt, you chose to be one. 
Buddhists and Muslims war with each other in places like Thailand or Myanmar and the last one standing is obviously right. You may see the odd monk with a pistol in his robes as Buddhists have fully ordained soldier monks who will shoot a hole in yer unenlightened head. For centuries monks have always gone into battle but now all we see is this grinning idiot meeting people like Bono.

How the fuck did he get the job of being a religious leader for all these toga wearing slap heads when he can't even manage to be a vegetarian? The next time I'm applying for a job I'll tell them I did this in another life and so I have loads of experience. 
We all know he took money from the CIA during the cold war, whatever, the man has needs. America only gives things when they want something in return and the Lama knows this. What is he getting now I wonder since he talks about how great Obama is and never comments on the wars of terror.         

Hey that Ebola looks deadly doesn't it? Well sure no Americans have died from it, just a Spanish priest but that was God's wee joke ...lol! Now we have conspiracy nuts going on about a scientist giving a speech in Texas saying that we could use Ebola to kill off 90% of the world's population. 

That's a strange way to spell fuck face.

Why? probably cos there are too many oxygen thieves in the world and not enough resources. That speech was given in 2006, he had to do a bit of filing, get the car fixed, a hair cut and before you know in a case of Ebola turns up in Texas in 2014. 
Professor Pianka the science guy failed to mention the pain as yer internal organs turn to liquid but I doubt he was intending to be in the 90%. Old Knudsen will make you a promise to Pianka, if Old Knudsen ever catches Ebola he will find you and he will take you, yer family and anyone you've ever liked doon with him you elitist pretend Santa cunt ..... I'll have nothing to lose.  

The conspiracy people will say there is a US government patent on Ebola ... I assume that's just one strain as there are two distinct main strains and if you don't have both (from different regions in Africa) well you can't patent both. Oh and Monsanto is to have allegedly invested in Ebola research and the public will be scared enough to buy a vaccine when it amazingly gets made out of an obvious man made need.

Hold on is the conspiracy to make money or to kill 90% of the world?  His previous idea was to smother all disabled people and those in prison for murder and rape but that seemed racist as the majority of convicts would have been black .... which would be wrong. 

Would his colleagues have given him a standing ovation for his speech if they had given it a little thought? If Old Knudsen was there I would have started coughing on people and doing a count. 

 Half assed Ebola precautions as a cleaner at a school in Texas pulls down her dust mask to speak.

Fuck him and his stupid idea, the world gurns about the killing of someone on death row who deserves to die horribly but 3,000 can be killed in a war in Syria and no one cares? 

We need something to kill 100% of humans cos those cute little children just turn out to be mean old cunts who stroke their beards while planning to kill people with a horrible disease.       
Less and less people are dying of Ebola and that's in butt fuck Africa because rest and fluids do have a chance of saving you.

Fear and ignorance are contagious, don't believe all you see, read or hear as the majority of sources speak from their agenda. Research combined with experience and critical thinking can help you see the truth, step back and be cold and clinical then remember, people are not as intelligent as they seem to think they are and the dumbest answer is usually the correct one .... oh and don't forget, shit happens. 

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