Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Spider-Man Is A Spidey Menace

Spider-Man farts in the general direction of the police.

While Spider-Man captures crooks just like flies in Northern Ireland we have Spides (chavs,neds,pecker necked white trash) who get caught as easy as catching Ebola in Sierra Leone.

Ronnie Nelson aged 29, from Newtownabbey was released on bail to get his life sorted out before the judge passes sentence next month. Nelson threw bricks at police during disturbances in Belfast in August 2013 .... oh did I forget to say allegedly? 

I'll web sling you into next week ya fuckin peeler!

Nelson wore a Spider-Man mask to conceal his beady eyes and perfect BJ lips but forgot to conceal his hideous grey and yellow tracksuit.

Tracksuits are almost a uniform for Spides as they are comfortable to wear easy to pull down instantly for a quick rape, looks are not of any concern as Spides do not understand the concept of self-respect. 

Nelson denies being the masked menace but CCTV shows him with and without the mask and no one else wore that ugly ass tracksuit according to police.    

Shame on you, J Jonah Jameson has been looking for a way to destroy the reputation of the hero to many a child and you give him this ..... Hang the bastard by his web slingers judge.  

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