Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Pedophilia Trending

New Pope new church, isn't it great how the Catholic church has become more open and modern since Pope Francis took over from Benedict the Nazi? .... What do you mean it's not really changed? Well it at least looks a bit friendlier since Pope Fanny smiles an all right?

The church hasn't changed its hate filled views on equality and gheys nor has it rooted out all it's pedos .... as if it ever will.
Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski was arrested at his home in the Vatican for having more than 100,000 sexually explicit files on his computer. 160 videos showing teenage boys forced to perform sexual acts on themselves and on adults and more than 86,000 pornographic photos all meticulously archived.

 I bet you don't know what I'm thinking about.

A further 45,000 pics had been deleted and a second stash was found on the laptop he used while abroad.
He had been recalled to Rome last year after the Dominican Republic media alleged he hired rent boys, it's being investigated as to what else he has been up to.

Again I ask the question is it pedos attracted to Christianity or does the religion turn you into one? 

The 66 year-old has had decades of doing what he does and would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for that meddling media ...... yep, the same old church they don't do anything to protect the innocent until they can't avoid it any longer and only like children when they are in the womb.    

John Grisham, not looking like a creepy sex offender.

Writer John Grisham stood up for men who look at child pornography when during an interview he said, "We have prisons now filled with guys my age, 60-year-old white men, in prison, who've never harmed anybody (and) would never touch a child, but they got online one night and started surfing around, probably had too much to drink or whatever, and pushed the wrong buttons and went too far and got into child porn. ... They deserve some type of punishment, but 10 years in prison?"

Guys yer age huh, now we know what you've been up to. I wonder if Archbishop Wesolowski had too much to drink one night, pushed some wrong buttons and before he knew it had 200,000 odd child pornography images on his computer.

I will agree that some sentences are silly compared to others as many rapists don't even get 10 years but you should know that no one mistakenly downloads child pornography, wise the fuck up, the computer doesn't type in those words for you and then hits the download button. He then cited a case in which a "friend" of his did download child pornography. "He went to a website, and it was labeled, 16-year-old wannabe hookers or something, some stupid website. And it said 16-year-old girls. So he went there and downloaded some stuff."

"It was 16-year-old girls that look 30. ... He shouldn't have done it. It was stupid. But it wasn't 10-year-old boys, and he didn't touch anything."

Michael B. Holleman, aged 59 graduated from law at the University of Mississippi with Grisham in 1981, he was arrested in 1997 and jailed for 18 months. He not only pushed the wrong buttons while drinking one night but he also sent pornographic images of gurls under 18 and some as young as 12 to an undercover agent in Canada who then touted to the FBI.

Such an outrage, especially when it's someone you know right? Does Grisham not realise that a child  has indeed been hurt in those images? He should know better than anyone that pictures are just a step away to indulging in the flesh, pedos have to start somewhere. The excuse of well she might have been 3 but she looked like a 5 year-old doesn't cut it.
He seems to think that looking at underage girls is ok but at boys is just wrong. Just because you can look doesn't mean you should.

I think that Grisham was surprised when there was a backlash after saying this, he issued a statement saying that he does not condone child pornography but we know that only applies to "real pedophiles" as he calls them and obviously not to anyone that he went to college with.  


I think we can all agree that the Japanese are sick fuckers when it cums to sex, a repressed and angry lot even their cartoons are sick.

Robul Hoque, aged 39 was up in court in England for having child pornography on his computer, the thing was that it was anime. 288 pictures and 99 moving images, but none were of real people.

Anime is shite and it does worry Old Knudsen that many seem to be turned on by a well built woman with the head of a child in a weird mini skirted sailor outfit or what they think that school girls should wear, that really does say a lot.

Hoque had been in trouble before with computer animated images of children that looked as real as photographs ... but weren't of any living child. Is this really a crime? What about if you kill someone in a computer game are you likely to do that in real life?

We arrest you for the future crime of pedophilia, they should do a movie about that staring Tom Cruise.
Logically this is very silly since it doesn't harm anyone and if that person has the intent to harm children they'll be going for the real thing rather than the pretend abuse ... this still makes you a sick little puppy though. Hoque is single and lives with his mum in case you hadn't guessed it.

Certain Manga style images were only made illegal in 2010 so it's still a gray area within the law, is this like the Muslim extremists who go crazy when you draw a picture of  Muhammad? It's just a fucking cartoon for fucks sake. I wonder if Hoque also had pictures of Wile E Coyote that he wanked too. 


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