Thursday, 2 October 2014

Obama's Big Secret

Disturbing new information about President Obama's plans for the future has come to light. Obama has formed his own special army comprised solely of crazed blood thirsty Arab Moosalims which he plans to use to when he announces Martial law in 2016.

Former White House staffer Benjamin Springer called for whistleblower status as he described life with the President and the two year plan he uncovered.

"I couldn't believe what I was reading, he wants to suspend the presidential elections and will call martial law in order for him to get a third term, the Bible was right, he will be the last US president."

A training camp in Arizona.

As well as setting up a Moosalim army and stock piling weapons and ammo he has every firearm that has been sold over the last 4 years fitted with a disabling device which will render all of the weapons useless. His crack troops will blend into the population before they STRIKE!

 Quoting Koran verses as he marches to brainwash the others.

The army itself has already been infiltrated by Moosalims who have explosives implanted under their skin. A what? a Sikh? When did you become an expert in Moosalims?    

Every day after praying to Mecca, Obama gets in shape by fighting 4 white guys at a time, he uses the deadly Moosalim martial art capoeira which is a deadly mix of fighting and dancing though after seeing him dance on Ellen he should just stick to the fighting. 

FACT: Obama has had 6 YouTubes removed as they violated YouTube graphic content policy, he just threw his head back and laughed ... the man is insane. 

FACT: Last year he said in a speech he was 52, Wikipedia has him as being 53 ... he can't even keep his lies straight. 

FACT: Obama have never denied having Joan Rivers killed.

FACT: Obama sits doon to pee ... as Allah did. 

According to Springer, Obama is in league with ISIS and those beheading videos hold secret messages for him, the last one contained the message, 'don't eat pork and never touch a dog.'

When was the last time you saw him with his dog? Obama has 2 years to get into power which means 2 years for Hilary to have a nasty accident as only she has the balls to stand up to him. Every time a rumour of a terrorist attack on home soil hits the news he signs another law that restricts the liberty of the American people.

All true Americans are urged to fight the Moosalimation of America by putting a stars an stripes flag up outside yer home, saying the pledge of allegiance every day and saying the God part very loudly, playing American music like Bon Jovi and U2 while you drive yer truck doon the freeway without wearing a seat belt (as it restricts yer liberty) and drinking a beer as the founding fathers did.

George Washington didn't die on the cross so we could be a nations of slaves .... or slavs so bacon yer life the fuck up.

Remember, we aren't bigoted racists, we just don't like no non-white foreigners who ain't inbred like us around here, deport the lot of them back to Ebola!    

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