Wednesday, 1 October 2014

More Leaked Photos

It takes a confident man to send a picture of himself in his piss stained chones to a lass... talk about a leaked selfie. 

Before those pictures of me come out due to me iCloud account being hacked I want to take away their power by posting this one that I sent to a lass who was gagging for a selfie ... you know who you are. 
I'm against posting pictures of Jennifer Lawrence with a face full of jizz or Kate Upton with an impressive money shot over her back as like it or not, these celebs are people, we don't own them. 

How would you like it if the pictures you took of yer twat and rectum that you sent to yer BF was posted online for all to see? .... as for why they send pictures like this who knows?  Why does Old Knudsen stand naked at his window when the kids are going to school? .... who knows? 

The thing is that the hackers have gone into accounts of shall we say more mature weemen, they didn't appreciate what they had and sent them to me. They complained about bad dreams and PTSD flashbacks but that's because they don't know sexy if it bit and spanked them. 

Fuck all that I said about privacy, this pics are just too sexy to not post. 

I did go off Hilary a little after I learned about her going around selling fracking to Europe. Saying that she will be the next president of the US and I'd still frack the fuck out of her. 

I've yet to see a naked selfie of Michelle Obama from the front, this does add fuel to the rumour that she is really a man. Oh whatever I'd still tear up that ass. First lady or First Gurly-boy? 

This was actually sent to me by the Queen herself, we have a history you see. Sex on a stick no wonder Scotland voted to stay in the UK. 

Some knew her as the Iron lady, to me she was Maggie the sex machine, after she wore Dennis doon she went on the prowl, she may have hated the Irish but during a loving embrace she'd get me to speak Gaelic .... since I don't speak no Leprechaun I'd have to say things like potato and Top 'O' the mornin, it didn't take her long to get there..... to be sure.    

Can ya really blame Charles for wanting this instead of Diana? Known as the British Farrah Fawcett Camilla can be my wet dream catcher any day. 

May Gog bless her soul, Joan Rivers who was killed by the Secrete Service for saying that Barrack Obama was ghey and that Michelle was a tranny. Joan did have some plastic surgery which explains why she only looked 24 instead of her real age of 281. She had more children than just Melissa but she used those ones for spare parts.  

All these weemen will forever be in Old Knudsen's wank bank which is overflowing just like his trashcan. If every sperm is sacred then Old Knudsen's bin is a God. 


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