Saturday, 4 October 2014

Is Islam Evil?


Liberal mouth piece Bill Maher who usually talks sense has started to attack Islam. Not just the 'oh ISIS are really bad and need to be destroyed' but in the 'Muslims all support ISIS and want to take over either by violence or by other subversive means' way ... something you'd hear a FOX watching Conservative who ain't too bright say. He was backed up by his homie neuroscientist Sam Harris.

The thing is that everything you say about Islam and Muslim extremists, you can say about Christians, as Maher said about Muslims, "they will fucking kill you" .... unlike Christians who want to live together in harmony.

Well unless yer brown skinned and terroristy looking (everyone in the Middle east) Who uses drones to kill on the most tenuous of intel then shrugs if civilians get killed? ... Christians, they will fucking kill you. 

 Can I get a witness? ... no seriously I'm in court in an hour.

While America is not a Christian nation there are many who want the world to see it as one.

Ben Affleck was on the show to promote his movie Gone Girl, he disagreed with Maher as Maher was complaining about people not thinking in Liberal terms against injustice and for equality and what about those fucking head cutting off Muslims?

Harris continued with his well rehearsed attack on Muslims, “We have been sold this meme of Islamophobia, where criticism of the religion gets conflated with bigotry towards muslims as people, It’s intellectually ridiculous.”

Affleck jumped in “Hold on — are you the person who officially understands the codified doctrine of Islam?” 

Harris claimed to be well educated in it. Affleck called their criticisms gross and racist and was akin to saying 'Oh, you shifty Jew.'

The kind of thinking that Maher and Harris are using isn't very Liberal, it uses stereotypes and broad strokes to paint a whole people due to what the evil minority do, when Israel were demolishing the West Bank Jews across the world were attacked. Are Americans dumb, war hungry money grabbing idiots? Are the British a load of drunken pussy prima donnas who pretend not to be European?      

Harris came out with some stats that said after the extremists you have another 20% of Muslims who support them, then the ones who support a peaceful take over and that 76% of British Muslims said that Danish cartoonist should have been punished for his cartoon.

I'm not sure if the reason was because it was of Allah or the fact he did it to stir up tensions. You can have freedom of speech but standing in a crowd of black people gushing about the merits of slavery will get you fucked up and is kinda dumb.

Affleck did what any good brabbler would do and asked for the sources of all the data spewed from Harris. Saying he got it from polls isn't very credible ... I read it on the Internet.

As former US President, Benjamin Franklin once said, "Do not believe what you read on the Interwebs."

On this blog I've been pointing out how people have been lying to you in the media, how they have been guiding you towards one way of thinking. Polls are one of the ways, no one is held accountable for polls and very often they depict an unrealistic version of what is happening. Old Knudsen has NEVER been asked for his opinion in any of theses polls so who are these people that get asked?

They can create the bandwagon effect, or go towards inducing the underdog effect or encouraging strategic voting during elections.

During the Scottish vote for independence David Cameron said he should sue the poll makers for all the ulcers they gave him. 

If you had believed the media then Scotland would have been interdependent, getting pulled along in the wave of the YES vote mania made the loss very emotional for some people. Like not getting what you were promised at Christmas.  Polls and statistics can be made to say anything.

Maher and Harris are saying they are looking at the facts ... whose facts? What was the Arab spring for? Why was the Muslim Brotherhood overthrown in Egypt? The majority of Muslims just want to live a normal life in peace and it really takes a lot for them to lift a rifle and go out to fight.

Indonesia, Turkey and Bangladesh are Muslim countries and they may have different cultural values than we in the west but they have a strong sense of gender equality, as much as we have which could be better, you cannot judge those nations to the likes of Pakistan, Saudi Arabia or Iran .... that is stupid and that is what Maher and Harris are doing.

To me Ben Affleck has always been a bit blah, but now he has impressed me and yes I did get a little hard, thank you for asking.   

Islam is only as evil as those who are in it, just like Christianity. Hate people for what they do, not what they are or what others do. 

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