Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Banksy Says Pigeons Are Racist

Hey look at me I've got coconuts I'm an African Swallow here to scrounge off the British Welfare feeding table, they all need to learn to chirp in pigeon or get out!  

The town of Clacton-on-Sea ..... England got itself the attention of the famous graffiti vandal Banksy.

 A right wing Nazi Conservative MP from there defected to the right wing Nazi UKIP party which will trigger a local election.
Boring stuff huh? As right wing sentiment sweeps the world with the convert or die mentality on all sides and immigrants getting the blame for everything, UKIP has gotten popular as a protest vote, uh we're not racist, we just vote for a racist party who aren't racist ... they have one brown fella, Mexican or Indian ... from India, hard to tell since they all look.....   

Just like the Scottish independence vote, uh we don't support Salmond or the SNP .... we'll just vote for them.

A silly twat in a flat cap .... not Old Knudsen.

Like I said, protest voting. If in doubt go vote for the idealistic fanatic. 

There was a complaint (one compliant) that Banksy's art vandalism was racist and so the council removed it. Old Knudsen gets this reaction all the time, people pretend to like him just to be cool but one thing triggers their issues and all of a sudden it's wrong .... in other words they didn't get it.

If anything on my blog offends you, please let me know ..... so I can do it again.

The work had an estimated value of £400,000 .... Hey Banksy, I have a piece of chipboard that could really do with a social message on it, c'mon and stencil some shite onto it please.

Looks a lot better now, you can't even tell it was there. 

Well of course it was racist, it was using this thing called satire, maybe you've heard of it. I may have done it on this blog the odd time. The council say that even if they had known it was Banksy they would have removed it but since it was Banksy wouldn't it be great if he painted something more appropriate instead that we could all enjoy, maybe a picture of blonde white Britons going to church or something.    
I put it to you that the wall of yon public toilet was already offensive as it was all white, what if a darkie had saw the wall? 

I bet it was a white anti-immigrant cunt who phoned the council, abusers really don't having a light shone onto them. 

Hey Banksy, if yer reading this, get yer arse back over to Nazi-on-Sea and do a wee stencil about censorship featuring very serious, pompous, self-righteous, xenophobic bigots. In fact go spray paint on the white cliffs of Dover, full up turn back show them that we Brits are not Xenophobic racists and can use satire, we don't just rely on fart and tit jokes to have fun, we is deep like .... oh and write it in French too to keep those fucking cheese eating surrender monkeys out.      

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