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Agenda 21


China is about to over take the US as the world's largest economy and what I've always said is that you don't get to be a big shot in business without being a total cunt. Does anyone trust the Chinese or the US government to do the right thing? Going by past actions there is no reason to. Both cuntries have poor human rights records when it comes to imprisonment and torture.

Agenda 21 is an  action plan brought to the UN Conference on Environment and Development held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1992. 178 governments voted to adopt the program.

The program works at the sustainability of the world's resources, to take the power away from the people in order to control the over-population of the world. 7.125 billion people is the latest world population amount, we need to shave at least 2 billion off that number to be comfortable.

Nobel physicist Robert Laughlin said, “Earth didn’t replace the dinosaurs after they died, she just moved on and became something different.”   

We are the new dinosaurs, climate change isn't the problem, it's too many people. 75 million new babies a year just think of the amount of dull Facebook posts. Old Knudsen doesn't just want a dislike button on Facebook he wants a yer baby is fugly button.

We don't like to think of this problem as how do you get rid of 2 billion people? Yes lets ignore the problem and tackle climate change instead.

China, India and the US in that order are the biggest breeders, other nations in order of the most are Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan,Bangledesh, Nigeria, Russia and Japan ... that is the top ten.

We civilsed westerners can look at that and say, 'some of those countries could do with a bit of a culling, especially the brown and black ones, you know, the kind of people we kill with drones and liberate.'  

 You don't have to be black, convert to Caucasian it's awesome!

The population of Europe is a steady amount but is increased by immigrants and who are we kidding? The US will soon be a nation of brown people thanks to the Hispanics. It's a difficult world for elitist white people .  

If only a virus could be introduced to a cuntry with a high population of those people who aren't us. Of course we ourselves will have to have a few loses to look good.

Agenda 21 wants population stabilization with a control and reduction of the global population.

You can try and educate and indoctrinate people with programs called No child left behind or something silly like that as you need as you need the poorly educated Gammas and Deltas for the brave new world, even the Epsilons have their place clearing the shit of the upper Alpha and Beta classes.  

 I'm a Beta .... in fact I'm yer Master Beta. 

"I’m really awfully glad I’m a Beta, because I don’t work so hard. And then we are much better than the Gammas and Deltas." 

Maybe the government will introduce tax incentives to not have children. In South Korea they give women who have had 2 or more children a toaster and a free hysterectomy.
China has prevented 250 million births over a decade with their one child policy which doesn't seem to help them that much since they are number one in financial growth and baby making.

If Soylent Green is the choice then maybe eating dog and insects isn't that bad. 

Will the government put spermicide into yer food and water next if you keep breeding? If you can't drink the tap water due to pollution then here have this cheap bottled water (the kind the Alphas and betas wouldn't drink) see how we look after you?   

Maybe there will be a vaccine for that Ebola you don't have. The people are no doubt shitting themselves by now about Ebola. The population is trained to jump at the chance of getting a flu jab when they come out, old people and children huh. Of course you can still get the flu even with yer jab, just like there are different strains of Ebola. Old Knudsen may have got the flu once in his life which is pretty good considering he doesn't do flu jabs. Excuse me while I have little faith in medical science.

 Land grabs all over the world to control the resources. Drilling for oil is so 20th century.

Agenda 21 wants to take private land out of the hands of the people so the government has it all and you have no access to it. The US government own 650 million acres, or 29% of the nation's total land and the Obama Administration is currently on a land grab mission with very little explanation for it.

Sun fuel is the key to future power.  

In California the Bureau of Land Management gives you the voluntary option to sell yer land to them, of course when they take away yer rights to build or farm yer land in order to protect some endangered kangaroo rats then yer land has very little value .... you still have to pay property taxes on that land though. If you don't pay yer taxes then that gives them another reason in the courts why they should own it.

While the government uses the the protection of wildlife to seize thousands of acres in Callyfornia they use grazing and water rights on ranches in New Mexico and Texas. So what if yer ancestors bought that land and those rights in the 1800's the U.S. Forest Service will change the rules to get you out.

Still don't believe in Agenda 21? Each US state can do it on a voluntary basis ... just like how you can sell yer land on a voluntary basis. Arizona has passed a state law saying no to Agenda 21.
Many European cuntries zoning rights have been changed to suit the governments and farmers lose access to water just like in the US and face increasing price hikes if they want to grow non-GMO food.  

Part of Agenda 21 is getting rid of cars from city centres, seems like a nice idea so they charge toll prices and cities like London and Copenhagen have created iron rings that restrict where you can enter the city from and then yer subject to surveillance, monitoring, and tracking. The Golden gate bridge has also set this surveillance system up.
In Europe 300 cities have joined the Sustainable Cities campaign with many ideas on how to control the cities, including who lives there.

It's about creating millions of small governments with only a small core of "average" people living in tower blocks and not having freedom to own things or to travel. The government will own all the resources.  You already comply with this through willful ignorance as you let the government make it easy to track yer every movement with a trail of electronic purchases and a GPS on yer phone. 

Make sure you register to vote because yer vote really makes a difference ... um when did my vote ever make a difference?  

Some dicks putting on protection.

We know who part of the problem is don't we? Go forth and multiply and every sperm is sacred. Agenda 21 has been blasted as a tool for the antichrist. Typical sky fairy believers don't really accept there are consequences for their actions because it's all Gog's plan right? Have you seen God's plan in the Bible? We all die.  
If Old Knudsen is to be judged then please let it be for his earlier work as the stuff he does now is total shite.

To get an Agenda 21 safe environment for future generations you do have to get rid of people now, unless of course you need the breeding stock for sexual abuse. Who do you think would want that?

I have always wondered why when some natural disaster occurs, governments tend to take their time in sending out help. They tend to drag their feet letting unnecessary hardship and death occur. Maybe they are putting thought into the situation or need to sleep on it. If only nations had emergency reaction teams set up for any emergency as most emergency requires the same basic things. 

Thanks to the UN, world leaders have it in the back of their heads that the average Joe on the street is expendable, especially if they are from another nation, they won't let convicts die in their care but you are another matter.
Over population will have to be addressed because if they continue to take care of it covertly as they are doing they won't make enough of a difference, get those vaccines cranked out or we'll have to have another world war.
They need to up their game as in another few decades you'll be lucky to have dog for dinner.   

Ebola and malaria are our friends.

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