Friday, 5 September 2014

Yes ISIS Really Are That Stupid

If they are so righteous then why do they hide their faces?

ISIS are such fucking morons that a fatwa has been issued on them by several Muslim clerics in the UK who said that ISIS are“heretical” and “an oppressive and tyrannical group” .... The edict was issued by Sheik Usama Hasan, a former imam from east London. He says that they may use social media as a weapon but still have medieval thinking.
ISIS have been issuing pictures of dead Jihadis with smiles on their faces saying that they are so righteous that their bodies don't decay and their blood smells like perfume, even after 10 days ..... yeah right.

Hasan was able to call bullshit as he himself had gone Jihad as a young man 25 years ago in Afghanistan and they were saying things like that then which he saw and smelled as not being true. As usual the Jihadis have gotten their Islamic faith wrong and the blood is supposed to smell like musk after they go to Heaven ... DOH! 

The guy on the left has similar eyes and voice to the Brit doing the be-headings. 

The Muslim Brotherhood have said that it's ok for men to go anal jihad on each other if their are no weemen for them, why don't they have a go at their dead comrades if they smell so sweet.

Well said Mr Sotloff.

American journalist Steven Sotloff was murdered by ISIS as promised after they had killed James Foley. A British hostage is said to be next unless we stop setting the drones onto them. We need to do a lot more than that to these cunts. 

Stolen childhoods.

ISIS are already looking to the future and have been stealing children from villages and taking them to training camps where they force their incorrect and misinterpreted brand of Islam doon their throats that they learned from 'Islam for dummies' or some shite. 

They teach the children to recite scripture and all the right answers .... a little like what the Jehovah witnesses do except with added AK-47 training too. They also make the children watch executions, floggings and the stoning of weemen to get them used to such violence. Look at what cunts our normal children are thanks to movie and video game violence, these kids will grow up and will kill the Kafirs (that's us) with so much ease. 

So child abuse all round. Who is surprised that ISIS, Hamas and all the others are child abusing cunts?  Then you have hipster cunts like Kony who have been doing it before it became popular.  

Aye Puff Baghdaddy yer such a big man, if Old Knudsen ever sees you in the street you'll feel his fist of steel justice on the back of yer head .... he'll give you a fisting that you'll never forget. 

Aliaa Magda Elmahdy on the left.

My new personal hero is a young Egyptian lass who has shown more bravery than many a battle worn vet. Aliaa Magda Elmahdy said fuck you to the oppressive society she lived in in Egypt, she suffered domestic abuse from her father when she refused to wear the head scarf and questioned his fundamentalist beliefs. As he couldn't control her (which looked bad) he put her into an insane asylum where she was given electric shock treatment, she pretended to give in so she could get out and now she lives in exile in Sweden. 

She joined Femen to continue to fight against injustice and sexism and writes blogs too . She gets constant threats of death and rape but keeps on standing up to them and encouraging others to do so by getting their stories out there ....  And she gets her kit off.

Old Knudsen remembers his days as a young gurl growing up in the mountainous region of Sharistan and having to hide his first menstruation .... those were tough days. They only got worse when he was sold into marriage to a old goat farmer.

ISIS' favourite goat. 

Aliaa Magda Elmahdy about her fleg picture, "And whilst I am of the mindset that many fundamentalist Islamic men like to cover their women with as many layers as possible to minimize their very existence, this kind of protest on that issue may not be the best tactic right now with ISIS rising. Personally, I vote we skip the protesting and just kill ISIS – every last one of them and their favorite goat – no questions, no discussion."

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