Saturday, 6 September 2014

The Strange World Of Qatar

 John Kerry sucking Qatar cock June 2014.

What the fuck is up with Qatar? Well let me tell you a few facts about that oil rich Gulf state of just 2 million people. A Sunni cuntry .... aye sometimes you need yer sunni-glasses, see what I did there?

To all you people more interested in what J Law puts in her mouth ... she's an adult get over it.The Sunni religion is that branch of Islam that's a no no. Not that any branch of Islam is a yes yes but we prefer the Shia branch. ISIS, Hamas, Al Qaeda and the Tallyban are all Sunni.

 Sunni and Shia, I got Jew babe. I get to reuse that joke as no one really reads this shite.

Don't worry my friends for Qatar is our ally. They help us get hostages back from Islamist groups like the valiant deserter Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl and they even said they'd hold on to the five high ranking Al Qaeda members that Obama swapped for him. Real stand up guys the Qatari people

The US has one of it's largest military bases in Qatar. Al-Udeid Air Base holds the US Central Command hub CENTCOM for staging operations in sandsavage areas. There is a large force of US military there and allies like Britain and Australia have used it too, this serves Qatar well as they just didn't bother to get an airforce of their own. 

 Qatar with it's capital DOH!

They did get their own news outlet though. Like bias news sources such as Fox news, Russia Today and the BBC they have Al Jazeera. The government in Egypt recently put 3 Al Jazeera journalists into prison for 7-10 years for “spreading false news and conspiring” with the Muslim Brotherhood. 

Qatar funded the brief and bloody reign of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt ... shame on them, they probably funded them by accident or something.   

 Taliban's embassy in Doha.

In past years if was difficult to talk to terrorist groups, I mean, who the fuck trusts anyone with a Hotmail account?  but now, thanks to Qatar if you want to speak to the Tallyban then just go to the embassy. It's the Tallyban in Afghanistan, the main brand as led by Mullah Mohammed Omar. There are no representatives there of the Pakistani Tallyban .... those fucking peasants. 

As well as the Tallyban and the 10,000 odd US servicemen and women living in Qatar you also have someone who is seen as a rock star to westerners trying a half arsed boycott of Israel, yes the man himself exiled Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal .
L-R Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani and Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal. 

Hows the war of attrition going Mashaal? ...oh you won it you say. 2,100 dead – about 1,700 of them were civilians and what did you achieve? 
Hamas seemed pretty happy with the outcome, not too much mourning going on. Well Sinn Fein and the IRA say they won their war against the British in Northern Ireland ... aye dead on, the Queen's head is still on our money so fuck off you terrorist cunts.

Wow Qatar is a complex place. While some within Saudi Arabia will fund groups like Al Qaeda and even ISIS, Qatar does it quite openly with Hamas.

The cuddly Al-Nursa front in Syria, ha ha, look at that spaz with his tongue out as he concentrates on shoving the bleeding guy. 

They also fund other radical groups in Libya, Mali, Syria, Iraq, and Tunisia. They would never fund a terror group though .... then again what they see as a terror group isn't the same as us. Al-Nusra in Syria are probably freedom fighters to Qatar. If you are confused by the name let me help you out by another name they get called, Al-Qaeda in Syria ... nope, not at all a terror group. 

Qatar have said that they will rebuild the West bank after the last bit of bombing. I'm sure those tunnels cost a fair bit, in 2012 Qatar gave $250 million to help build infrastructure in the Gaza Strip so we know who pays for it all. 
Qatar also wants to woo Hamas away from Iran who they see as a rival for their turf, many of the rockets fired by Hamas were Iranian. 

We should really keep an eye on those two faced rich fuckers .... and we do. So far Qatar have gotten most of their arms from France but now the US can keep a real good eye on them by selling them  Apache attack helicopters and Patriot and Javelin air-defense systems valued at $11 billion. It's the
biggest U.S. arms sale so far this year. 

USA USA!  well it kinda makes sense as these terror groups already know how to work US made weapons so you wouldn't want to confuse them. 

Pentagon spokesman Rear Admiral John Kirby said in a statement , "This is a critically important relationship in the region, and we likes the taste of their money."

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