Wednesday, 17 September 2014

On The Eve Of The Yes Vote

 The Krankies and John Barrowman .... The best of Scotland.

Tis the eve of the battle in which we stand in defiance of tyranny, you have come to vote as free men and weemen. And vote man you shall! If you can not be bothered to vote and dying in your bed many years from now, would you be willing to trade all the days from this day to that for one chance, just one chance, to come back and vote for FREEEDDDOOOOMMMM! 

William Wallace (name means the Welshman) saying to the English to take the land if they are hard enough ... he proved that they weren't. 

The Bagpipe is an instrument introduced by the Roman army when it occupied Britain. It was the Irish who first took to it as they lived amongst the Romans and the northern Celtic tribes as victualers. First mentioned in Ireland in 1206 AD which was 30 years after the Normans had arrived. Ireland has a habit of being invaded which is why we have fuck all natural resources.

The bagpipe in Scotland would not really take off until 200 years later and that was thanks to the English forcing it upon them.

Whiskey was brought over by Irish monks who learned the secrets of distillation in Arabia around about 500 to 600AD ... the Scots invented leaving out the 'e' .

Rob Roy MacGregor was from Ballymena, Northern Ireland. 

The popular traditional meal of Haggis, neeps and tatties isn't very local either. Haggis was eaten in Ancient Greece, neeps or turnips are from Russia and Scandinavia (and only fit for cattle to eat) and tatties are of course potatoes from the new world.

 The Picts were fierce warriors, this young lad would totally fuck you up. 

Before the Romans and before the Scots, the Picts lived in the north, some tribes of Picts were also thought to have lived in Ulster too, hardly surprising as the water way is only 13 miles wide. The Pictish language has more in common with the Welsh and the Cornish than with Irish Gaelic and so probably came from Northern Europe by sea.

 The chasing out of a Sassenach.... from last week.  

The modern Scots came from the north east of Ireland around the 6th century and formed a great Celtic kingdom (along with the Picts) of Dál Riata. In those days it was far easier and safer to take short journeys out to sea than dangerous slow journeys inland. Now both the sea and inland are slow and dangerous, ah how things have changed.

Yes it's true, the Scots were originally Irish, the Gaelic language changed somewhat when the Vikings destroyed the power of Dál Riata and leaving two lots of Celts divided by 13 miles to get on with things.  
The Picts, the Danes and all those who the Romans had brought over and of course the tribes in the north of England make the Scots what they are today.

Left behind .... From proud Scots/Irish to inbred Ulster/Scots.

The Scottish are a very genetically diverse people, whose culture has been forced on them mostly by the English and developed from all over the world, they developed the strengths in their DNA as a form of culture, fighting, getting drunk and being stingy with money gives them a sense of who they are ..... the men are like that too.  

Tomorrow is not just a vote for Scottish independence but for others stuck to partners they want rid off... c'mon Catalonia, yer next.
Doctor Who is a Scot (not one pretending to be English) and after all these years it had to be this year that Outlander finally made it to the TV, we are being prepped.  

This vote may piss off half the nation of Scotland no matter which way it goes, a 51% of votes is not what a new nation should be based on, but it means something far deeper. Not just a thumb in the eye of the smug English but proof that there is another way than what we are told.

Vote YES for Scottish independence .... not because it's the best thing to do but because of the great potential to fuck up even more than just the UK.  Chaos is cool!

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