Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Nationalism = Disengaged Brain

 Going the way of Bonnie Prince Charlie but without the cross dressing.

To sum up the aftermath of the Scottish vote for independence. As expected the vote was around the 50/50 mark with 55% saying NO to independence and 45% saying YES. I did say that no matter the outcome there would be at least half of the population not very happy didn't I?

The vote was on Thursday the 18th of September, the result was totaled up for the next day, Friday morning. A day in which the YES voters were strangely quiet compared to the last few weeks.

Of course in Glasgow which overwhelmingly voted YES there was sectarian trouble with the racist sectarian bigots and their Union flags causing trouble. I bet that most of them didn't even have a vote.

Scottish Nationalist party leader and First minister of Scotland Alex Salmond announced he was to step down as party leader. Maybe it was too soon to make that announcement as people were still gurning about the result.
It will be a generation before Scotland can take the vote again. Oh whatever, a YES vote would have thrown the rest of the UK to the wolves .... or the Tories if you will. They would not have had any real opposition after Scottish Labour had been destroyed. 

I know Scotland is resentful of the English, mostly for shit that happened 200 odd years ago but that is the way that nationalism works. Nationalism is a poison of the heart that infects the brain ~ Old Knudsen.

Nationalism stirs people up with pseudo romantic ideas of noble freedom fighters and flags waving in the wind .... it has no place in the real world, just like religion it fucks everything up with crazy ideas from the past that are more myth than fact.

Hitler was a nationalist or at least used nationalism for his own agenda as most do, learn from him about it, he knew the effect that flags, parades and the promise of being a great nation made.

The nationalists of north and south Ireland change their names like John Smith to the silly and barely pronounceable Séan MacGabhann and spout on about the unholy British and how it was the police who killed those 29 people in the Omagh bombing ... not the people who planted the bomb in a car that they parked on a busy street.
The Loyalist fleggers in Northern Ireland are just as bad since they sing 'God save the Queen' but can barely read or write English, have no manners that the British are supposedly famous for and conveniently forget that they and their grandparents or their parents were 100% Irish.

The Scottish drag out their plaid skirts, play bagpipes and reenact Braveheart to give them a sense of national pride. Aye just ignore all the neds with their bags of glue.


Being a proud nationalist is akin to being a white supremacist, the same thinking is involved. 'I'm proud to be white' ..... you don't have a fucking choice. Did you have a choice of where you were born? It's all tribal thinking, some people need to belong to a tribe I guess, to be defined by what you are instead of who you are.

I'm Scottish,Irish,British,Texan,American,Muslim,Protestant,Orangeman,white,brown,black ... oh I'm also a total cunt because I throw what I am in people's faces to agitate them. It saves on too much introspection and dealing with my issues as it's my template on how to live and think.  

Like I said it poisons the heart, singing yer jingoistic songs and chants to get the blood pumping and using reason and logic based on that.
You defeated us in battle 200 years ago so YOU are our enemy. We defeated you in battle 200 years ago so YOU are our enemy.

Grow the fuck up, you weren't even born then, I bet if you searched yer family history you'd probably find out that yer ancestors fought on the other side anyway.         

David Cameron helping with the voting ... must be true since you can see him right? 

So we had a NO vote for Scotland, that means they don't get to fuck up the rest of the UK and don't get all the attention like a child acting up. Salmond did a great job, 84.5% voting turnout which was a change from the usual apathetic 40% . The Good Friday Agreement in 1998 in Northern Ireland when we voted for peace was only at 81.1% and that was an amazing turnout, the record is 86%.

For some reason the Russians are calling foul as 84.5% is obviously fake and they should know about fake elections. Fuck off back to yer Russia Today news channel and spout yer anti-British shite there. Don't you have the Ukraine to invade or something? 

I predicted as soon as I heard the result that people would be complaining about vote rigging. It's what people do when they don't like something. The vote was rigged or the government blew those two buildings up because planes full of jet fuel hitting buildings just doesn't happen. 

Youtubes claiming to be from polling stations showing people packing boxes full of votes or YES votes on the NO vote piles.
Some of those videos show the wrong sized paper and wrong boxes but good try and since seeing Justin Bieber's eyes turn alien on Youtube and UFO's fighting in Afghanistan I tend to not believe what I see on Youtube. Seeing second hand is no longer believing.

I do think it's funny that on the day of the voting result Alex Salmond is accusing London from going back on their promise of further devolution powers ... the vote just happened for fucks sake. Would you not like them to put some thought into it .... geez talk about pushy, maybe nationalists are too serious and dull to enjoy the weekend or something ... 'I'm still grieving over Culloden to go to the pub tonight.' 

I'd hate to see Salmond waiting on an e-mail reply ... 'it's been 10 minutes, why is this fucker treating me like this? I'm going to send them another e-mail accusing them of being a pretend friend, why did I marry that bitch anyways? ... opp never mind, aye I thought we were out of eggs I'd better pick some up. '  

Yes people tend to feel more nationalistic when they go aboard, that would be down to the rosy glow memories they never had as they try to remain who they are which is why the Americans do St Patrick's day better than everyone else.

It's silly to be nationalistic as other cunts are probably going to behave in such away that you shake yer head and feel let down, you can't control what others do so you only have your own behaviour to define who you are.

Are the English all Nazi pedos? Going by the news you'd think so.

Thanks to the fleggers and other so-called patriots I see the flags as an oppressive weapon to try to belittle other with, much how black people would view the confederate flag. Does a veteran really need to fly a flag outside his hoose? Does it make him any more of a veteran? Wearing a t-shirt with a funny slogan doesn't mean you have a good sense of humour so flying a flag doesn't make you patriotic, yer actions do.

I may have served under the Union flag and was proud of doing so but now I can't look on the flag without thinking about spotty faced spides going on about culture and respect while they destroy the streets.

You can be proud of where you came from but don't over do it, try to be a human first. 


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