Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Love Me Love My Service Dog

He got all his veteran type gear on for the camera.

Richard Hunter a 50 year-old US Army veteran suffers from severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and barely leaves his home. His life has been turned around when in July he got 'Buttlick' a service dog from the non-profit group Dogs4Warriors.

Well he didn't say the name of his wonderful dog so I added one.

His son and boyfriend also got dressed for the camera with panties on their heads.

Hunter hadn't taken his son out in over 10 years and decided to take him and his co-worker out to lunch at Subway in Paterson, New Jersey. Hunter adds that going to Subway isn't a big deal to most people but is a very difficult thing for him to do. 

When Hunter gets anxiety Buttlick will sense this with his super dog senses and nuzzle his hand to bring him back to the moment rather than dwelling in the past. 

What a heart breaking story and it gets worse.  As they entered the Subway the manager Mitul Ahmed who is a Moosalim, yelled at them to get out. 

 Death to the great Satan! 

Get that dog outta here, I don't care if it's a service dog I can refuse service or blow up anyone ... Takbir, you infidel scum! .... I may have juiced up the manager's reaction for effect.

Hunter who has PTSD and anxiety if you remember argued his case with the manager, then he phoned the restaurant owner who was just as uncaring about the situation. 

Hunter then contacted ABC news and a disability rights group about his case because he wants to raise awareness about service dogs. 

Calm and relaxed in front of the camera 

Hunter just wants an apology.  So far the restaurant has changed the service dog sign from service dogs welcome to just ask, we'll help. They have also been less than apologetic and the manager even denies having been there on the occasion and pretends to not be the manager. 

I don't know what the true story is but I do see some stereotypes at play here. The vet with his cap on (it's an American thing I guess) defined as being someone who served in the military during the 80's I guess, going by his age when the US was engaged in that war with .......????  It was the Marines sent into Lebanon and after Noriega, the army only get sent in anywhere after the Marines are used up.

The Muslim manager who hates dogs, as Muslims do apparently and of course they are allowed to lie to non-Muslims or some such shite. 

Most of these I'm a veteran stories usually have more to them like the vet who was told he couldn't make and sell furniture from his garage and the vet who like this case had a Service dog but the bus driver argued that it was a comfort dog as it misbehaved jumping up and down on the seats.

Yes, Hunter no doubt went to the classes at the V.A. for his anxiety and was awarded a dog but most veterans never see any action except on the telly. I don't like being played by these constant veteran and patriot stories from the US.    

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