Monday, 1 September 2014

Leaked Pics And Blurred Lines

So I was looking at those dodgy stolen pictures of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and some chicks I've never heard of and I saw this picture of ME! I feel so violated, that picture was for me to wank to as sometimes I can't find a good mirror.

Sure ya expect to see the likes of Jennifer Lawrence topless as she very often doesn't wear much more, woo hoo she has a naked body under her clothes, not as impressive as mine. I thought I'd be safe by getting an expensive £25 phone from Tesco but I guess not. 

As unimpressive as these pics were .... no offense ladies but try to be hotter next time, the thing I did find impressive was in one picture of Kate Upton (not shown cos I'm a gentleman) the amount of semen on her back, did that just cum from one fella? Aye lass, be grateful all that wasn't inside you gang raping yer eggs.

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