Thursday, 4 September 2014

Kim Jong-un Calls For World Peace

Showing America how to control a crowd.

Kim Jong-un the dictator of North Korea stopped starving and oppressing his people to take a swipe at the US. 'Look at you America, you've imprisoned more people than anyone, you number one laughing stock' 
Yes America does have the world's largest prison population and that is why the US is so safe, because the criminals are all in prison. Also because everyone have guns that adds yet another layer of safety and protection.

Most Americans feel so safe that they only lock the doors to their hooses in case of hungry bears or racoons getting in and stealing their burgers and hotdogs. 

 Christopher Buckner, 20, and her brother Timothy Savoy, 25

America is so peaceful and full of love that brother and sister often fuck in their trailers inspired by such movies as The Notebook ..... You should have seen what these two did after watching The Waterhorse and why is a gurl named Christopher? to remind her that her parents wanted a boy?

If found to be acting suspicious by the police, never volunteer that you just fucked yer sibling in the ass .... three times cos twice isn't as romantic .... 3 times is Ryan Gosling romantic.  

I came, I saw, I pointed.

Lil Kim also expressed his disgust at the Ferguson riots, ' You shoot black people dead, you no love your people as I love mine, we never kill black people'  Yes America should stop shooting black people, especially out of season. North Korea imports American black people like Dennis Rodman to play basket ball ... does that sound racist to you?

  Russian police get stuck in after someone muttered a complaint about queuing for food for 3 hours.

Russia ... that cuntry ruled by yon ex KGB agent complained about the heavy handed US police and described them 'as the Ku Klux Klan dressed up as law enforcers'  aye Russia would never harm its minorities, just ask the Georgians Chechens and Ingush about that .... not to mention the gheys.

The EU have threatened sanctions on Russia if they don't stop invading the Ukraine, 2,500 people dead but all those who recently yapped about Gaza have been very quiet ... oh right, trendy activism, I called it you are a load of moronic hypocrites.
Ukraine are fighting a war for all of us, they gave up their nukes in return for Russian protection ..... nicely played, only Hitler could have pulled that off.
 12 outlets were temporarily closed to try to find faults

Russia have started to pick on the 400 McDonald's restaurants they have. Locally run and employ thousands of people the Russian food hygiene department have decided to examine their procedures after 10 years, before that they just let them get on with it.

KFC and Subway have been spared this unwanted attention so far. If more sanctions hit, Russia may pick on all western owned businesses as they have done with fruit imports from Poland.  You can't sanction Russia, Putin doesn't give a shit what the people eat, he sanctions himself and laughs.    

When  cuntries like Russia an North Korea call you on yer poor human rights record there must be something wrong.

Some free advice to the US, send yer convicts to places like Australia or to some lovely islands in the Bay of Bengal, it worked for us and as for police brutality in low class communities, try building walls around all yer ghettos so the people inside feel more secure.

Oh and yer leader should never go to a press conference and declare to the world that he doesn't have a clue what to do ..... that sounds more like DUP leadership and isn't very inspiring.  

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