Friday, 12 September 2014

Kicking ISIL And Taking Names

It looks like an Akira Kurosawa film where a dog walks through a deserted village, you check to see if it's got a severed hand in it's mouth but no.

The heroes in the war against ISIL have been the Kurds in Old Knudsen's less than humble opinion. You have the US and the UK who like to portray themselves as the good guys who at the same time make deals with governments they should be standing against, then you have the Kurds who are small in number and not a very powerful people in comparison to western nations but they always seem to be fighting against evil.

Decades of fighting against Saddam, Al Qaeda and now ISIL, they raced to protect the Yazidi people as much as they could and sure they no doubt shoot the odd unarmed enemy but who doesn't?  They have been the only ones (until US drone strikes) to have any success against ISIL.

People make the incorrect assumption that Old Knudsen would fight the Israelis if he lived in the West bank, no, he would move to the safety of Israel like many others have done, he would fight along side the Kurds if he lived there though as they are not rabid Moosalims into beheading westerns as many Palestinians seem to be.

   Look over there, a man doing something wrong.

Head scarfs worn for religious reasons is as wrong as cutting off part of a babies willy and Old Knudsen is against it, however weemen in uniform .... equality you can wank to. Weemen make up a third of Kurdish fighters and many are still teenagers. Puts yer own teenage years into perspective doesn't it? 

One fighter named Diren says that ISIL like to show themselves as tough guys but when they see a woman with a gun they start to shake ..... aye, no shit lass. She says that one female Kurdish fighter is worth 100 of theirs. 
Considering that the Kurds kick ISIL ass I'd totally believe it. 

An ISIL fighter captured by Iraqi troops shakes and cries.

It's a barren land on the frontline with deserted villages. The only people there are fighters. The Kurds do take prisoners but never foreign prisoners as they are always wearing suicide bomb vests. If foreigners go Jihadi they can expect to be treated as second class Jihadis as some twat from Cardiff is worth nothing compared to a battle hardened vet from Gaza. Since the truce in the West bank there has been an exodus of Palestinian fighters joining ISIS in Syria. 

The west needs to back and equip the Kurds instead of trying to equip and train rebels in Syria. You can't hide fanatical Islamists amongst the Kurds, when was the last time you heard of a 3 year sleeper within the Kurds shooting a US General dead?

You can see by the pictures that these Kurds have US military equipment already but they need more. The Kurds have Old Knudsen's seal of approval.   

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